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Catching up


There has been a lot going on here lately and the summer is flying by so fast. I haven’t been posting much so this is a catch up post.

First, I was not doing much for quite a while because I was having so much pain. I finally called my doctor to see if he could help and now I have something else that is helping. I can do more without hurting but I do get tired and end up taking a long nap every day or some days I don’t wake up until late. But, anything is better than being in pain all the time.

My Mother in law is here visiting from California and we are having a great visit. We went for a nice dinner at the Pump House and had seafood. It was so good!  I had the Tempura Fried Seafood Combination with Halibut, huge shrimp and delicious scallops.  It is such a neat place so my husband and I went for a walk by the river.  It had just rained so we didn’t go far.  They have a beautiful deck area for dining when it’s not raining but they also have an windowed area that feels as if you are outside.   You don’t see frames around the windows so it feels as if they aren’t there. We ate there and it was nice to not have the wind and bugs  bothering us.  The service was great too and even though it is “fine dining” you can dress causal and not feel out of place.

We’ve been watching a bird nest in the back yard. I noticed it when I was working in my garden one day and there were 5 little eggs inside.  Now they have hatched and I’ve been watching them grow.  I got a book about birds from the library and I’m trying to figure out what type of birds they are.  That isn’t easy since the adult birds never get close enough for me to see them very well.

I have a lot of crafty pursuits going on.  I’m going to make a shower curtain for my main bathroom that I recently repainted in grayish-blues…  The shower curtain will be made of white crushed voile and I’m going to make a tatted edging for it in a blue that matches the walls.

I’m also making a knitted tie for my husband.  I couldn’t find a nice variegated yarn so I’m knitting it by holding some size 10 crochet cotton in Red together with the micro spun yarn in black. It looks really nice so far.

Finally, I’m going to participate in the CAL (crochet-a-long) on the Lion Brand Blog. We are making a reglan pull-over top.  I’m going to make mine in a dark pink and I’m excited to see how it turns out. I’ve never made a sweater/top before.  I’ve always made scarves and blankets and other simple things.

I’m also going to attempt something my water color teacher mentioned – to paint 30 paintings in 30 days.   It will be difficult for me since I have family visiting right now.  My Mother in law will be here through the 18th and then my dad will get here on the 20th.  So we’ll see what happens.



A little surprise


Chris and I were working in the backyard today on a special little corner of the yard for me.  We put down some of the black weed-control fabric around some small trees that I planted in a circular area.  Eventually we will put some bricks or flat rocks in the inner circular area to make a small patio area where a small table and a few chairs can go.  I plan to add some peonies and other nice flowers next year if not this fall.  I have a May Day tree, a Pin Cherry, and 4 lilacs that should be different varieties and they are just blooming this year finally.  Well, Chris was bringing up some granite rocks that some friends gave us last year.  The rocks are going to line the area containing the trees and then we will fill in some mulch.  When he picked up one of the rocks he uncovered a little bird nest with some teennnnny tiny birds.  I snapped a few pictures with my cell phone before we hurriedly put the rock back.  We stepped back to watch and see if the mother came back to the babies.  We were so worried she would quit caring for the little birds because we had disturbed the area.  She came back though and it looks as if all is well for the tiny little creatures under my last rock.  I will post the pictures later after I figure out how with this new blog.


Bird Nest


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Look how tiny they are!