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Determination can carry you through


I wasn’t feeling very well today.  Manly I was tired and slow moving.  I didn’t sleep all day but I laid around reading.  I just didn’t have any energy but I made myself do a little time on the stationary  bike.  I figure I have to push myself to steadily improve or I’ll end up never getting anywhere.  I was determined to go to my watercolor class that I’ve been missing for several months.  This class meets every Wednesday at 3pm and I just got to where I couldn’t do it anymore.  The cold weather makes it especially hard but recently it has been warmer.  My husband went in to work early today so he could get home in time to give me a ride but he got stuck at work.  It isn’t that far so I just grabbed my coat and walked.  I didn’t bundle up in my crazy, down parka with the fur lined hood because I was already sweating.  I checked my temperature and I was 99.7 degrees.  I think my medication is making my temperature go haywire.  99 isn’t that bad though so I went and I’m glad I did.  I had a great time and I have really been missing my friends that take the class with me.

My painting didn’t turn out that great, mostly because my colors were too light, but I’m going to try it again.  I’ll try to touch up that one a bit and then I’ll do a few more attempts at it.  It is a barn scene taken from a book.  It has a barn and a silo and the middle of the painting is fog.  There is a fence post in the foreground and as the fence posts continue into the fog they fade away and disappear.  It is a neat painting.  The pencil lines on the paper were too dark and I didn’t think about trying to erase it a bit until after I’d already wet the paper.  Then it is too late.  So I will just work with it and try again.  It was so wonderful to paint again.  I had a little pain in my wrist at one point but it faded so I was glad.

My husband showed up to pick me up and he got to meet everyone.  I love him so much because of how great he is with people.  I forget sometimes because I don’t often see him interact with people that much but when he walks in the room he seems to bring this light with him.  Everyone naturally loves him.  His laugh is infectious and he always ends up in the center of everyone.  He’s the one that makes everyone laugh.  He’s the big guy with broad shoulders that could handle himself well in a fight but wont.  He’s a big guy with a soft heart.  I just love that about him.

Back when I was 18 my parents thought I was making the biggest mistake of my life.  Man were they mistaken.

Even at my lowest he has been there for me.  He’s encouraged me to keep my chin up when I didn’t think I could.  He goes with me to doctor appointments when needed and shows up out of the blue with flowers to cheer me up.  I am so lucky he picked me out.  Even if, I really picked him out first.