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Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 in Pictures


My 2012 in pictures.  This is another wordpress photo challenge.  I love participating in them anytime I can.   This one was actually easy because there pictures were already there from my blog posts and saved in my media gallery.  After looking through them I realized that my year was full of crafting.  I did a lot of crocheting, knitting, painting, tatting…  and journaling.  I also did a lot of reading.  I have to say, it was a good year and I enjoyed it.

With Thanksgiving 2


“We can be bitter about our shortcomings; or we can be thankful for our blessings.” ~ Unknown

I wasn’t feeling well today.  I overdid it yesterday when I went to go get groceries yesterday evening without any help.  I have fibromyalgia so if I overdo things I end up sleeping for hours and have a lot of pain.  I usually take one of my teen-aged boys with me and they go and get things on the list and bring it back to the cart so I don’t have to run around as much.  They also load and unload the car so I don’t have to carry so much.  I thought I could handle it myself this time since I have been exercising and trying to get stronger but I was exhausted by the time I got home.  It didn’t help that it was 4 below zero and foggy out and the cold always makes my pain worse.  I was so wiped out and went right to bed when I got home.  The boys did unload the groceries and put them away for me.  I got up a while this morning but took a nap and ended up sleeping till 10 pm.  I slept my whole day away.

  • I am thankful that I have two strong boys to help me when I need it
  • I am thankful for a body that still works.  I may have pain but I am not wheelchair bound.
  • I am thankful for a warm bed to sleep in.
  • I am thankful for a warm car to drive.
  • I am thankful for my warm garage so I don’t have to drive a cold car.
  • I am thankful for Blue, my beagle who knows when I don’t feel well and sleeps beside me.

Happy Friday!


For some reason, Friday’s are not as exciting as they used to be when I worked.  Now every day feels the same…. except that there are more people in the house during the weekend.   Anyway, I am finally starting to feel like I’m getting over this cold.  I had a killer headache yesterday but after I finally woke up I felt pretty human.  I even did a little writing in my journal.  I did lesson 4 in my SOAR journal and considering I started at the beginning of February I am not as behind as I thought.  There is a lesson a week for each week of the year so far.  I wanted to catch up but since I’ve been sick I wasn’t able to.  I’m happy just knowing I did one for each week.

Here are a couple of pages I did using the graphics I printed up from the lesson.  I really like the To Do lists.  These graphics make it so much fun and every lesson comes with new graphics!  I love them all.  As you can see I just get out my markers and doodle around them and on them, which is fun.  She also provided some nice pages to use in my journal for February.  There is a cover and she explained how to put them together to make a journal just for February but I just cut them in half and stuck them in my journal.  These pages are the white, back-sides of those pages.

Each lesson also comes with a nice colorful quote and since my pages are half sheets I can print them to fit one of my pages.  I didn’t take a picture of the quote page but it says, “Love is always bestowed as a gift – freely, willingly, and without expectation.  We don’t love to be loved, we love to love.”  – Leo Buscaglia

I thought that was a nice quote for February.

I didn’t take pictures of all of my journal pages because there is just a bunch of writing.  I also used a shiny pen on some of the pages and that doesn’t photograph well.  I also don’t put the lesson pages in my journal.  I’ve noticed a lot of people do.  I don’t even print them.  I just read them online and then journal from there.  That way my journal will have more room for my thoughts.

I thought this was really funny.  The lesson had talked about different thinking types and asked what my type was and then what type the other people around me were.  I was thinking about my youngest son Riley (15 years old).  He’s the odd one in the family.  My husband and my oldest son are easy and they are the same.  Sometimes I think the stork that brought Riley came from outer-space.  He opened the refrigerator and I told him we needed to clean it out because it didn’t smell so good.  He said,

There are so many things in there, of course it smells funny.  I wonder if it would taste good, like an everything bagel.

This is what he is like all the time!  He reminds me a lot of my little brother who was/is  always a clown too.

On this page I decided to use my new embosser I got on ebay.  It is actually an old gadget from McGill called “Emboss Art”.  They are not so easy to find these days.  I rubbed a little ink from an ink pad over it with my finger to make it show up better.  This is my favorite design.

Now I am ready for the next lesson.  Maybe I can catch up a little this month.  I am really thankful to Anita for putting on this free class at her website called “Just Be Yourself“.  You can still join if you are interested. You just have to join the site first and then you can sign up for the class.

Now for the NaBloPoMo prompt of the day.

Friday, March 2, 2012
Would you rather make your own choices or have someone make them for you

I really had enough of other people making my choices for me before I left my childhood home.  Now that I am on my own, I much prefer to make my own choices.   I can screw up just fine on my own, thank you very much.  My kids are old enough now that I think they can make the majority of their own choices too.  What time to get up in the morning is one they usually need my help on though.  Of course, being married I do have to consider my husband on some things. I can’t decide to have a boyfriend these days.  Shucks.   My husband wouldn’t find that very amusing.  I also have to think of him if I am getting something for the house, spending a big chunk of money or making any big parenting decisions but he doesn’t choose what I eat at a restaurant.  I am not the kind of wife my mom was; I am too stubborn for that.  The thing is, I don’t think my husband would have wanted a wife like that.  He knows what I like and goes out of his way to make me happy.  I also know what he likes, so sometimes I choose to make steaks for dinner and he is very appreciative.

How about you?  Is it easier to let someone else make your choices for you?  I know I sometimes wish someone would decide for me when I’m looking at a dozen different paint samples and I often wish someone would put me on a diet like I do my dog.  Put me in the kennel if I keep getting in the frig.

It sure is a beautiful black night, isn’t it?


I’ve been sleeping so much since I’ve been sick with the flu and then I wake up at bedtime.  I hate that.  I want to be awake when the sun in shining and the birds are frozen in their nests.   Actually, it’s warmed up a bit here is balmy Fairbanks, Alaska.  It is currently 17 degrees F at 11 o’clock at night.  I bet it was a beautiful sunny day – too bad I was sleeping.  I still would like to be awake when my family is.

Well I think – maybe – I really hate to say it out loud but this is text actually…. I think I might be getting better – Knock on wood… wait, is that real wood or veneered plastic?  I better go outside and knock on my house… oh, wait, the siding is vinyl dang.  My doors are probably fiber fill…. I guess I better just knock on my head.  I think it’s time for a new saying…. like maybe, “knock on plastic.”

I did look up the origin of “Sick as a Dog”.  It doesn’t paint a very pretty picture.  I’ll just use a quote that I liked from Askville by Amazon.

“Sick as a dog,” which means “extremely sick” and dates back to at least the 17th century, is also not so much negative as it is simply descriptive. Anyone who knows dogs knows that while they can and often will eat absolutely anything, on those occasions when their diet disagrees with them the results can be quite dramatic. And while Americans may consider themselves “sick” when they have a bad cold, in Britain that would be called “feeling ill.” “Being sick” in Britain usually means “to vomit.”

So to really appreciate the original sense of “sick as a dog,” imagine yourself seated in the parlor having tea with the Vicar on a lovely Sunday afternoon, when Fido staggers in from a meal of sun-dried woodchuck and expresses his unease all over your heirloom oriental carpet. It’s actually rather amazing that goldfish aren’t more popular.

Okay, so that answers that question.  I guess since I am so careful about what my dog eats she doesn’t get sick like that.  I don’t just let her run loose and eat whatever she finds… and she would.  Dead, rotting bird… sure NOM NOM.  Little Johnny’s PB&J studded with pea gravel…. yum.  She’s a beagle so her nose gets her into trouble.  She’s older so the critters that move are too fast for her and she ends up looking for stuff on the ground.

Anyway, I did get a little creative again last night.  I did lesson 2 in the Soar journal.  I even used a little bit of my new Washi tape I ordered from Cute Tape.  That stuff is a little bit too expensive I think.  I spent $20 on 3 rolls (the shipping was minimal) and what I got was 3 tiny rolls.  The green roll looks bigger but it’s just that the cardboard ring in the middle is bigger and the tape is also on a white backing so that takes up a lot of room too.  I guess I was thinking of a roll of masking tape.  These are more like the size of a roll of scotch tape you get in the chincy little dispensers.  The tape isn’t like masking tape though.  I believe it is actually fabric.  I couldn’t tear it.  I just distorted the design.  I had to give up on my dream of being like Hulk Hogan and get out the scissors.

Anyway, for lesson 2 in my SOAR journal I was to write about a difficult situation that I rose up from.  I wrote about the time I got fired.  It was the only time I ever got fired and other than this job I never even got a negative review.  It was awful really.  I did learn a valuable lesson though.  I’ve always had the mindset that quitting was admitting defeat.  My grandmother always told me to never ever quit – You fight until you win.  In this case I learned that some situations just suck too bad and it’s not worth fighting for.  My boss would come out red-faced, and spitting mad over a misunderstanding.  After explaining he would just walk away with no apology after he scared me to death.  He did have a brain tumor but instead of stepping down until he had surgery and recovered he just kept working.  Sometimes he would be bleeding from his surgical site that wasn’t healing properly and once blood actually dripped on my desk.  He wasn’t himself and made some poor decisions in my opinion.  I knew the situation was bad and I was quietly looking for another job but I wasn’t willing to give up something I wanted so badly that I applied for the job 7 times before I got it.  I didn’t want to look like a failure after that.  The last review I got was great and said I was doing a wonderful job.  Next thing I know I’m called into the office to get the ax.  I was very upset but it ended up being a blessing in disguise.  I went back to school and got a job as a CNA.  Another thing I learned is that I can pick my employer.  I began to go to interviews with a different mindset.  I went into each interview to try to decide if they were the right employer for me.  I also volunteered there first.  I volunteered in several areas of the hospital before I decided on where I wanted to work.   I will never again work for a place that is so poorly managed.

So, have you ever had a situation that seemed like the end of the world at the time but you ended up rising from the ashes to something better?

Here is another page I did using some of the graphics from the class printed in black and white. My color ink is out but I finally figured out how to get it to print in black. That used to be so easy. Just click the box that said “black ink only” but now that isn’t there. I tried to choose greyscale but it was still using the color ink which is virtually non-existant. That must have changed when my husband upgraded my computer to Windows 7. Anyway, I used my red le pen to add some color. I love my le pens.

If you are interested in the SOAR journal you can always sign up at any time.  I started at the beginning of February.  You  just need to become a member of “Just be Yourself” on the Ning Network and than you can sign up for the free class.   Anita gives great feedback and she has helped me a lot with some of my more troubling issues.  I’ve exchanged emails with her and she always seems to have just the right words at the right time.

Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you.
— Marsha Norman

Sicker than a dog


I was in bed all day with a fever. I didn’t do anything productive at all. I am so miserable. I was wondering though… why do people say, “sicker than a dog”? My dog is never sick, unless you count the times she ate poop. That is pretty sick but by a different definition. I used to have a book that explained common sayings like that but it didn’t include this one. I’ll have to look it up.

So much for the love notes. I’ll do better next year. Hopefully I won’t be sick next February. I did make a card but I decided it would be perfect for Valentines Day. So I’m going to hang on to that one. For now I’m just going to rest and try to get better.