Daily Prompt: Faithful


WordPress Prompt: Tell us about the role that faith plays in your life — or doesn’t.

I have a solid faith in Jesus Christ and if not for that I would have had nothing to get me through some of the difficult times in my life.  Knowing that God has a plan for me and is there to help me keeps me going.

I don’t always make it to church because of my health and the cold weather here makes it worse but I can still worship at home.  I know that God is always with me.

Sometimes when I am in a lot of pain (from fibromyalgia) I wonder why this is happening to me and I pray for relief.  It hasn’t gotten better but I do have good days.  I have also had the opportunity to help people in worse situations than I am in.  It certainly has made me more aware and sensitive to the the difficulties of others and helping others helps to take the focus off of myself and the pain.  I figure my suffering is small compared to what Christ did for me.  I can at least do what I can.

I don’t think God causes bad things to happen to people but I know he is there to help us through it.  I just always repeat my favorite verse like a mantra.  “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” Phil 4:13

That has always been my favorite verse even before I needed it as much as I do now.  It has just always stayed with me.  I even ordered stationary with that verse printed on the front.  One day my sister sent me a box of stationary that was my grandmother’s (Paternal)  and it had that same verse printed on the front the the country blue color she liked so much.  I know that she understood how special that verse was and that she also had strong faith.  I’m glad I learned about God through my family.  Who knows what my life would be like now if I didn’t have that strong faith and family support.

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  1. That’s a great verse to get you through the pain. I do pray that you have some relief. The God who makes all things possible has healing and relief available to us all!

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