Or attention deficit disorder?  I think it is the latter with me.  I can never seem to focus on one thing.  I am sewing the details on a crocheted blanket for my great nephew, I have a tatted bracelet with beads that I’m working on for a friend, and I just started to knit myself a scarf with cables.  Oh, and I’m going to the library tomorrow to pick up a book I have on hold so I’m going to be very busy.

I never did learn how to cable in knitting.  I guess it looks so complicated so I am intimidated.  I don’t like to fail so I don’t try things unless I can visualize how it is done in my head before I start.  I always put off the cable thing because I didn’t get it and didn’t come across it in something I really wanted to make yet.  Well, I have been still reading through Debbie Macomber‘s Blossom Street Series and the next book is Summer on Blossom Street.  In the front of the book is a pattern for THE CABLE SAMPLER SCARF.  I haven’t really knit anything for myself so I decided to make this for me.  I wanted to knit it in a pretty shade of pink but had a hard time finding the right yarn locally.  It calls for DK weight yarn which is a light weight yarn.  I really wanted my scarf to be a little smaller than the ones I saw on  It seems incredibly wide.  So I looked at Joann’s for what seemed like forever and the scary voice started screaming for everyone to get out because they were closing….  so I ended up grabbing a ball of Patons lace sequin in aquamarine.  I figured I could test it out and buy more if I liked it.  It is really pretty yarn and the sequins are tiny and very pretty.  It isn’t something that could be taken out though.  If this doesn’t work out it will just have to be trashed.  I knit up a little bit of a gauge swatch to see how it would turn out as far as size and then unraveled it and I had to sit there and pick the area’s with sequins apart from where they slipped into the middle of another area of the yarn.  So I’m talkin… between fibers of a fuzzy lace weight yarn.  UGH!  Anyway, at least I just knit a few rows so there wasn’t much to pick out.  I was just about to chop it off but was able to get it undone.  I got it knit up to the point  where the pattern calls for moving stitches to a cable needle and went to youtube to conjure up some knowledge.  I found this video and they make it look so easy.

After watching that I realized my yarn is probably not what she was talking about.  It probably isn’t a yarn that would show good stitch definition so you could see the cables better but I don’t care.  It looks so pretty and lacy.  I think I will be very happy with it.  I am using one needle size larger than the package calls for this yarn since I usually knit tight and that is one size smaller than the pattern calls for.  So it will be just a little smaller than the pattern size but that is what I wanted.  From looking at the pictures on ravelry it looks big enough to cover a twin sized bed!  The pattern says it is 8 inches wide and 60 inches long but I am betting that some people used worsted weight yarn instead of DK weight so that’s probably why some of them look so huge.  I’m not a giraffe though so I would prefer less material to wrap around my neck…. and pretty sequins.

I’ll take a picture of my scarf soon but first I have to see if I can do the cable part.  I just realized I don’t have a cable needle.  I have these big things that look like safety pins that are for holding stitches for making cables but I don’t have one of those crooked needles.  I think I’ll just try doing it without and get some tomorrow.  Wish me luck!!

My 18 year old son just told me that these are technically not “cables”…. he said cables are something that transfer something…. blah blah blah.  He made it sound very technical and all.  Hey, I’m just following the pattern.  I wasn’t on the committee that named these things – thank God.

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  1. Gosh! I learned to knit when I was a teenager and have done cable knit stitching, but it was such a long time ago. I knew what you did (flipping the stitches), but I don’t remember cable needles looking like that. I thought they were long U-shaped things. Anyways, I know you can do it. Not so hard. You’re just flipping those few stitches. The cable might not show up as well with the yarn you’re using, but who cares if you love the yarn, right?

    I always have several projects going at the same time. I just love variety. 😉

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