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Not long ago I saw a blog post by a friend of mine about this site she joined.  There was this picture of all this cool free stuff she got just for doing reviews on the products.  You could say my interest was peaked!

I joined and slowly learned my way around the site.  This site is the perfect place for me!  I love to write reviews!  Around my house people don’t always want my opinion but of course they get it anyway.  On this site they do want your opinion, good or bad, on products, websites, and services.  As you spend time on the site leaving reviews, answering questions and taking short surveys you earn badges.  The more you do the more you can do and it is addicting.

I even made a video review for a candle I liked and posted it on youtube.  Sometimes it is easier to show someone how great something is.  I never really used youtube before except to check out video’s other people posted.  It was fun to post my own.  I just used my iphone to make it.

Well, I am very excited now because I get my very own “Voxbox”!  As soon as it gets here I’ll be sure to share all the details.

If this sounds like something you would like and are interested in checking out Influenster, let me know and I can send you an invite.

I’ve only been a member for a little over a week and I already have goodies on the way.  I have also found new things I want to try out and I have all the reviews from other members to help me make a decision on weather to buy or not.  I have gotten emails from companies with coupons too.  I love coupons!  If you like them on facebook they will alert you to other fun deals and promotions various companies are doing.

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  1. I liked your video review. I’ve seen those candles in the store, but didn’t realize they’re so colorful.
    When you get your box I want to see what you got. 🙂

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