Daily Prompt: Resolved


WordPress Blog Prompt: Have you ever made a New Year’s Resolution that you kept?

Yes, last year I did better than I ever have.  I called them goals though and kept track of them throughout the year.  I resolved to finish projects that I had started but never finished.  I made a list of them and finished them all.  One of which was a crochet baby blanket with giraffes on it.  The pattern was full of mistakes and I got so frustrated.  I finally finished it and I’m so proud of it.  The baby turned 1 just before I gave it to him but he still loves it.

A crocheted blanket I made for my great nephew

A crocheted blanket I made for my great nephew

If you use facebook would you please click on this link below and “like” the picture of my nephew? He is going to be deployed soon and if he gets the most “likes” they will give his wife money to send him care packages while he’s gone. Please share the picture too. Thank you!


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