This is the day that the Lord hath made….


 “We will rejoice and be glad in it…..”

At least I am.  I have been feeling better so I’ve had this song in my head all day.

I have not been feeling well for quite a while.  I’ve had 5 migraines this month so I am really glad to be pain free at the moment.  I went to the doctor today with my list ready.  I even put my name at the top so she can put it in my file or on her refrigerator LOL  I didn’t want to forget anything and wanted to make sure she understood this was a list of “concerns” and not just a bunch of brush-under-the-rug stuff.  I wanted her attention and I got it.   Doctor’s do love it when you come prepared and I was this time.  We are going to try some new medication and all in all I just feel better getting all my worries out.  I also took her a handmade washcloth with a cute little tag.  She loved it and that put her in a good mood.  I have been feeling so frustrated lately and feeling like I’m not being listened too.  I think it is just that no one knows what to do or how to help me.  It must be frustrating for both she and I.  Anyway, I think this new approach helped and we both left smiling.  Smiles make people feel better when nothing else can.

I went from there to pick up my son Riley from High School.  He usually takes the bus but today we had a date to get our teeth cleaned and then another one to get them dirty again.  I like to schedule our dentist appointments at the same time because while they are cleaning my teeth I can listen to the dentist talking to him as well.  Riley has SPD – Sensory Processing Disorder.  He is one of those people who can’t stand the seam on the inside of his socks so he wears them inside-out.  He is very sensitive to light and gets headaches.  He doesn’t like normal food.  His diet is pretty much meat and cheese….. and not just any meat or cheese.  It has to be certain stuff.  No slices of kraft American cheese….. he wants the real stuff.  And no spam LOL  He is extremely ticklish so has a very difficult time getting a haircut.  He has actually been seeing the same lady since he was 3 years old because she is magic.  Oh, and Riley has super sonic hearing and gets distracted in school because the clock ticks to loud.  The doctor that checked his hearing said he believes he really can.  So all of this makes one very fussy and challenging for a dental hygienist LOL   He may be 16 but I keep him close to me.

I also like to keep close in general and be “in the know” on Riley so we often have lunch or ice cream dates.  After we got out of the dentist, and Riley watching the time to know when he could eat or drink, we went to Bruegger’s Bagels.  Riley loves that place.  This is when Riley starts to tell me about the teacher he doesn’t like and how everyone is “dumb” or “stupid”….how girls make “walls” and block the whole hall.  He also talked about a family friend that is one of his teachers this year and how he thinks that is cool.  He hopes to get him in another class next year.

As we were leaving there was a man asking for change.  He said “Please……please” and the sadness in his voice really cut right to my heart.  I dug into my purse and gave him a hand full of change.  He said “Oh thank you, thank you so much!”  When I got in the car Riley said he was surprised I gave him any money.  He wondered why I gave that man money when I usually never do.  For one thing it was the sad, pleading voice but he was also not drunk.  He didn’t smell like alcohol, wasn’t slurring or stumbling.  He was standing in front of a place that sells food.  If I had more time I would have gone in and bought him something to eat but my husband was waiting for me.  I did give him enough in quarters that he could get a sandwich at that place so I do hope he used it for that.  Riley usually sees me drive by the people with signs near the grocery store and I never give them money because I’ve seen them before.  They are usually stumbling drunk and when I’ve offered them food instead I got cursed at.  Money is not what they need.  Riley said that while he was sitting in the car waiting for me a lady came out of the hair salon.  That man asked her for change and she yelled “get away from me” several times and ran off.  Riley said he was glad that I helped him and wasn’t like that lady.  He said he wished he could help him more but wasn’t sure how.  He is such a deep thinker and kind-hearted soul.  I’m proud of him….. even if the dentist isn’t.

Let me know what you think of this post.

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