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To See or Not to See


I’m not a spring chicken anymore and more and more I’ve been noticing that I am blind as a bat.  I was trying to find the correct crochet hooks for a project and the larger hooks I have are these clear colored plastic hooks with the size etched into the end of the handle.  I’m sure you know the ones.  They are Susan Bates Crystalites.  Susan bates also has the hooks that are all white which have the same issue.  When I was looking for the larger sizes like L (8 mm) and N (10 mm) these were all I could find here locally.  With no contrast it is very difficult to read the size.  I finally got a bright idea and I dabbed some white acrylic paint over the size on the handle and tapped the paint around with my fingers to fill in the etched in area.  Then I wiped off the excess with a paper towel and now I can see it perfectly!  If you have the white ones you could use any bright color or black.  The same thing applies to the knitting needles of course.

Fixing Crochet Hooks so they are Readable


UGH! Halloween is coming up


Of all the holidays I really do not like Halloween.  I kinda like seeing all the cute little kids dressed up but I have no desire to dress up my house with Halloween decor…. and I REALLY don’t enjoy listening to my dog bark every single time the doorbell rings.  I might put up a few things for Thanksgiving but usually buy that time it has snowed so it doesn’t seem very “fall” anymore.  I just want to skip right to Christmas!  Let the snow go ahead and come and cover up all the mold that is growing outside and making me congested.

I just spent some time looking online at Halloween decorations that I can make but I just don’t like any of them.  Well, I found ONE thing that would be cute but it is too much work.  Maybe one day I will make this.

Source: favecrafts.com via Donna on Pinterest

Someday soon we’ll meet again


My Uncle died yesterday.  I’m really going to miss him.  He was a great man and will be missed by so many great people.  He died just 4 years after his sister, my mom.  I never thought he would be gone so soon.  Why is it that the best people get taken from us so early in life?

I relapsed a bit today and slept until 7pm! I woke up shivering and the house is 75 degrees which is usually way too hot for me.  I decided to just take it easy and journal some more today.  My 15 year old son, Riley, has been taking care of me today.  He is going to be such a great dad someday.  He actually made a pizza for dinner and brought me a cup of my favorite hot tea.  He asked if I would like the TV turned on for me or if I’d rather listen to music.  Be covered me up with my favorite lap blanket and brought me a big bottle of water.  How sweet is that?

I’ve been finding some neat free printables online for jounaling and I thought I would share some here.

Here is a printable library card holder and cards to go in it.  There are also printable cards that look like actual library book cards.

Source: 4shared.com via Donna on Pinterest

Source: cutetape.com via Donna on Pinterest

I love this tape. I bought some of the blue a while back and was disappointed at first. The white flowers looked so white in the picture but it didn’t look very white on the roll. Well, now that I’ve actually used it I noticed that the flowers are not white they are clear.  So they will be whatever color your paper is.  I love it even more now.