You are my Sonshine


“You don’t raise heroes, you raise sons.  And if you treat them like sons, they’ll turn out to be heroes, even if it’s just in your own eyes.  ~Walter M. Schirra, Sr.

I know I have already said I was thankful for my strong boys that help me around the house but I wanted to say it again.  My boys are my world and I am so thankful for them.  They are so similar but different in so many ways and they compliment each other and together make a perfect team.  My boys always loved each other and never fought much.  If one of them did something to the other and I went in to investigate the noise they would lie to protect each other.  One time I heard a loud slap and then a scream and I knew one of them slapped the other but even though one had a bright red hand print on his face he lied and said his brother didn’t hit him.  A few minutes later I heard a quiet apology and  then they were buddies again.

My oldest (not quite 3 years older) potty trained the younger one when I was at my wits end.  Whenever I was frustrated big brother would step in and everything would be just fine.

My youngest loved his big brother so much that for a really long time I couldn’t convince him that he could be himself.  He would emulate his brother or he wouldn’t try things because he couldn’t be as good as his brother.  After what seemed like forever I started to pull a little of the specialness out of the younger one.  The teachers at school were really helpful at bragging about his artwork and other special talents.

Sometimes I wish I had a time machine so I could go back in time and hold my babies again, chase my toddlers, and paint with my elementary ages kids.

They are both bigger than I am now and seem to do more for me than I do for them.  They both enjoy cooking so they like to make dinner for me.  I miss making them chicken nuggets  and macaroni and cheese.

Now my oldest is 18 and in his first year of college and my youngest is 15 and just starting high school.


I used to work with a wonderful lady that had a teen-aged boy with cancer.  We had a fundraiser for him once so she could have enough money for the family to all fly down and be with him during treatment.  I haven’t worked there for over a year and lost touch with her.  I have been hoping and praying that he was okay but I found out that this young man died last December.  This breaks my heart knowing that this beautiful mother is without her son that I know she loved so much.  She just started a Make-A-Wish Fundraiser in his name because he got a wish and wanted other’s to get one too.  Visit Zane’s Ride to learn more about Zane and his wish.

I know Zane is no longer dealing with the pain and frustration of the cancer that took over his body but I also know the pain a mother must feel to not be able to hug her child and watch him get older, get married, and have children.   I haven’t been in her shoes but I know how I would feel.  This is the strongest women I have ever met who continued to work and supervise a department of the hospital while her son was sick.  She doesn’t deserve to lose her son.  My heart goes out to her.

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  1. I am finally catching up on emails–and your posts come to me via email. Handsome boys! Sorry that woman lost her son. Life doesn’t always look fair. We like to think it is, but it often seems shockingly unjust. You just have to hang on for the ride, hope for the best, and appreciate all the good things about it. She sounds like a wonderful woman. 🙂

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