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Happy Friday!


For some reason, Friday’s are not as exciting as they used to be when I worked.  Now every day feels the same…. except that there are more people in the house during the weekend.   Anyway, I am finally starting to feel like I’m getting over this cold.  I had a killer headache yesterday but after I finally woke up I felt pretty human.  I even did a little writing in my journal.  I did lesson 4 in my SOAR journal and considering I started at the beginning of February I am not as behind as I thought.  There is a lesson a week for each week of the year so far.  I wanted to catch up but since I’ve been sick I wasn’t able to.  I’m happy just knowing I did one for each week.

Here are a couple of pages I did using the graphics I printed up from the lesson.  I really like the To Do lists.  These graphics make it so much fun and every lesson comes with new graphics!  I love them all.  As you can see I just get out my markers and doodle around them and on them, which is fun.  She also provided some nice pages to use in my journal for February.  There is a cover and she explained how to put them together to make a journal just for February but I just cut them in half and stuck them in my journal.  These pages are the white, back-sides of those pages.

Each lesson also comes with a nice colorful quote and since my pages are half sheets I can print them to fit one of my pages.  I didn’t take a picture of the quote page but it says, “Love is always bestowed as a gift – freely, willingly, and without expectation.  We don’t love to be loved, we love to love.”  – Leo Buscaglia

I thought that was a nice quote for February.

I didn’t take pictures of all of my journal pages because there is just a bunch of writing.  I also used a shiny pen on some of the pages and that doesn’t photograph well.  I also don’t put the lesson pages in my journal.  I’ve noticed a lot of people do.  I don’t even print them.  I just read them online and then journal from there.  That way my journal will have more room for my thoughts.

I thought this was really funny.  The lesson had talked about different thinking types and asked what my type was and then what type the other people around me were.  I was thinking about my youngest son Riley (15 years old).  He’s the odd one in the family.  My husband and my oldest son are easy and they are the same.  Sometimes I think the stork that brought Riley came from outer-space.  He opened the refrigerator and I told him we needed to clean it out because it didn’t smell so good.  He said,

There are so many things in there, of course it smells funny.  I wonder if it would taste good, like an everything bagel.

This is what he is like all the time!  He reminds me a lot of my little brother who was/is  always a clown too.

On this page I decided to use my new embosser I got on ebay.  It is actually an old gadget from McGill called “Emboss Art”.  They are not so easy to find these days.  I rubbed a little ink from an ink pad over it with my finger to make it show up better.  This is my favorite design.

Now I am ready for the next lesson.  Maybe I can catch up a little this month.  I am really thankful to Anita for putting on this free class at her website called “Just Be Yourself“.  You can still join if you are interested. You just have to join the site first and then you can sign up for the class.

Now for the NaBloPoMo prompt of the day.

Friday, March 2, 2012
Would you rather make your own choices or have someone make them for you

I really had enough of other people making my choices for me before I left my childhood home.  Now that I am on my own, I much prefer to make my own choices.   I can screw up just fine on my own, thank you very much.  My kids are old enough now that I think they can make the majority of their own choices too.  What time to get up in the morning is one they usually need my help on though.  Of course, being married I do have to consider my husband on some things. I can’t decide to have a boyfriend these days.  Shucks.   My husband wouldn’t find that very amusing.  I also have to think of him if I am getting something for the house, spending a big chunk of money or making any big parenting decisions but he doesn’t choose what I eat at a restaurant.  I am not the kind of wife my mom was; I am too stubborn for that.  The thing is, I don’t think my husband would have wanted a wife like that.  He knows what I like and goes out of his way to make me happy.  I also know what he likes, so sometimes I choose to make steaks for dinner and he is very appreciative.

How about you?  Is it easier to let someone else make your choices for you?  I know I sometimes wish someone would decide for me when I’m looking at a dozen different paint samples and I often wish someone would put me on a diet like I do my dog.  Put me in the kennel if I keep getting in the frig.

Fun in the sun


It was a bit cold for me today but the sun is coming out more each day and it is so nice.  It really lights up the snow and everything sparkles.

My husband and I went to run some errands.  I love spending time with him.  We went to get batteries put in both of our watches.  My watch had to be taken to a official watch repair store because it is unique.  I have a wooden watch.  My husband bought it for me because I’m allergic to nickel and could never find a watch that I liked that didn’t give me an uncomfortable rash.  It works great.  I’ve had it for years and the battery just died.

It looks like this one.  The face is wooden too.  So its all fixed and running like a charm.


Of course we had to stop by the Thai House since it was only one street away. I had spring rolls this time and they were so good!

My husband and I went to Lowes to look for a volt sensor since we need to fix the florescent light in the kitchen. We replaced the bulbs and it still didn’t work so the ballast needs to be replaced. We haven’t ever replaced one before but we are going to give it a shot. If that doesn’t work I’ll get a new light, which wouldn’t be horrible at all. It is just fun to try to fix things. I really think it should be a simple fix.

I got to order a new gadget today too. I can’t wait to get it! I was having a really hard time using a hole punch because my hands hurt so much. Since I’m making a journal I’ve been using one a lot and its killing me. I started looking into something that would be easier and found this!

Source: amazon.com via Donna on Pinterest

It can even punch holes in metal so that opens up a lot of creative possibilities!

I’m also waiting for another cool gadget I ordered on ebay.  It’s called Emboss It by McGill.

Source: ebay.com via Donna on Pinterest


Several years ago I bought some cartridges for this not realizing that they didn’t work on their own.  I saved a bunch of money since it was a “going out of business” sale but I was bummed when I got home and realized I was missing something.  I tried to find one online but never could find one.  Well, since I have been getting out the scrapbooking stuff from then for working on my journal I found those and decided to look again.  I got this for $10 something (including shipping) with 3 cartridges and I have 4 more.  That will be really handy for scrapbooking and card making.

I think I’ve actually got bitten by the scrapbooking bug now.  I actually bought 2 12×12 albums since I have so much paper in that size.  We also have a new printer/scanner that works great for photos.  One of my resolutions was to organize my photos so I might as well have fun with it.  I can’t wait to get my goodies so I can play!