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Brand new Beginnings


“Though no one can go back and make a brand-new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand-new ending.”
― Carl Bard

I have been trying to lose weight and it is hard.  I have fibromyalgia which makes exercise painful.  I have to be really careful about what I eat but so far I have just managed to stay even.  I am not gaining or losing.  I get really frustrated but I know there is no point in looking backwards.  I’m not saying I haven’t done that though.  It is easy to think, “why, did I let this happen in the first place?”  but it is only natural to gain as you get older and dealing with chronic pain makes it even harder to stay fit.  So, I love to reflect back on this quote and know that I can start again, try something new, and make a brand-new ending.

I’ve got some ideas and I’m anxious to try them but for now I have to remember to love myself in the body I have.  After all, it’s all I’ve got.

A great website for support groups is at www.dailystrength.org  No matter what you need help with, you will find other’s that are in the same situation and will stand with you, encourage you when you are down and lift you up.

Ironically, I didn’t use the wordpress daily prompt today but it still fits in!

Daily Prompt: Quote Me

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Ringing in the New Year: 2013


This is kinda written in response to the wordpress writing challenge although most of it was already pondered upon and pressed….

Writing Challenge: New Year’s Resolutions (Doompocalypse Redux)

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I don’t really do the resolution thing… at least not the way most people do.  I do a couple of different things.  First I have my list of goals to work on throughout the year.  Not a lot of things – just 2 or 3 tops.  I write them in the front of my journal so that I see them every time I open it – which is usually every day or more often.  I keep track of some items in my journal and journal about my progress.  I don’t like to make “resolutions” that are fast forgotten.

I also make a “to do” list for the year.  This list is pretty extensive and more of a wish list sometimes.  Sometimes I just can’t afford to do some of the things on the list or I need help – like with painting a room in the house.  It is okay though.  This is the time of year when I look at what I accomplished,  cross off what I can and add a few more things.  What didn’t get done just stays on the list for the next year.  The idea in this is that when I get to the end of the year I don’t feel like it was all wasted.  When I flip through my journal or look back at my blog I know my time was well spent.  It wasn’t always that way.  Sometimes I would get into this rut of just waking up and going to work, coming home tired and going to bed.  That was because of my health.  I was working so hard I didn’t have any energy to spend time with my family.  Now I enjoy listening to my kids talk about their days or music or whatever.  I can sit at the table and have dinner with them.  Time is precious and needs to be used wisely.

Anyway, my basic goals are always to lose weight and to get organized.  Surprise, surprise huh?  With my health problems I have a hard time exercising.  When I’m in pain I don’t want to move so I gain weight.  My doctor says says that it is important to exercise as much as possible and that it will actually help with pain.  She’s the doctor so I’m doing my best to follow orders.   I cut some things out of my diet and managed to get some health issues under control that way (which is pretty cool I think).  I managed to stop gaining weight but didn’t really sustain any real weight loss.  I’m just grateful that I’m not still gaining.  This year that is my biggest focus because it isn’t just a matter of how I feel about myself anymore.  Being overweight sets me up for all kinds of other health risks, including diabetes which runs in my family.  My mom died of a heart attack and I’m going to do everything I can to avoid that happening to me.  I’m using a website called MyFitnessPal.com  to track what I eat and it really helps a lot.  I’ve made some friends on there that are in the same boat I am.  They are also trying to lose weight while dealing with chronic pain.  It is amazing to have such an amazing support group that will cheer me on but also understands when I’m not feeling well.

I’m about to set a fresh new goal for this year and take new measurements.  I think I’m going to break my “wish”  for my overall weight-loss into smaller attainable goals.  I think if I lost 10 lbs I would feel pretty darn good and that would give me some “FIRE” to keep going.  So I’m going to do that and just keep working on smaller goals.  Of course exercising every day, even a little, is a task on my list.  Sometimes it just isn’t possible but I’ll do what I can.  I got some advice from a friend of mine that I am working on trying too.  He said to eat what I want but only half.  That is a new concept for me since I grew up being told to clean my plate.  I hate to see anything go to waste so I eat it all.  So I’m going to work on that and put half away for another meal.

Last year, one of the things I added to my list was so stop using the “f word” meaning fibromyalgia.  I thought that I should not talk about it and only focus on positive things.  It didn’t take me long to realize that was not the right thing to do.  Sure, I need to focus on positive things but this is part of me and acting like everything is normal is not the answer.  I realized that there are a lot of people out there that don’t understand what fibromyalgia really is.  Many people and sadly even some doctors don’t believe it is a real thing.  Well, what I feel is real and if there was a solution I’d be first in line.  I really think it is more likely that it is a symptom of something they haven’t yet figured out.  They need to do more research to find out and that means more people need to know about it.  That is when I decided to add that blurb about fibromyalgia to the top of my blog.  I also thought maybe if other people with fibromyalgia could see what I accomplish with this than others will be encouraged.

This past year, in working on my to-do list, I was able to get a lot of de-cluttering done.  Now I am going to keep going on that.  I found this website that has a calendar for each month.  Each day there is a task to work on for 15 minutes.  I think I’ll give that a try and see how it fits in with the areas I want to clean.  Mainly I just need to use some of the things I’ve bought for crafts and let some things go. I have a LOT of yarn.  I’m decided to use that yarn to make blankets for Project Linus.  I’m the coordinator for my area and I’ve had a hard time keeping it going.  I have decided to make working on Project Linus my 3rd goal this year.  I’m going to work on getting people to help out and make lots of blankets.

Last year one of my goals was to finish what I started.  I tracked down some unfinished projects and finished them!  That felt really good!  I also concentrated on finishing one thing before starting the next.  Some people call it multitasking but usually I just end up with a bunch of unfinished stuff.  I did get a lot more done this year and knit, crocheted, and tatted several things.  I also read a bunch of books!  And the books I read have been passed on to others or donated.  I’m also not buying new books but getting ebooks instead.  These little things all make a difference.

So I have my new journal – two actually.  One is a journal to write in daily and one is a smash journal.  I like to use smash journals for projects and pictures.  My main goals are already written in the front and I’m ready to get started.

Of course I have my new list of Twenty Wishes that I want to work on too.  It is interesting to me how this list seems to incorporate many of the things on my yearly list but it is much shorter.  I got the idea for that list from a book.

Now to start working on my lists instead of making them!  Here’s to a good 2013!

Nay to doomsayers!

Hate to love you


WordPress Daily Prompt:

Tell us about a guilty pleasure that you hate to love.

That would be chocolate.  I am a freak over chocolate.  I love smooooooth milk chocolate, rich dark chocolate, chocolate covered chocolate….. it has a hold on me.  That really sucks because I really need to lose weight!  I will go along doing great on my diet and then all of a sudden I have a chocolate attack and cannot resist the urge to devour the entire aisle of candy at the store.

I LOVE chocolate with an ice cold diet pepsi.  The diet pepsi cancels out the calories from the chocolate.  At least, that is what I tell myself.  I love chocolate ice cream too….. and a mondo cafe mocha and a love bite (chocolate covered coffee bean) on top.  Mmmmmmmmmm

I have learned now that a diet devoid of chocolate is doomed for failure.  I have to allow myself to have a small amount and budget the calories for it to avoid the chocolate melt down. *pun intended

The good thing is everyone knows I love chocolate and knows what to give me for my birthday and holidays.

The bad thing is everyone knows I love chocolate and gets it for me for my birthday and holidays.

Happy Friday!


For some reason, Friday’s are not as exciting as they used to be when I worked.  Now every day feels the same…. except that there are more people in the house during the weekend.   Anyway, I am finally starting to feel like I’m getting over this cold.  I had a killer headache yesterday but after I finally woke up I felt pretty human.  I even did a little writing in my journal.  I did lesson 4 in my SOAR journal and considering I started at the beginning of February I am not as behind as I thought.  There is a lesson a week for each week of the year so far.  I wanted to catch up but since I’ve been sick I wasn’t able to.  I’m happy just knowing I did one for each week.

Here are a couple of pages I did using the graphics I printed up from the lesson.  I really like the To Do lists.  These graphics make it so much fun and every lesson comes with new graphics!  I love them all.  As you can see I just get out my markers and doodle around them and on them, which is fun.  She also provided some nice pages to use in my journal for February.  There is a cover and she explained how to put them together to make a journal just for February but I just cut them in half and stuck them in my journal.  These pages are the white, back-sides of those pages.

Each lesson also comes with a nice colorful quote and since my pages are half sheets I can print them to fit one of my pages.  I didn’t take a picture of the quote page but it says, “Love is always bestowed as a gift – freely, willingly, and without expectation.  We don’t love to be loved, we love to love.”  – Leo Buscaglia

I thought that was a nice quote for February.

I didn’t take pictures of all of my journal pages because there is just a bunch of writing.  I also used a shiny pen on some of the pages and that doesn’t photograph well.  I also don’t put the lesson pages in my journal.  I’ve noticed a lot of people do.  I don’t even print them.  I just read them online and then journal from there.  That way my journal will have more room for my thoughts.

I thought this was really funny.  The lesson had talked about different thinking types and asked what my type was and then what type the other people around me were.  I was thinking about my youngest son Riley (15 years old).  He’s the odd one in the family.  My husband and my oldest son are easy and they are the same.  Sometimes I think the stork that brought Riley came from outer-space.  He opened the refrigerator and I told him we needed to clean it out because it didn’t smell so good.  He said,

There are so many things in there, of course it smells funny.  I wonder if it would taste good, like an everything bagel.

This is what he is like all the time!  He reminds me a lot of my little brother who was/is  always a clown too.

On this page I decided to use my new embosser I got on ebay.  It is actually an old gadget from McGill called “Emboss Art”.  They are not so easy to find these days.  I rubbed a little ink from an ink pad over it with my finger to make it show up better.  This is my favorite design.

Now I am ready for the next lesson.  Maybe I can catch up a little this month.  I am really thankful to Anita for putting on this free class at her website called “Just Be Yourself“.  You can still join if you are interested. You just have to join the site first and then you can sign up for the class.

Now for the NaBloPoMo prompt of the day.

Friday, March 2, 2012
Would you rather make your own choices or have someone make them for you

I really had enough of other people making my choices for me before I left my childhood home.  Now that I am on my own, I much prefer to make my own choices.   I can screw up just fine on my own, thank you very much.  My kids are old enough now that I think they can make the majority of their own choices too.  What time to get up in the morning is one they usually need my help on though.  Of course, being married I do have to consider my husband on some things. I can’t decide to have a boyfriend these days.  Shucks.   My husband wouldn’t find that very amusing.  I also have to think of him if I am getting something for the house, spending a big chunk of money or making any big parenting decisions but he doesn’t choose what I eat at a restaurant.  I am not the kind of wife my mom was; I am too stubborn for that.  The thing is, I don’t think my husband would have wanted a wife like that.  He knows what I like and goes out of his way to make me happy.  I also know what he likes, so sometimes I choose to make steaks for dinner and he is very appreciative.

How about you?  Is it easier to let someone else make your choices for you?  I know I sometimes wish someone would decide for me when I’m looking at a dozen different paint samples and I often wish someone would put me on a diet like I do my dog.  Put me in the kennel if I keep getting in the frig.

Happy new diet


Yeah, I know, how sad.  Every year I do this.  Last year it was ediets.  Well, I’m not thinner but that might be because I’ve been depressed over my mom for the past year.  I decided I didn’t like ediets because their diets just don’t fit well with me.  I just don’t eat those things and I ended up spending too much trying to get the ingredients.  This year I joined Weight Watchers online.  It has only been 1 week but I have lost 1/2 a lb.  It’s not much but it’s something.  I really like their set up.  It’s so easy.  After I went to the website I had it all figured out in 30 minutes or less and was already adding the things I ate to my list.  It took me most of the first week to figure out how to eat healthier stuff and stay within my points for the day.  I’m doing better now and I’ve been exercising more and making sure I take my vitamins and drinking water.  I like that I can click off the glasses of water I supposed to drink, multivitamin, exercise, and servings of veggies and dairy I need to be healthy.  It helps me keep on track.  I can plan out what I want to eat in advance by searching their database for foods I already have.  If something isn’t listed I can add it.  Foods that take longer to burn so you can go longer without feeling hungry are marked with a green diamond.  I can print a planned menu or the blank page and take it to work with me so I can write in the things I eat during the day. 

Well, I hope it lasts.  At least this seems to work better with how I eat.  Wish me luck!