Once upon a time


I’m obsessed.  again.

I don’t usually watch TV.  It is rare that I ever even turn it on and if it weren’t for my husband and my boys I probably wouldn’t even own one.  I like to read and people watching TV interrupts perfectly good reading time let alone life in general.  Last year I got hooked by American Idol and couldn’t stand to miss a single episode.  When it was over I was both glad and sad.  Glad that I didn’t feel chained to the TV on the days it came on but sad because I missed it.

Well, it seems like maybe two weeks ago my husband found the first season of Once upon a Time on Netflicks.  I was trying to read when he was watching the first episode and I thought it sounded really stupid.  But, as I continued to try to read and not listen I found myself peeking at the screen and I couldn’t concentrate on my book at all!  I only saw bits and pieces of it and the next day I was asking him about that show.  He was sure I would like it and he turned it on so Riley and I could watch it.  Oh and you also have to be some kind of a magician to be able to get Media Center on our computer to work anyway.  We quickly caught up with where he was and then started to watch it as a family (minus my 18 year old hermit who never leaves his room).  We just finished the first season and I loved it!  I can’t wait to see what happens in season 2.  We are going to watch the episodes we missed online after Chris gets home from work and then we will start recording the new episodes so we can watch them with no commercials.  Once you get used to no commercials it is hard to go back.  It is actually funny how often people talk about commercials.  I never “get it” anymore because I never watch them.

I am also loving the Evil Queen’s hairdo and for the first time in a bazillion years (well maybe just 3 or 4) I am actually thinking of cutting my hair short so I can look like her.  My good son said she actually looks like me.  LOL


I also found I really like watching the episodes with Pinocchio. He’s kinda hot.

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  1. Funny, I just watched the first episode yesterday while I was working out. I realized you had mentioned something about it the other day when I saw your twin (evil queenie). I wasn’t sure if I was going to keep watching but since you said it was good I guess I’ll at least give it a few more episodes.
    P.S. Get the haircut. I love it.

    • I have to leave the house first LOL I told Chris that I was going to do that and now he called me the evil queen, especially when he texts from from the bedroom to bring him something to eat. I guess his evil henchmen are busy.

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