Gimme’s never get



WordPress Blog Prompt: Was there a special gift or toy you wanted as a child but never received? What was it?

When I was little I wanted a light bright.  I had friends that had them but I never got to play with them very much.  I asked for one for Christmas…. then for my birthday…… but never got one.   When my kids were little I bought one……for them….really.

My oldest son never was interested in that so I had to wait until my youngest son was old enough that he wouldn’t eat the pegs.  By that time there was a really cool version out with little colored compartments for holding the different colored pegs.  He and I laid in the floor for hours poking pegs into black paper.

Now my kids are 18 and almost 16 and the light bright has been long gone………… but I still find those darn pegs!

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  1. I never had a light brite, either.
    Nothing comes to mind right off for me. We just didn’t think about what we wanted because we didn’t have a lot of choice in the matter. We got things like pajamas from my grandparents, a few board games, etc–but we usually got one cooler, better present, though. 🙂

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