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Learning Something New


It is always fun to learn something new so I can add some more “tools” to my creative toolbox.  I recently joined a group on ravelry that makes dishcloths every month.  It’s called “Dishcloth Weekly Knitalong” but they do some crochetalonging too.  I really enjoy being a part of this group and even though they just make dish/wash cloths I’m always learning something new!  I especially love that they offer a cloth pattern to crochet and one to knit so I can choose what I want to do.  There are plenty of people to offer help when I get stuck also.

In December I made this really pretty “double diamond dishcloth” for a friend as a Christmas gift.  That was very challenging for me but I learned some new things and it turned out great!  Now they are working on Intarsia knitting or crochet.  They even posted videos to help us get the idea.  I’ve decided to do the knit cloth and then I already have a more difficult project to make next.   The knit cloth isn’t anything exciting but if I can learn to make it than my world of patterns will become so much larger!

This video is one that they posted to help us see how intarsia is done.

She uses bobbins to keep things neat and I don’t have any for yarn.  I decided to look online to see if I could find something as a free printable.  I found these really cute bobbins and printed them on card stock.  I decided to print mine on pale pink card stock and they look so cute.  I wanted them to be stronger though so I used some Elmer’s spray adhesive and stuck them to the side of a cereal box.  I think they will last quite a long time now!

Knitting Escapades


Double Diamond Circular Facecloth

This was a learning experience for me.  I taught myself to knit at least 5 years ago….hmmm maybe 7 but I never did anything challenging.  This was a huge challenge for me.  I ripped this out several times and my dog helped me rip it out once too.  I had to learn to relax so I could knit 2 and 3 stitches together in one which can be tricky.  I learned the provisional cast on which uses a scrap piece of yarn to hold stitches that can later be placed on a needle and knit in the other direction or you can kitchener two edges together (as above) and avoid leaving a seam.  So, that is another thing I learned – how to kitchener, or weave stitches together so it blends in with the rest of the knitting.  Mine is not perfect but is better than I thought I could do.  I’m very happy with it.  I made this face cloth for a Christmas gift and wrapped it up with some rose french milled soap.

The pattern is free on Ravelry.com 

Gimme’s never get



WordPress Blog Prompt: Was there a special gift or toy you wanted as a child but never received? What was it?

When I was little I wanted a light bright.  I had friends that had them but I never got to play with them very much.  I asked for one for Christmas…. then for my birthday…… but never got one.   When my kids were little I bought one……for them….really.

My oldest son never was interested in that so I had to wait until my youngest son was old enough that he wouldn’t eat the pegs.  By that time there was a really cool version out with little colored compartments for holding the different colored pegs.  He and I laid in the floor for hours poking pegs into black paper.

Now my kids are 18 and almost 16 and the light bright has been long gone………… but I still find those darn pegs!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise


Share a picture which means SURPRISE to you!

Surprise!  Your pedicure is over!

I decided to treat myself to a pedicure and manicure just before Christmas.  I had saved up money so I could have a nice relaxing…. peaceful…………blissful………………. time at the spa.  While I’m sitting there with my feet soaking in wonderful smelling water and loving the massage chair these firemen came and said we needed to get out immediately.  ERRRRG  The person doing my pedicure tried to quickly dry off my feet but they still felt wet when I slipped them into my boots to go outside in the 40 below weather.

I was determined to get my nails done though so I sat at the parking lot across the street and read a book until everything was determined safe and then I went back.  Turned out something was too close to a furnace and was melting but there was no actual fire.  Apparently it was big news in Fairbanks though because I watched as Channel 11 news showed up and interviewed people.  A poor soul that I’m assuming worked for the newspaper was out there taking pictures at 40 below too.  I, however, was nice and toasty in my car – thawing out my wet feet.

As soon as the coast was clear I went back and they really gave me the royal treatment since my relaxing pedicure was interrupted.  Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……….

So now my nails (all 20 of them) are smooth and polished a sparkly red!

I had a few more surprises too.  Before I woke up on Christmas Eve a gift was dropped off for me but I don’t know who it was from.  There was this cute little felt bag with snowflakes on it.


Inside the little bag was another present – A pretty necklace with a snowflake inside!  I love the pretty blue stone!


There was also another gift wrapped in tissue paper which turned out to be the cutest platter of flower shaped rice crispy treats with frosting stems on a cute platter. IMG_0168


Oh, and last but not least, I received a surprise package from my sister that contained lots of edible goodies and the coolest socks.  There were 4 pair but these are the ones I chose to wear for Christmas Day.

Cool socks!

Santa Claus is Coming to Town


We finally got all of the presents wrapped.  My husband helped me so I wouldn’t have to sit for too long.  We wrapped the presents on the bed so I wouldn’t have to sit on the floor and maybe not have so much back pain but that didn’t matter.  Sitting anywhere for very long hurts.  I still had to stop and finish the last present standing up.  We have these cool reusable Christmas boxes too so anything that goes into one of those doesn’t have to be wrapped!

One good thing though is I just found something that helped!  Someone gave me this sample of Biofreeze and I had my husband put it on the areas that were hurting.  I get really bad pain in my shoulders and over my shoulder blades and it just doesn’t go away when it is cold outside.  It has been around 35 to 40 below here (in Fairbanks, AK) and it has been hurting for several days in a row now.  I sat there for a few minutes waiting for it to work but it didn’t immediately.  Then, after a while my husband asked me if the biofreeze worked and I realized it had.  I had forgotten all about it because it wasn’t hurting anymore!  So if you have fibomyalgia I would get some of this stuff.  I take lots of meds and nothing seems to help that pain so this stuff is amazing.  The sample I have is the gel.  My husband massaged it in for a few minutes.  I don’t know how the spray works compared to the gel but  I would imagine massaging it in must have helped.

Okay, it really cracks me up sometimes when I see the “recommended tags” from wordpress.  In the middle of the obvious tags is “North American Aerospace Defense command”.  Huh?  Must have something to do with biofreeze….. or do you think they are going to shoot down Santa????  O.o