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Cold and Fibro don’t mix


“There are wounds that never show on the body that are deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds.”
― Laurell K. HamiltonMistral’s Kiss


I had to go out today to get more tulle to finish the tutu I was making.  I only had enough to do about half of it.  The girl at the fabric counter at Joann’s was really nice and helped me make sure I got the same tulle as last time.  There are so many next to each other that are close to the same color and I couldn’t find the bar code/tag info on them.  I didn’t think to take a sample of it with me but I had my receipt.  She used that to find what I bought the last time.

It was so cold outside (-43 below zero F) and windy so I was really bundled up and went from my car to inside really fast.  Normally I wouldn’t even leave my house in this cold but I just hate being stuck in the middle of a project.  I left the car running and the heat turned up so it would be nice and warm when it was time to leave.  After looking around for a while I had gotten hot and took off my coat. It’s a good thing I didn’t need much because all that gear takes up most of the cart.  Well when I went to leave I put all my stuff back on except my gloves and I didn’t zip my coat.  Big mistake.  My car was only about 15 feet from the door.  I dropped the keys though and I got so cold in that short amount of time because of the wind.  I hurried and got in the car which was really warm but because I have fibromyalgia getting cold had already started to cause my pain to flair up.  My hands hurt so bad.  After I got home I started feeling really tired and I couldn’t get warm!  I piled blankets on and turned the heat up but nothing seemed to help.  My restless legs also flared up too and that usually doesn’t happen during the day.  After taking all of the different medicines I needed and huddling under the blankets again I finally started to relax and got some rest.

So now I’m awake but still achy and shivering.  I really want to work on the tutu or my crochet project but my hands hurt too bad.  I think I’m going to try running a really hot bath with epsom salt and take a long soak.  Hopefully that will chase away the cold.

Tutu’s and pain pills

Temperature in Fairbanks, AK on January 27, 2013

Temperature in Fairbanks, AK on January 27, 2013

Our bizarre warm weather is gone now and it is now more like Alaska in January.   It is foggy and when you look outside you see nothing but white – the ground, trees and even the air is white.  I am having a fibro flare up probably because one of the kids left the door open when he was bringing in groceries.  I had to take extra medicine and now I’m just trying to huddle in on the couch with my blankets and stay warm.

I’m making a tutu for the little 5 year old girl I’ve been watching in the mornings before kindergarten starts.  She has been slowly turning into a ballerina before my eyes.  She used to want to watch sesame street in the mornings and then she changed to Angelina Ballerina.  Then I found a show on Netflix streaming called Prima Princessa presents Swan Lake.  It is here on Netflix.com It shows an actual performance broken down into small parts of the story and there is a little animated fairy that narrates.  The kids get to hear the story in small parts and then in between they teach a simple ballet move and play fun music for the kids to practice learning to while watching little girls online do the move. There is also a boy dance that demonstrates the moves.   It is great for younger kids and I enjoy it too!  It isn’t the best teaching video for older kids though.  It is really basic stuff they teach.

Gamzatti Variation Classical Ballet Solo

Gamzatti Variation Classical Ballet Solo (Photo credit: Harclade)

Well last week this little ballerina said she wished she had a tutu like “Alice” on Angelina Ballerina.  She knows that I can make stuff so I told her I would look online and see if I could find out how to make one.  Alice’s tutu is a pretty green and she wears short leggings underneath her tutu.  I told her I would make a tutu but she had to ask her mom for the leggings and a top.  When I found out how to make one I wrote her a little note on a small note card and drop it off for her at school.  She is learning how to read so I carefully printed out the words saying that I knew how to make a tutu now!   Her teaches loved it.

I found this video on youtube that was really easy to follow.

I bought shiny tulle in lime green from Joann’s.  It actually looks lighter than the picture though.  There is also matte tulle and glitter tulle, tulle with rhinestones and tulle that cooks dinner for you.  There are so many types really!  I used the 50% off coupon that you can get on their smart phone app. Right now there is a new 50% off coupon (for any regular priced item) available on there that is valid through 2/2/13.  The app is a free download too.  The coupons available on the app are not always available in their mailers/flyers so I would get it if you have the technology.

I just left the tulle folded in half width-wise and then folded/rolled it a little at a time from the folded edge to the opposite edge (just like she does in the video above).  I used a large self-healing mat and a rotary cutter with a straight edge.  I trimmed each end like she does but I barely had to cut off any.  The ends were pretty straight.  Then I cut 6 inch sections.  I opened each section and cut on the fold line.  Those pieces look like the perfect length for a 5 year old tutu.  I am using the double knot method because I want it to be durable and live through many pulls on’s and take off’s.

I just slipped the elastic over my knee to work with it and that works great.  I think it is going to be really cute.

Making a tutu



Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

On a really cold morning I caught this glowing sunrise.  It really warmed up my day.

On a really cold morning I caught this glowing sunrise. It really warmed up my day.

Look beyond the cold and see the beauty around you.

Fairbanks, Alaska

Tuesday, ‎December ‎18, ‎2012, ‏‎10:34:06 AM

This is my picture for the wordpress photo challenge.  If you would like to participate click the link below.

In a new post specifically created for this challenge, share a picture which means BEYOND to you!

Bare your sole with Solesociety


They are so comfortable!

In my holiday Voxbox full of complimentary treats from influenster I received a coupon code to save $25 off of my first purchase at solesociety. I used it to buy these ultra comfortable and classy shoes. You can save too by using this code INFLUENSTER25 which is good through Jan 31, 2013.  They have a a ton of amazing shoes and are constantly adding new styles!  Go to SoleSociety to find out which your favorites are.  Click the heart next to the shoes your like to add them to your virtual closet and get recommendations based on your taste.  Add friends and see what they like as well!

Check out my board on pinterest featuring some of my favorites and Julianne Hough.

Apply Yourself!


WordPress Daily Blog Prompt: Apply Yourself

Describe your last attempt to learn something that did not come easily to you.

I am actually doing this right now.  I enjoy knitting but I tend to do what is easy.  This year I have been trying to improve on my knitting skills.  I actually started in December when I made a lacy dishcloth pattern I saw on ravelry.  That was challenging for me and I ripped it out and started over several times.  I even researched and learned how to do a new cast on and how to kitchener (weave) the ends together so there was no obvious seam.  After I was finished with that I was so pleased with myself and hungry to learn more.

It helps to be part of a group that is doing the same thing.  They might not all be knitting something challenging but there are always people more seasoned than you are that can offer a learning challenge.  My group is a dishcloth group on ravelry called Dishcloth Weekly Knitalong.  They are not just a knitting group though.  They also have crochet patterns and there are several crocheters that participate.  Each week they post a crochet pattern and a knit pattern and each person can choose which to work on.  Many people do both patterns.  

Now a dishcloth group may not seem like the ideal group to learn new things and it wasn’t the obvious choice for me but after joining I learned the advantages of learning on a small scale.  I am learning more challenging techniques but I don’t get so overwhelmed because the project is so small.  If I had started out trying to make a lacy shawl instead of the lacy dishcloth above I might not have stuck with it long enough to finish.

I am currently learning Intarsia knitting.  This is a technique where you are adding blocks of color within larger areas of color without carrying yarn across the back.  The pattern is a simple pattern with staggered blocks of one color on a different colored background.  I have 10 bobbins of colored yarn dangling from my washcloth so the difficulty is not in the knitting but in keeping yourself from getting all tangled up.  I am SO VERY GLAD I do not have a cat!  Oh and I am using these bobbins that I printed free online from Wild Olive.  I just adhered them to the side of a cereal box with Elmer’s spray adhesive and cut them out.  I like the spray adhesive because I don’t have to worry about the layers of paper separating as I use them.  They work great and they are really cute!  She also has smaller bobbins for thread on her website.

I printed mine on pink cardstock and made some others on blue cardstock so I have boys and girls.

I printed mine on pink cardstock and made some others on blue cardstock so I have boys and girls.

Learning Intarsia knitting
I started out with my bobbins lined up all neatly in a row but that didn’t last long.  At first I fought with them constantly tying to keep them all untangled.  I finally just gave up and concentrated on knitting until I finished that section and then snipped them off leaving the ends to weave in later.  It is so much easier if you just try to forget about the tangled mess and just knit but I’m a little OCD so it makes my blood pressure go up.

I’m getting there though and it is not as stressful now as it was when I started.  I am now about half way finished!

This is the first pattern I’ve ever worked that involved a chart.  So that is something new I’ve added to my repertoire already.  I now know how to read a charted knitting pattern, at least a simple one.

It really isn’t as hard as it seems.  It is just more awkward.  When you add in new threads it is very loose so you have to be careful of the tension.  As you end one color you just pull the next color yarn under the old one being dropped so they get twisted.  That prevents holes from forming in the knitted fabric.  Even though some of the stitches are lose in the beginning you can just tug the lose ends in the back to snug them up and the front will all look like one smooth fabric.  I love how it looks and even though this is a very simple pattern I can just imagine what could be possible!

I have already found another pattern for a potholder using intarsia knitting and it has cute little chickens and eggs.  I knew my sister would love it because she is crazy for chickens.  I don’t get it really but that’s her thing and I’d love to make something I know my sister would love!  I’m going to change the colors to match her kitchen.

That pattern is free by Drops and is called 0-626 Easter pot holder with pattern in ”Paris”

Here is my project at the halfway point.  Lookin’ good!

Learning Intarsia Knitting (half way now)

Learning Intarsia Knitting (half way now)

Here is a video I used to help me get started. It explains how to get started where most videos show you how to do it after it is about half way completed. When she first starts talking in the beginning it sounds really overly complicated. Don’t listen, just watch her do it and then go back and listen. It makes more sense after you’ve seen it being done.