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Cold and Fibro don’t mix


“There are wounds that never show on the body that are deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds.”
― Laurell K. HamiltonMistral’s Kiss


I had to go out today to get more tulle to finish the tutu I was making.  I only had enough to do about half of it.  The girl at the fabric counter at Joann’s was really nice and helped me make sure I got the same tulle as last time.  There are so many next to each other that are close to the same color and I couldn’t find the bar code/tag info on them.  I didn’t think to take a sample of it with me but I had my receipt.  She used that to find what I bought the last time.

It was so cold outside (-43 below zero F) and windy so I was really bundled up and went from my car to inside really fast.  Normally I wouldn’t even leave my house in this cold but I just hate being stuck in the middle of a project.  I left the car running and the heat turned up so it would be nice and warm when it was time to leave.  After looking around for a while I had gotten hot and took off my coat. It’s a good thing I didn’t need much because all that gear takes up most of the cart.  Well when I went to leave I put all my stuff back on except my gloves and I didn’t zip my coat.  Big mistake.  My car was only about 15 feet from the door.  I dropped the keys though and I got so cold in that short amount of time because of the wind.  I hurried and got in the car which was really warm but because I have fibromyalgia getting cold had already started to cause my pain to flair up.  My hands hurt so bad.  After I got home I started feeling really tired and I couldn’t get warm!  I piled blankets on and turned the heat up but nothing seemed to help.  My restless legs also flared up too and that usually doesn’t happen during the day.  After taking all of the different medicines I needed and huddling under the blankets again I finally started to relax and got some rest.

So now I’m awake but still achy and shivering.  I really want to work on the tutu or my crochet project but my hands hurt too bad.  I think I’m going to try running a really hot bath with epsom salt and take a long soak.  Hopefully that will chase away the cold.

Santa Claus is Coming to Town


We finally got all of the presents wrapped.  My husband helped me so I wouldn’t have to sit for too long.  We wrapped the presents on the bed so I wouldn’t have to sit on the floor and maybe not have so much back pain but that didn’t matter.  Sitting anywhere for very long hurts.  I still had to stop and finish the last present standing up.  We have these cool reusable Christmas boxes too so anything that goes into one of those doesn’t have to be wrapped!

One good thing though is I just found something that helped!  Someone gave me this sample of Biofreeze and I had my husband put it on the areas that were hurting.  I get really bad pain in my shoulders and over my shoulder blades and it just doesn’t go away when it is cold outside.  It has been around 35 to 40 below here (in Fairbanks, AK) and it has been hurting for several days in a row now.  I sat there for a few minutes waiting for it to work but it didn’t immediately.  Then, after a while my husband asked me if the biofreeze worked and I realized it had.  I had forgotten all about it because it wasn’t hurting anymore!  So if you have fibomyalgia I would get some of this stuff.  I take lots of meds and nothing seems to help that pain so this stuff is amazing.  The sample I have is the gel.  My husband massaged it in for a few minutes.  I don’t know how the spray works compared to the gel but  I would imagine massaging it in must have helped.

Okay, it really cracks me up sometimes when I see the “recommended tags” from wordpress.  In the middle of the obvious tags is “North American Aerospace Defense command”.  Huh?  Must have something to do with biofreeze….. or do you think they are going to shoot down Santa????  O.o

I’m Thankful for Painkillers & Yarn


As the temperature drops my pain increases.   I pop more pills, turn up some music,  and keep busy to keep my mind off it.  Today is one of those days.  I’ve been going through a lot of yarn and pills.

I went on Ravelry.com and looked for some things on my list to work on.  I even downloaded a nifty iphone app called Yarma that connects to ravelry.  It is a simple app that is solely for taking and uploading pictures.  There are a handful of effects with clever fiber-friendly terms like K2tog, top down, lace weight, granny square (which adds a simple frame)… and vanilla for none.  All are simple so they wont over-power the beauty of the handmade item.

The first thing I made was a simple dishcloth which I’m pretty sure is based on a vintage potholder pattern I’ve seen before.  I had to be different though so I improvised a bit.

Delightful Daisy dishcloth

The pattern has a bunch of rounded petals but I wanted mine to be pointed like a daisy.  With a little patience I finally got it to come out like I wanted.  I like it a lot better than the original pattern but I will probably make some without my adjustments too.  They are very cute and cheerful.

I made a more simple washcloth yesterday and loved how it turned out.  I used this super soft, “Moss” green yarn that I bought one time without a clue what I would use it for.  I just new I needed to make something with it because it made me so happy!  So this one is mine and I’ve already used it.

Mossy Green Spa Cloth

I talked to my big sister today.  She is always a good person for me to talk to when I don’t feel well.  I was trying hard to stay awake so I could get my sleep schedule straightened out.  Well she reminded me of this pineapple scarf pattern that she loves and so I started making one.  I have this ball of Bouclé yarn that I’ve been hanging onto, waiting for the right project for this kind of yarn.  It has a texture that makes it difficult to work with but it always comes out beautiful!  It kept getting tangled up on itself and if it gets too tangled you might as well just cut it off and start all over.  Well I have half of the pineapple scarf done and it looks fantastic!   I just love the jewel tones mixed with black.  

I am making it longer than the pattern says and I think I’ll add a tassel or fringe to the ends.

I’m Thankful for Patience


“Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.”

~Helen Keller


Well I missed a post.  I was trying to post every day for NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) but yesterday I was in so much pain I took some pain medicine and slept the rest of the day.  I am going to keep going though and see if I can make it the rest of the month.

Yesterday, I was working on a blanket for my great nephew who truly is GREAT and deserves the best.  I started making this Giraffe blanket a long, long, long time ago and there where several errors in the pattern that slowed me down.  There is an update available so if you ordered the electronic version of it you can just go back to where you ordered it from you download an update.  The update isn’t perfect though but it is close enough to figure it out.

I finally had all the pieces made and just needed to stitch them to the blanket very securely so they wouldn’t come off and be a chocking hazard.  I was working on the floor to make sure each piece would lay flat.  My back started to hurt but I wouldn’t quit until I was finished.  Then I decided to sit on the couch to rest my back and make some more “leaves” for the tree.  I didn’t last long though.   I couldn’t stand the pain so I took something and  slept until 3:30 this morning.

My back is still hurting but I am just going to rest as much as possible today and finish that blanket.  When I’m done I’ll post a picture.


Well I went to vote today and it was 22 below zero BRRRRRrrrrrrr!  I wouldn’t have left the house if I didn’t need to vote. After I got back home I ordered Chinese for my boys and I.  My oldest doesn’t have any classes today and my youngest stayed home not feeling well.  We had planned on all going to vote today (my oldest is 18 now) and Riley can just talk (which he is good at) and then we were going to go have Thai food.  Well no one was feeling well today and it was so cold that I ordered in.  It was very good and hot…..and I didn’t have to go get it!

After I got home I worked on that blanket and got it finished!  I’m so glad it is finally finished!

The mama giraffe

The baby

Too cold for the birds


It is -40 F and the whole area is engulfed in a thick ice fog.  Not the kind that floats in the air over a stretch of road and you can see the top and bottom of it…… this ice fog is everywhere.  When I look outside it looks like the air is white…. like thick white smoke.  I think it is frozen….  I didn’t dare go outside.  I decided it was a great day (or days) to stay inside and sip hot cocoa or tea while snuggled under a warm blanket reading a book.  I took this picture through my window.  It looks more clear up close but the camera just doesn’t pick it up very well.  If you look at the tall trees in the background you can see it better.

Too cold for the birds on 365 Project

The snow on the smaller bird feeder is causing the hook to tip a little.

Yesterday I added another stripe to my Wool-Eater blanket.  I chose purple.  I usually ask my husband what he thinks and he thought the blue against the pink was a bit too much and thought I should go with colors that were more closely related.  I think it looks nice.  Now I just have to decide what color to use next.

I finally finished my book called The Chase by Clive Cussler.  I really enjoyed it and can’t wait to read the second book which looks even better.  It isn’t often I find a book that I really like that doesn’t have a curse or two and some really graphic sex scenes.


The Chase (Isaac Bell, #1)The Chase by Clive Cussler

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a good mystery with a cowboy type hero although he had no horse. He drove a fast car. I really enjoyed all of the historic details that were woven in with the story. This story has a western feel and is captivating even without cursing and graphic scenes. Once I got half way though the book there was no putting it down until the end. The “chase” scene made you feel like you were on board…..

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One of my resolutions was to read 12 books that I already have and pass them on some how…..   now I have to decide how.  I might just add it to my bookcrossing wild releases.