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I am very excited to finally open up my own Etsy store.  I just added a button on the right side of my blog.  I am working now on making more inventory.  I really enjoyed making my latest dishcloth set which I called Sunshine & Rainbows which includes a starfish dishcloth and a dish-urchin scrubbie.  I used fun colors and sewed on little tags that can also be used to hang them on a hook.  This picture isn’t very good and hopefully I can get a better one tomorrow when the sun is up.

My store is called Creative Aspirations by DJC Stitches.  I am really enjoying the process of getting the store set up and dreaming and scheming up things to go in it.  I am concentrating on getting some dish cloth sets up and then I’ll work on some tatted items.

This is giving me something positive to focus on when I don’t feel well.      And this winter I wont be able to get out much since the cold weather always causes me to have more pain so I tend to stay inside all warm and cozy.

This is one of my Twenty Wishes too.  When I read the book Twenty Wishes by Debbie Macomber I started making a list too.  I haven’t actually gotten to 20 yet but I have achieved one of my wishes already which was to start my own craft store online.  I thought I would have to do a lot more work to get started but it was easier than I thought it was.  Now I am working on spreading the word.

I ordered a rubber stamp for making cards and tags for my items.  It has a really pretty filigree frame and has my shop name and website.  I’ll be able to use that on all my packaging and business cards.  It looks so professional and artistic.   I looked at several websites selling rubber stamps for that purpose and I just didn’t like any of them.  I ordered this one from another Etsy shop and all of her stuff is fantastic, not to mention less expensive.

Well I better get to sleep and tomorrow I’ll start working on more fun stuff for my shop.

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  1. My only suggestion would be to take more pictures for people. Like with the purses–show the backs, the insides, etc. You get to post like 4 or 5 pictures, if I recall. People like to see what they are buying. And in the descriptions–tell the measurements-can’t remember if you did that or not. For the needlework, too. Best of luck on your new venture! 🙂 🙂

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