Quaker Real Medleys Oatmeal+


So I mentioned before why I don’t like oatmeal.  My mom’s oatmeal was always way beyond overcooked.  It was so thick you could turn the pot over and make a jello mold and it was slimy like boiled okra.  Bleck!  I knew better than to complain though.  When I was a kid you had to “eat what was put in front of you” or you’d find your backside “knocked into the middle of next week.”  So I just smiled and said thanks and when my mom turned her back I buried it in the dirt of the large planter I always conveniently sat by.  My little brother didn’t know better though and he always started crying and gagging.  My mom always pointed at me and said, “look, your sister ate hers and she didn’t complain.”  I felt bad but not bad enough to fess up.

I haven’t had any oatmeal since I got away….  uh-hem, I mean since I left home.  At least not until I got some Quaker Real Medley Oatmeal + in my Holiday VoxBox from Influenster.  It was free and smelled really good so I decided to give it a try.  The flavor I got was Peach Almond and that sounded so good.  I could smell it as soon as I opened the box.  I just love peaches and since they gave it to me free to try it out and decided I had to.

I only added 2/3’s of the water so it wouldn’t get too soft.  It was actually very good!  The peaches were REAL – HONEST – TO -GOD – PEACHES!  And the Almonds were small pieces of real almonds.  I love almonds and I could taste them.  It wasn’t like the little bits of stuff that you know is nut-like but it’s hard to say what kind of nut or if it is some kind of man made stuff that tastes sort of like nuts.  This was really good.  I actually bought more.  I read the list of the different types available and really wanted to try the Cherry Pistachio and the Summer Berry, not to mention get more Peach Almond.

Quaker Real Medley Oatmeal +So I tried the Cherry Pistachio and it wasn’t bad.  I really like pistachios and the combination of them with the cherries was surprisingly good.  There are almonds too, by the way.  That makes it even better.  I thought the cherry flavor was a bit too strong though.  It was a little overpowering.  Still, it was tasty.  It just wasn’t my favorite.

The Summer Berry turned out to be my favorite and I knew it probably would.  I love berries…especially berry smoothies.  The berries were real whole dried berries and were delicious!  Once I added the water the color of the strawberries and raspberries and blueberries really stood out and as the hot water soaked in the smell was amazing!  I just love everything about that one and I will certainly be keeping these handy.

I didn’t try the Apple Walnut because walnuts give me migraines.  They smelled REALLY good though.  I would have tried them if I could have.

I think these will actually help me with my weight loss because they are filling.  Whenever I have one of these I don’t even think about munching until it is lunch time.  When I have cereal or something else I always feel hungry and end up snacking.  They are around 250 calories a container so I think that is a decent breakfast and it is certainly good for you.

I actually bought some to send to my dad because I know he will love them too.  My dad likes to put fruit, nuts and berries in his oatmeal and then add honey and raisins…..and dates.  It’s funny.  I don’t even think there is that much oatmeal after he’s done with it.  Anyway, since I know if I just tell him about these he wont listen.  He will just keep doing the same thing he always has for a bazillion years.  So I stuffed some in a box with some fancy dates.  It will make him feel special.

It is free to join Influenster.com and it is fun.  I only joined one week before being chosen to receive the Holiday Voxbox.  All I had to do was answer a few questions to see if I qualified to receive one.  Everything inside the box is a complimentary gift for testing purposes from Influenster.  So all I have to do is enjoy it, try it out and tell them what I think about it.  As I try things I log into their website and write a review.  I can take pictures or video if I want and attach it to my review.  If someone has asked a question about what I tried I can answer it.  It is so easy and I really enjoy giving my opinion!  I still have a few invites left so send me a message if you are interested.


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