Santa Claus is Coming to Town


We finally got all of the presents wrapped.  My husband helped me so I wouldn’t have to sit for too long.  We wrapped the presents on the bed so I wouldn’t have to sit on the floor and maybe not have so much back pain but that didn’t matter.  Sitting anywhere for very long hurts.  I still had to stop and finish the last present standing up.  We have these cool reusable Christmas boxes too so anything that goes into one of those doesn’t have to be wrapped!

One good thing though is I just found something that helped!  Someone gave me this sample of Biofreeze and I had my husband put it on the areas that were hurting.  I get really bad pain in my shoulders and over my shoulder blades and it just doesn’t go away when it is cold outside.  It has been around 35 to 40 below here (in Fairbanks, AK) and it has been hurting for several days in a row now.  I sat there for a few minutes waiting for it to work but it didn’t immediately.  Then, after a while my husband asked me if the biofreeze worked and I realized it had.  I had forgotten all about it because it wasn’t hurting anymore!  So if you have fibomyalgia I would get some of this stuff.  I take lots of meds and nothing seems to help that pain so this stuff is amazing.  The sample I have is the gel.  My husband massaged it in for a few minutes.  I don’t know how the spray works compared to the gel but  I would imagine massaging it in must have helped.

Okay, it really cracks me up sometimes when I see the “recommended tags” from wordpress.  In the middle of the obvious tags is “North American Aerospace Defense command”.  Huh?  Must have something to do with biofreeze….. or do you think they are going to shoot down Santa????  O.o

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  1. Biofreeze, eh? Might have to check into that for my lower back. That’s the worst for me.
    That’s hysterical–the North American Aerospace Defense Command!!?? Good grief!
    Merry Christmas!! 🙂

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