In Memory of angels lost


Well I finished lessons 1 & 2 of the beginning tatting class and I’m working on the third now.  I am learning the needle tatting method and I wanted to show something I made.  I made this tatted brooch for my aunt who’s daughter (who was my age) died unexpectedly during a routine surgery.  I made an awareness ribbon in white and added a pink rose since my cousin loved the color pink.  Black awareness ribbons are for mourning but white reminds me of angels.  My cousin is with God and even though I miss her I know I will see her again.

I added a pin to the back and stiffened the tatted lace with starch.  I am sure my aunt will love it.  She just had a birthday and I can’t imagine she was able to celebrate so soon after the death of her daughter.

If you are interested in making a tatted awareness ribbon there is a link to the free pattern below.  You can also follow my new tatting blog called My Adventures in Tatting since I don’t usually post tatting stuff here.

In memory of Kerry Preston Aultman


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  1. I’ve been wanting to learn to tat for years now. What you have created may be just the prod I need to finally pick up the shuttle I inherited from my grandmother in 1980!!! Yeah, that long ago!!! One of my husband’s relatives recently gave me her entire collection of needle tatting stuff, which includes instructions. Maybe I’ll have to actually open up the bag and think about tatting a snowflake instead of crocheting one soon…

    • Oh, that is awesome! I wish I had things that were handed down like that. I just learned that my grandmother on my mom’s side used to tat. I never really knew her because we left for Alaska when I was 3 years old. When we finally went back for a visit she had Alzheimer’s and didn’t even know who I was. Anyway, I’m learning to tat from this website Thanks so much for coming by my blog :O)

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