Weekly Photo Challenge: CHANGING SEASONS



We are in the middle of a snow storm here in Fairbanks, Alaska.  This picture was taken about 11:30 am on Wednesday, December 12.  We have gotten a lot more snow since then and school was canceled for today (Thursday) because of bad road conditions.  I love it though.  The temperature has been about 20 above zero and that is nice for this time of year.   I took my dog outside yesterday and let her run around in the snow for a while.  She doesn’t get enough exercise this time of year.  Beagles don’t like the cold though so it wasn’t long before she left me outside for the warmth of her bed.

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  1. I am so jealous! All that beautiful white snow and 20 degrees! We have brown grass peeking through a dusting and supposed to get to 4 below tonight. I hope you send some of that snow down to Fargo–LOL! I want a thick, soft blanket of snow for Christmas. Blue is so cute! :)

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