Me Time


Daily WordPress Prompt: What’s your ideal Saturday morning? Are you doing those things this morning? Why not?

In the winter time I love to sleep in and snuggle in my blankets.  After I wake up I enjoy reading and just laying in the quiet room.  Sometimes I play games on my cell phone or text my sister.  After a while I like to sit in my chair with a cozy throw and work on a project – sometimes it is crochet, sometimes knitting, sometimes tatting, sometimes painting or a sketch.  I love that I can see the snow covered trees outside from where I sit.  Since it is Christmas time now I’ve been listening to Christmas music but at other times I enjoy listening to classical piano or guitar.  I listen to a lot of different types of music also though.

In the summer I like to go outside in the mornings and read on my swinging bed and listen to the birds.  I took the top covering off so I can soak up the sun.

Today I was lazier than usual and spent more time sleeping and less time doing anything else.  I haven’t read anything yet but I plan to go to bed early and read until I’m tired.  My husband went to play poker so I have the room to myself.  He often watches movies and disturbs my peace.  I did finish a crochet dishcloth though.  I wanted to do something different so I added a square of a different color in the center.  I don’t like to weave in ends that much so I “carried” the thread I wasn’t using by crocheting over it until I needed it again.  When I wanted to pick up the wine color to use on the row above I just slipped my hook through a couple loops of the stitch and pulled the loop up and then did a slip stitch.  Then I just worked the stitches I needed in that color and crocheted over the other color (the variegated) so I could just switch when ready.  I think it looks great!  The pattern for this dishcloth is on Ravelry and if you are interested you can read my notes to see how I made this one.


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