I just started using Spotify and I love it.  It is a music player that lets you search and select songs and make playlists.  There is a free version or you can subscribe for a fee to avoid advertisements.   I love how it can connect with facebook so I can share songs, albums or playlists I like with friends.  I was worried it wasn’t legal at first but then I read more about it and found out it is supported by major record companies.  Apparently, every time I listen to a song the artist gets paid.  My son was trying to explain to me that Spotify is a “peer to peer” network but I had to look up this webpage for a better explanation on what that was.  This page is called “how Spotify works for Dummies” and it explains it really well.  It just makes it easier for you to get your music quicker and without delays.

The only problem I had using Spotify was resolved with a little tinkering.  I could listen to a song and a few seconds of the next and then silence…… I would get this annoying error displayed across the top in yellow “There was a problem storing temp files on the hard disk,  Maybe the hard disk is full”.  Well I know I don’t have much space on my C drive and that is why I have an external hard drive that I use for most everything.  I use chrome though so I had to figure out where my temporary files were being stored and see about moving that folder to my external drive.  I watched this video on youtube that explains how to change the location.

He does have a bit of an accent but I figured it out and it works!  I did have to restart my computer first but now I don’t have any problems at all.  You can also go to Edit – Preferences and then change the setting for “cache”.  I have mine set to use no more than 10% of free disk space.

Spotify is very much like itunes except you don’t have to buy the songs.  Most of the time I still do go and buy the song so I can add it to my mp3 player.  That makes me feel better, especially since I like supporting new artists.

I’d love to hear if you have any opinions, concerns or thoughts about Spotify.  I am just curious- I don’t work for them or anything LOL

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