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Oh, Happy Day!


I’ve been up all night listening to music.  Since I woke up at 6 pm there is no way I could go to sleep.  I’ve been making my way though all the music on my computer that was labeled “other” and there is still a chunk left.  This is all the music from everyone in the whole house by the way.  When my other laptop gave up the ghost my husband got me another one and dumped ALL of the music onto it.  So I’ve been painstakingly weeding out the stuff I don’t like and now and then finding something new that I do like.  I get sidetracked occasionally and listen to something else but I’ve gone through a lot of random music and given it a classification.  I also make sure each file has all the details because I think I’m a little OCD and can’t stand to leave out a detail or leave a blank unfilled.   I double check the dates too and if a file is a greatest hits album I research and find out when it was originally released.  That way when I sort my music by decade I get what I want.   I did go through all of the RAP music which took me all of 2 seconds.  I selected it all and hit delete.  I do NOT like RAP!  I can’t believe someone in my family downloaded that in the first place.  Of course I’m only deleting the music from my laptop so I’m not permanently deleting anyone else’s music. Next I have to go through all of the music labeled “unknown”, “genre”, and nothing at all….  Once I get those sorted I can go through the known genre’s without worrying about duplicates hiding somewhere or downloading something I already have.  Funny thing is I’m actually enjoying this.  I love researching and reading about the bands on Wikipedia.

I just found a song  from an album my older brothers used to have.  It was “Life’s Been Good” by Joe Walsh from the album “But Seriously, Folks…”  I had some major flashbacks going on and now I have to download the rest of that album.

When I was younger… not sure how much younger exactly but I’m thinking 10 or 11 maybe….  I remember sitting on the floor in this old van my brothers had and listening to 8 tracks and cassette tapes while waiting for them to do odd jobs I believe.  The van had an 8 track player and they had a extremely large “boom box” for cassettes.  I loved this and never ever left the van or got into trouble because I love music and at home I wasn’t allowed to listen to anything except choir music, “preaching” on tape and sometimes some old country music.  It seemed like the time went by so fast when I was listening to music in that van.  I never got lonely.

Anyway, guess what?  I got an award!  From my buddy Sabrina at http://www.muchneededadvice.com.  Isn’t that cool?  There are some rules though so I have some work to do.

The requirements of my accepting this award are:

  • I share 7 completely random pieces of information about myself.
  • I nominate 15 fellow bloggers for The Versatile Blogger Award.
  • I inform each nominated blogger of their nomination by posting a comment on each of their blogs.

So I’m going to start with my list of 7 random facts about myself…  Let’s see if I’m as interesting as Sabrina LOL

  1. I love fish.  I have a 55 gallon fish tank in my living room in the prime (central) spot of the living room where most people have a TV.  Some of my fish have names depending on their character.  Did you know fish have character?  I have a plecostomus (algae eater) that is the tank bouncer and his name is Bubba.  If anyone starts a fight he whips them into shape.
  2. I live in Alaska and hate snow.  Ironic huh?
  3. I actually like bugs and am always trying to save their little lives.  My mom was scared to death of everything that moved and if she saw a spider she would start screaming and stomping and swatting wildly.  I would scoop it up – with my hand even – and take it outside before it was smooshed into spider jelly.  Now that I’m older and know that some spiders bite, I don’t usually pick them up with my hands.  Alaska spiders are really small but there are some poisonous spiders here.  If I find a caterpillar or other interesting bug I like to put it in a jar and research online to identify it.  If I can’t, I go to the cooperative extension at the university.  My kids used to love doing this with me.  Of course, I always let the critters go afterwards.
  4. I love plants and growing things.  I have a perennial garden in my front yard that my mom actually helped me plant a few years before she died.  Sometimes I fill in a few annuals but mostly I love the perennials.  In the backyard I have my vegetable garden and I usually grow herbs too.  I have several house plants and when one starts to look ill or dies I actually morn like my dog died.
  5. I got my belly button pierced once.  I did it at the fair because of a dare.  My husband and a bunch of friends were teasing me because I could never get a tattoo or a piercing because I was afraid of needles.  I really was/am afraid of needles but now I’m a little better.  I’ve learned it isn’t so much the needles that I need to fear but the nurses that are bad at using them.  I had both of my children without an IV because I out-right refused one.  Anyway, these people were teasing me and DARED me!  So I did it.  I figured one poke was better than a zillion and piercings can be  removed later.  I actually kept it in for a long time.
  6. I’m allergic to nickel and can’t wear a lot of jewelry.  I actually have a wooden watch my husband bought for me because of this.  The back is also made of wood so I don’t have to worry about it causing a horrible rash that can scar.  I have a heart shaped scar on my chest from a necklace I fell asleep on.
  7. I HATE oatmeal with a capital H A T E.  I actually start to feel nauseated at the sight of it or of someone eating it.  My parents made me eat it when I was younger and I buried mouthfuls of it in my mom’s plants.

There, how was that?  Interesting enough?  I could keep going actually.  That was rather fun.  I’ll have to take some time to think of 15 websites to grant the award to.  Then I’ll post them here.  Wow, that’s a LOT!

  1. http://marteandkristin.wordpress.com/
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