Goody QuikStyle Brush


I got the half round  half-round QuikStyle brush by Goody in my Holiday Voxbox which was a box full of complementary stuff from Influenster for testing purposes.  So no strings attached.   I get it free to try it and them tell them what I think about it.  I decided to hold off on reviewing this item until I could use it for several weeks.  It has been about 3 weeks now and I finally decided to put my old favorite brush under the counter and just use this one.  That is saying something because it is usually hard to find a good brush.

Have you ever picked up a brush at a friends house and noticed it felt awkward in your hard.  It is easy to get used to a certain feel and then when it is time to get a new one nothing feels right.  This one doesn’t have any weird curve to the handle or have an odd weight so I liked it.  I also tend to drop brushes a lot when blow drying but this brush has a rubber grip section that helps me to keep a good grip on it.  I really like that.

At first I wasn’t sure that this brush really helped my hair dry faster until I realized that my scalp was still wet and my hair was dry.  My scalp is the only place the brush didn’t really get to.  Now I’ve been aiming my blow-drying at my scalp and blowing down the length of the hair.  I am really careful to not burn my hair so I usually keep it on warm and don’t let it get too close.  When I started doing that I realized my blow-drying time was much shorter.  The air from the blow-dryer helps dry out the brush too and it has vent holes in the brush to help wick the moisture away.

The half-round brush is great for bringing out the natural wave in my hair.  When I use it I don’t have to use a curling iron at all.  I am going to get the flat brush too for when I want my hair to be straightened without too much heat.

Let me know what you think of this post.

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