Wisdom-less teeth


A man begins cutting his wisdom teeth the first time he bites off more than he can chew.  -Herb Caen

What’s the point in having teeth that don’t have enough room to grow?

My 18 year old son has been in a lot of pain from his wisdom teeth trying to come in.  I remember how bad it hurts.  I went to the wrong dentist when I was having pain with mine way back when and he said they were fine and I just needed to wait.  I suffered through and then my wisdom teeth started cracking and falling apart.  It turned out they were impacted and jammed together too close so they were also damaging the teeth beside them.  So I had to have them removed then and I really wish I hadn’t waited like I was advised.

I was going to make sure my son didn’t have to suffer like that.  I called the dentist office and they gave me the number for an oral surgeon that would be more likely to get him in sooner than later.  The only problem is they are not open on Monday’s so that means longer for him to suffer.  His gums were all swollen and bleeding and the sides of his face was swollen.  They finally called on Tuesday morning (thank goodness) and I took him in to get x-rays.  The doctor said there wasn’t enough room so they all needed to be extracted.  They would have done it that day if he hadn’t eaten anything but he ate some bread.  So then the soonest they could get scheduled was the 16th.  I was really hoping he could get it done sooner but that will give him some time to take the antibiotics.

See, he is hairy and unkempt but he is almost smiling even in pain!

See, he is hairy and unkempt but he is almost smiling even in pain!  This was taken a few days ago though.  He is looking a little puffier now.  

They didn’t give him any pain medicine and I was surprised.  They said the amoxicillin would help that.  I’ve been giving him 600 mg of ibuprofen and that seems to help some.  He is such a tough kid and I just can’t stand to see him hurting.  Even as a baby when he had to have a shot he never cried.  He glared at the nurses and made one cry because he looked at her like she was evil LOL  Poor girl.  As a little boy he never cried when he got hurt and as an adult he never shows emotion when he gets hurt.  He’s no pussy, that’s for sure.  That is why it is killing me to see him in pain because I know it is bad if I can tell.   It may as well be my pain because it is hurting me to see him hurting!

So, yesterday I was out with him all day…. at the oral surgeon’s office, the grocery store, the pharmacy…. finally when I got back home and got him dosed up and settled in I decided to take a nap.  Well, it turned out to be an extended nap because I didn’t wake up until 2 am!  So I didn’t post yesterday so sorry NaBloPoMo.  My boy comes first.

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