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I really hate to be a follower.  I go way out of my way to avoid anything that is “in”.  I’ve always loved butterflies but when I was in high school and the springy butterfly hair barrettes were “in” I refused to wear them, although in part because of the springiness.  Anything springy on the head is dumb unless you are 3, and then it is cute.

Anyway,  I’ve tried to avoid the Martha Stewart line of craft things because….. because I want to be unique and I know everyone and their mother is buying it!  But I was coveting the Martha Stewart Knit & Weave Loom Kit.  I really wanted to try weaving with it.  I’ve seen several free patterns on and I have been dying to try them out.  The only problem was the thing was almost $50 and I am frugal.  That is another thing going against this whole thing.  Martha Stewart anything will not be cheap.  I watched for sales but was never happy.  Finally, I saw it a few weeks ago on sale at walmart for $35.  That is the best price I’d seen (Alaska prices of course) but I still held out, after all, I already know how to knit.  I just want it to try weaving.

Well…. on Sunday after having a lovely anniversary dinner with my husband we decided to stop by the store for a few things before heading home.  It was a very quick stop but my husband left the lights on and the car was dead.  So Happy Anniversary Honey, you get to walk home…..  poor guy.  It was slightly raining too.  I offered to walk with him but he was worried I’d be in pain afterwards and I probably would be.  So I went back in the store to browse while he walked home to get his truck.

They had a bunch of summer clothes and other out-of-season things on clearance and they were having a 60% off clearance sale for Labor Day.  I didn’t want to buy anything I wouldn’t be able to use so I just walked through each department killing time.  I just happened to walk through this section of yarn (which I definitely don’t need any of!) and scrapbooking goodies and then I saw this hacked opened Martha Stewart Knit & Weave Loom.  It was marked $31.97 on clearance and I saw this huge sign that said 60% off clearance!  I looked down and there were pegs from the kit on the floor under my feet.  I really didn’t want to pay for something that was damaged no matter how cheap it was.  Then I bent down to pick up the pegs to prevent someone’s demise and saw more undamaged kits on the bottom shelf.  Holy cow!  I grabbed one up and made sure it was in perfect condition and then had to hold myself back to keep from running to the register.  It cost me a whopping $12!!!!

So now I’m a Martha Stewart fan big time.  I’ve spent hours plugging pegs into frame pieces and watching videos online of how to use it . I’m a very happy camper and of course a new loyal MS follower.

I have woven one side of a pillow and I just learned how to double knit with the loom.  It is surprisingly easy and meditative.  I mean, I KNOW how to knit but I actually enjoy this.  My dog randomly jumped up in my lap, like she does on occasion, and even after she was sitting on the loom and knocked in on the floor and then drug it around to get it nice and tangled up….. even after that I was able to just pick it back up and it was fine.  If I had been knitting on needles it would have been all unraveled.  That is pretty darn cool.

Here are some video’s I’ve watched on how to use this cool new contraption.  This is a list of videos so when the first one ends just wait and it will go on to the next quick video.

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  1. Hi Donna, I wanted to drop you a short note because when I was reading some of your blogs I felt like I could have written it. Your story about the MS loom ( I watched and waited too, and HAD to have it, at a low price of course but unlike you it still sits in the box along with some yarn ) , Fibromyalgia has taken it’s toll on me too. Add in a bad back so I had back surgery last May. I’m on a medical leave from work but I have to be honest I don’t want to go back. And just this weekend I started tatting after taking a small class at a CelticFest, A art I have always admired. I can’t really say that I’ve started..But I’ve spent about 5 hours starting, undoing, starting, cutting, starting again. I’m sure you know what I mean. BTW I really like your bookmark and was looking for the pattern, I think I found it just before I wanted to leave you a comment. Oh and Zentangle I’m a HUGE fan but so far I’m only dabbling in it. Nothing posted anywhere. I also want to start art journaling, Maybe now so I can keep up with tatting attemps.
    As you can tell my mind is all over the place and it’s taken me a while to write this since it’s 2:15am CST ( I’m near Jackson Mississippimoved here within the last year but almost moved to Alaska ) Anyway… Your not alone… And I think your blessed, yes life is slow at times, but it sounds like you take time to smell the roses with your son. Have a Good Night


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