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Books and other dusty stuff


It’s a beautiful Saturday.  The sun is out and lighting up the sky around the snow coated trees.  It ALMOST makes me want to go outside but it is kinda cold so I think I’ll stay right here all warm and cozy.  I had been meaning to finish that book called Christmas Jars by Jason F. Wright all week and I never got a chance.  I finished it this morning and it is a great book.  I love the way the ending ties everything up so nicely.  I wont give anything away but everyone should read this book – just make sure you get a box of Kleenex before you start.  It made me cry but it leaves you with a good feeling.  I am going to look for other books by this author.

I just posted my copy of this book to paperbackswap.com.  Here is a link to my bookshelf.  (Rebekah, you would like this book!)

Anyway, I’m ready for spring.  The sunshine is calling my attention to things like fingerprints on the windows and dust – lots of dust in places you forget about until the sun lights it up.  I’m also noticing a lot of other things I’ve been meaning to do.  Life has carried me away and I haven’t had the time to enjoy the small things along the way – and dust them apparently.  With my health the way it has been I have been tired a lot and sometimes I don’t even have the energy to make dinner for my family.  I think it’s time to slow down and take more time for my family – and dust them off too.