Two steps forward one step back


So I’ve made a few boo-boo’s in my knitting and I learned how to un-do.  The first mistake wasn’t a big deal.  I picked up an extra stitch some how and when I looked back at my row all the stitches were right.  So I just knit two together near the edge.  No biggie.  Then I was going along good and right at the end of a row I realized I was one stitch short…  I counted my stitches and I had the right amount so that meant I got my pattern off.  I looked and sure enough, right near the beginning of the row I got the pattern off by one stitch.  I thought about just ignoring it… thinking to myself… I’ll just go to the next row and no one will ever be able to tell with this fuzzy, lace-weight yarn…. but then I thought, but I’ll know and God will know.  Yeah, I know God cares about my kitting.  So I decided to try to pick out the row to the messed up spot but I couldn’t remember which way you stick the needle into the stitch.  I read in a book somewhere that you stick it in the front of one stitch and in the back of the other (purl vs. knit stitch)… I couldn’t remember.  So I looked online and found this video.

So she says it doesn’t matter.  Your needle going into the front of the stitch below and you tighten your yarn and let the old stitch drop away.  I hope she is right because that is what I did.  Then I re-knit the row correctly and I’m ready to go on.

I’m surprised that I was able to pick out a row like this without much problem.  All the fuzzies want to felt together but it wasn’t too hard.  I know it wouldn’t be possible to rip it out like regular yarn but one row at a time is possible.  This yarn isn’t that bad to work with actually.  It doesn’t split like some yarns do.  Every now and then there is an area that is a little thicker than others and I think it is more than one stitch but I just have to look a little closer to make sure.  I’ve never worked with it before but I really like it.  It feels so soft.  I’m thinking it would be really pretty in a soft pink.  Too bad they didn’t have that color.  I think I’ll look online and see if it is available but maybe the stores here just don’t carry it.  This color Aquamarine (dark teal) is very pretty but I’m a girl that likes pink.  They had a grape Kool-aid shade of purple but that wasn’t making me happy.

Anyway, I’m off to knitting again…. maybe sleeping would be a better idea though.

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  1. I used to knit, its quite theroputic but I got too much arthritis now and the hands are too slow, lol. Hope you got the colur your needed and …. got some sleep cus that’s so important. Mind I seem to have turned into a dormouse lol. Cris x

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