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Another day to live


Sometimes I’m a big whiner…  my health problems cause me to get  down, especially when I’m a dork and forget when to renew my prescriptions.  But this is still a day to live and not to just waste…..  I’m happy that I’m still alive and able to do what I can.

 “When I stand before thee at the day’s end, thou shalt see my scars and know that I had my wounds and also my healing.”
~Rabindranath Tagore

For my 365 Project, this is Riley playing with his new birthday present.

Happy Birthday Riley on 365 Project
Today was my youngest son’s birthday.  He turned 15!  I just can’t believe that the baby I carried is practically a man.  I should have gotten him razors for his birthday because he has a bit of a mustache.  He’s kinda lucky because whatever he didn’t get for Christmas he ends up getting for his birthday right after Christmas.  He got video games of course.. but they may end up locked up if he doesn’t keep his grades up.  He had a pretty good time and enjoyed his pizza and ice-cream cake.  They put a lot of blue coloring in the whipped cream frosting so now we all have blue tongues.

My older son will be 18 in 3 months and he is FINALLY doing what he is supposed to be doing….or so it seems.  I talked to his counselor and found out exactly what he needed to do to graduate.  He is short credits because he was sick so much one year.  He doesn’t want to do anything but play video games and he’s already signed up for extra web-based AP classes through BYU.  He should have finished them already since he signed up this summer but he has a year to finish them but I reminded him that he didn’t really had a whole year if he wants to graduate with his class.  If he doesn’t finish those on time he will get F’s and be 1.5 credits short.  He has a great opportunity to get college classes for some of his classes but he has to do them on his own time.  I did mention how lucky he was because he can get college credits now for much cheaper than he will be able to in college.  I told him he should go online and check out the difference and he did.  He was shocked!  I also told him to look into how much it cost to live on campus or rent a cheap apartment….. how much is electricity, and fuel and internet to play video games all the time.  How much money would he need to feed himself?  Because he is going to have to start support himself soon.  That gave him something to think about.  Well I told him yesterday that he would have to ditch the AP classes and just sign up for some easy electives to make up for those missing credits because I didn’t think he could pass these extra AP classes in such a short time.  I was trying a little reverse psychology like my dad did on me.  My dad would tell me I couldn’t do something because I was a girl and wasn’t strong enough.  It made me so mad and so I would try until I could do it.  It wasn’t until much later that I realize that was his plan all along.  Well, it seems it might have worked on my son.  He came home telling me he needed to finish the classes he was working on and get the finals ordered.  He had a paper for me to sign for him to take another class but it was still an AP class.  It ‘s English Composition or Freshmen Composition or something like that and at the end he can take the AP final for college credit.  The last few times I stepped into his room he was working on his classes.  I’m so glad to see him finally trying.

Anyway, I’ve been working on my Wool-eater blanket some more.  I added another strip of the same bright blue I used before and then I have half a strip of a very green teal color.  It didn’t have a label so I have no idea what the color actually is but if you take a bright Christmas green and add some blue it would be close.  I tried to take a picture but it just doesn’t pick that color up right……  it just looks blue.  It really picks out the green in the bright variegated.  I tried taking a lot of different pictures in different light but just couldn’t get a better shot with my iphone.  In this picture it is laying on my sage green counter and you can see the counter doesn’t look sage green.

If you want to learn how to make this there is a video now by Teresa (Crochet Geek).  She makes great instructional videos!  She is teaching the square version.  It’s called Crochet Wheel Stitch Square with Post Stitch.  I think I’ll make it with this video next.  Here are the written instructions http://crochet-mania.blogspot.com/2009/06/crochet-wheel-stitch-square-catherines.html

I also found a few places where this pattern is called “Catherines Wheel”.  Here is a link to a really nice pattern on Favcrafts 

I really enjoy this pattern.  Now that I know the pattern I can do it without thinking much and it is actually very relaxing.  I think everyone should crochet or knit…….. than this world would be a much better place.   There would be no road rage because everyone would be making sweaters.

Okay, so the NaBloPoMo prompt for today is

If you miss the first few minutes of a movie, do you still want to watch the rest of it?  No.  I’ll start it over or watch it later.  I especially hate it if there are words at the beginning and I don’t get a chance to read them.

So, what else have I been doing with my day?  I’ve been taking a trip back in time and watching 80’s music videos and church lady skits on youtube!  I have been laughing so much it hurt worse that before but oh it was soooooooooo funny!  one thing I didn’t realize was how cheezy those 80’s music video’s really were.  If you watch Tiffany’s “all this time”…..  you can see what I mean.  There are a few spots where all you can see is here hair floating around…….odd.

Road to nowhere fast


My oldest son is going to be 18 this April.  He is in his senior year and even though he is incredibly smart he is barely passing.  He has thrown away all chances of getting a scholarship and he had a good shot.  At this point I’m worried that he might not graduate (and even if he does he’s said he isn’t going to the ceremony) but I’ve also told him all I can……. and these mistakes are his to make.  I hate to be that way but I remember when I was that age and no one would tell me anything.  I was just sure everyone was against me (and in my case some actually were).  It is very upsetting to see him doing so poorly when he had such promise but I know this is not the end.  He can always dig himself out off the trouble he gets into.  It will just take time and hard work.  My husband and I have done it and so can he.  I guess I am just now realizing that I can’t save him from making the mistakes young people make.  I can try…… but it just falls on deaf ears.

He has to make his own beginnings.


“All men make mistakes, but only wise men learn from their mistakes.”
~Winston Churchill quotes

For better or for worse


Well, I’m getting better.  I just have this nasty sore throat but otherwise I’m feeling better!  Riley went to school today so he’s feeling better too but Jared stayed home sick.  I didn’t even know he was here until a little while ago.  I was sitting on the couch working on something in my quiet little house thinking I was completely alone when I hear this cough.  I will tell you….That is very unsettling.   Then, out of the bedroom comes this zombie staggering to the bathroom and scratching his butt.  I said, “Why didn’t you go to school today?” and the zombie said “I…. mumble mumble…..cough cough!”  So I gave it some medicine and sent it back to bed. 

Riley will be home soon and can take care of all the chores like his brother did yesterday.  Oh wait, the zombie actually took out the trash!   He must have been on autopilot. 

So, I’ve been thinking about starting a daycare.  I used to watch kids when my kids were little because I couldn’t stand to let someone else take care of my babies.  So I added to my horde and we had some great times playing at parks and painting and making all kinds of art!   Then, after my oldest started school and my Ry guy started preschool I wanted to get out and get a job.  I loved working!  I was the queen of Michael’s arts and crafts customer service desk.  I ran the front end and supervised the other cashiers (sometimes helping them count LOL) and was comforted knowing my kiddo’s were just around the corner.  Then, as they grew up and so did I, I moved on to various other jobs.   I worked at a bank in the mortgage loan department as a receptionist and finally as a loan processor until I realized I was in the wrong place.  I went to school to be a CNA (nurses aid) and got a job at the hospital as an endo tech where they do scopes on people.  That was the coolest job in the world for me.  I worked in the OR a little bit too and I was just in awe at seeing the insides of things and really understanding how the body works and in some cases helping the doctors fix it.  Then tragedy struck….. I’ve always wanted to say that.  It sounds so dramatic.  Well, it wasn’t really like that….. it was rather sneaky.  I started feeling bad gradually.  Finally it got to the point were I was in so much pain I was worried about making mistakes at work and I didn’t want to be responsible for letting someone fall or messing up their test results.  I was out on medical leave for a long time and saw a slew of doctors.  Finally, a doctor said I have fibromyalgia and OA (osteo-arthritis)…… and that I wont ever get better.  And on top of that I’m very sensitive to medicines so I have bad reactions to them and usually can’t handle a high enough dose to do any good.  Most medicines make me sleep all day and I’d rather deal with pain then sleep my life away.  So I quit my job and I’ve been at home ever since.  I’ve been looking for a job where I can do desk work but so far nothing has panned out.   No one wants me *sob*

Well, my regular doctor finally came up with some medications that help a lot and come in a low enough dose that I can stay awake.  I actually feel normal and as long as I’m not doing anything too strenuous I don’t have bad pain.  It’s also not something that makes me impaired so I can drive.  So now my main concern is dealing with the sleeping issues.   Sometimes I can’t sleep at night and I get my days and nights mixed up.  I think I can figure that out though….

I’ve always wanted to help people.  So I don’t want to just watch children I want to be able to help families who may not have the money for the crazy prices that daycare’s charge or maybe help take care of a child with some physical or learning disabilities.  I did some calling around back in September and found out that there is training available for that.  I have the application to be an approved provider for the state of Alaska and I have it filled out ready to go except for my “disaster preparedness plan”.  That kind of stumped me.  It says I have to cover all types of emergencies including ….. well events that don’t happen here.  So what do I say I’m going to do if a tsunami strikes when I live nowhere near the ocean?  What does anyone do for that matter.  A mud slide?  Where is the mud going to come from?  The ground is pretty flat here.  I’m not really that close to a river so if it flooded it probably wouldn’t get to me.  We get some earthquakes and power outages (which can be bad because of the extreme temperatures).   So…. I have to give this some thought and get it sent in so they can do the background checks and find out we are not the Mansons.

Sick….and tired


Christmas Zentangle

Just like George Carlin. 

So, on top of the stomach ills I now have a cold.  I started coughing last night and now my throat feels like I yelled all night.  I feel like poo.  Actually…… have you heard the new Word of the new generation?  Remember RAD, COOL, AWESOME?  Like totally…..  Now it’s EPIC.  I feel like EPIC poo.  Riley says I use it wrong.  You’re supposed to say something is epic….  like “that’s epic”.  Why can’t there be EPIC poo?  I don’t get it.

I looked it up.  This is from dictionary.com


  /ˈɛpɪk/ Show Spelled[ep-ik] Show IPA

adjective Also, ep·i·cal.

1. noting or pertaining to a long poetic composition, usually centered upon a hero, in whicha series of great achievements or events is narrated in elevated style: Homer’s Iliad is an epic poem.
2. resembling or suggesting such poetry: an epic novel on the founding of the country.
3. heroic; majestic; impressively great: the epic events of the war.
4. of unusually great size or extent: a crime wave of epic proportions.
I definitely feel like EPIC something.
So, my son formally known as Jared…. currently known as butthead (read previous post) came home from school and tried to make peace without an apology.  I knew he would do that so I was prepared.  I was geared up to be mad at him for a long long time.  So he turns on pandora on the big screen TV.  He starts playing this station that has music  that I love…. The eagles….. def leppard…. guns and roses………  Next thing I know I’m singing along and talking to him like he was my best bud………. and my “madness” is on the ground in crumbles.  darn it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh, and he was eating laughy taffys from last night and saved this one for me. 
What has more lives than a cat?
A frog…. they croak every night. 
LOL!  I love it :O)
Okay, so I haven’t painted anything yet.   I woke up feeling like I was 90 years old and my hands hurt so bad I had to have my son open my meds.  I’ll have to add something later.  And I will.

Scary on the inside


I’m so glad Halloween is over.  We live in a nice neighborhood across from a cute little park so most of my visiting ghouls are under 4 foot tall.  There were so many cute kids!  At my house it was what was going on inside that was frightening.  First of all, I have an adorable beagle (female) named Blue…. but when someone knocks on the door or worse… rings the doorbell, she turns into a werewolf!  Well, not quite, but almost as scary to a little kid.  She will charge the door and anyone on the doorstep.  We are trying to train her not to do that but she’s an older dog and you know what they say about that.  So we had her confined to a room and all  night you could hear *ding dong* followed by furious barking and then “NO, bad dog!” from my son.  The little kids would look so frightened just from hearing the barking! 

So then there comes a knock at the door…..  no doorbell….. a knock.  Well, that’s different.  I answered the door and it was a cute girl with curly blond hair who was much taller then I was expecting.  AND, she wasn’t wearing a costume.  She said, “Is Riley here?”  That’s my youngest son who is soon to be 15.  So, I busy myself cleaning stuff I cleaned already so they could talk.  They used to go to elementary school together and were good buddies back then.  I didn’t even regonize her!  She doubled in size at least!  I listened from the next room as they got reaquainted and asked each other about how life has been.  My son really needs to learn about awkward long pauses…. those are bad.  That talk will definitely come before (right before) the birds and the bees talk LOL  Finally, they exchanged phone numbers and she left and Riley looked like he was about to pass out!  Then dad gets home and we procede to tease him.  We couldn’t help it!  He takes it well.  He’s shy but honest :O)

Now comes the real scary part…. when my oldest son – the senior in high school decided he wasn’t going to listen to me.  He’s sitting in his bedroom playing world of war craft on his laptop when I asked him to watch the door for a little while.  His brother had been handing out candy all night and he wanted to throw on the Templar Knight costume his dad wore to the costume party and surprise some friends.  He only wanted to go for 15 minutes and his brother wouldn’t turn off his game for even 15 minutes.  I can’t answer the door repeatedly in these temperatures because if I get cold I’ll be in pain all night.  Riley understands that and even brought me a blanket while I was sitting on the couch and was careful not to let too much cold air in.  Anyway, I finally told Jared to get his butt out there and help out for 15 minutes and the kid thought he was bigger than me.  Well he is, but that’s not the point.   He barely even looked my way and said he wasn’t going to.  I said he was done playing that game and he said “yeah right” and closed the door.  Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh boy……….  so he doesn’t think I can do anything.  I unplugged the wireless router and a mad boy opens the door.  I have the plug in my hand.  So he goes back in the room and sulks but refuses to help.  Fine……… stay in there with your laptop shaped paperweight.  I ended up bundling up like I was going outside so I could answer the door while Riley went out.   He wasn’t gone long and he took over.  He even fished out some chocolate for his mom :O)  What a good boy.  I hope he stays that way.