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The first fall of snow is not only an event, it is a magical event. You go to bed in one kind of a world and wake up in another quite different, and if this is not enchantment then where is it to be found?
J. B. Priestley


Getting in shape


Or changing the shape I am now.  I am tired of being a marshmallow.  Recently I went out with some girlfriends and we got pedicures and manicures

My Feet are the on the left :O)

and then went out to eat and then to a party after.  I had a lot of fun but when I saw the picture afterwards I was horrified.  I saw this one picture and thought, “who is that?” and it was me!  I wore this top that ties high above the waist and it looked like a maternity top on me.  It looked like I was 9 months pregnant!   I thought I looked good in that top but I guess I never look at myself from the side and I had eating a piece of cake that must have had dairy in it so I got sick to my stomach and bloated.  So now I am really working harder at losing weight.  Of course I still have to be careful not to cause my fibromyalgia to flare up.  I had this book on my bookshelf called “Kathy Smith’s fitness Makeover” and started it last week.  This is an old book – published in 97 but it still looks like a good book and has clear pictures to explain the exercises.  It is funny that they tell you to get a book that shows the calories for a lot of different foods when now that information is so easy to obtain on the internet.  Shows how fast things change these days.  I am using the book along with myfitnesspal.com.  The book has pages for writing in what you eat but I just enter it on myfitnesspal and it automatically tells me the nutrition information.   The book also has a toning fitness plan for each week and of, of course, my first attempt at that wiped me out.  I was down for a full day and a half and then still in pain for several more days.  Today is the first day I was not in pain so it took about a week to get over that.  So now I’ve decided to break the routines down across the week and each week of the plan I’ll spread across two weeks.  I just have to be a little creative here.  I do like having a set plan to follow though.  I think it helps me to have a routine and I use Cozi.com (a free calendar/to-do & shopping list application) to schedule times for workouts.  I also found that I prefer to snack throughout the day instead of having 3 meals which the book also recommends.  I plan out what I’m going to eat instead of just winging it and that keeps me from going overboard.  Hopefully I’ll start to see the pounds drop off soon because I need to see some results!

I’ve started watching a little girl that is going to be starting kindergarten this year.  Kindergarten here is only half days and I remember the hassle that causes us when my youngest was in kindergarten and I had gone back to work.  I was happy to help my friend deal with that without going bankrupt.  What I didn’t realize is how much fun I’d have doing this. This little girl is so sweet!  I bought out this box I have full of various headbands and hair things and small box of jewelry odds and ends and she is content to play with those things.  She loves to put them on me too.  Then we go over to the park to play.  She really makes me wish I’d had a girl but I’m done with having kids.  It would really be strange to have another when my youngest is almost 16!  I think I’m happy borrowing this little one.  I am also going to be teaching art classes to another young girl soon and I can’t wait till then.  This girl really enjoys art that focuses on nature and that is just right up my alley.  I am thinking of doing an altered book with her.  I found a nice sized book with a nice cover and it is an outdated law manual.  I hate destroying books but this one is useless now.  I’m excited to see what I can do with it.  


Feeling better


This is a post from yesterday (Tuesday) that didn’t get published since my computer is having issues.


I woke up this morning and was afraid to get up.  It has been rainy and cold so my fibromyalgia and arthritis flair up when it is cold out.  Usually I know if I’m going to have a bad day as soon as my feet hit the floor because it hurts when I walk.  Yesterday my shoulders were hurting during the early part of the day when it was raining but the sun eventually came out and even thought it never really got nice out I did start to feel better.  This morning I was feeling pretty good.  I had to take Riley to a doctor appointment.  Riley is 15 and growing a lot and it looks like he might have some Osgood-Schlatters.  Kazoontite!  I had never heard of that before so I had to look it up online.  Turns out his dad had that too and so did his grandpa on that side of the family.  I never had any growing pains…..I only had falling pains…..like when I wrecked my bike after jumping it over some crazy ramp I’d made.  I was a dare-devil.  I would get my bike going fast and then stand up on the banana seat and put one foot on the steering wheel to steer and put both my arms out straight.  I wish I was still physically able to do stuff like that.  Now I’m lucky to make it through a shopping strip without too much pain from the walking.  The doctor wants me to try to forge through the pain though and get a little more active so I was going to go for a walk today.  It also snowed today.  It was a light snow but it is the 1st of MAY.  I expect rain in the spring not snow.  So after I got Riley to school I went to Value Village and walked around the store holding on to a cart.  I mainly was looking for a nice bowl to use for Blue’s Water.  I decided to get rid of the ugly thing that holds her two dishes.  It’s kind of cream color and triangular to fit in a corner but there isn’t a corner it can go into.  It always looks dirty and someone is always tripping over it, especially since it is light and moves when she’s eating.  I have a little corner shelf by the kitchen door and I wanted to find a bowl that wouldn’t look bad in my kitchen that I could just sit on the bottom shelf for her water.  I found something that will work…… and a few more things LOL

I actually bought a pair of shoes.  I was so proud of myself because I have this issue with wearing shoes someone else has worn.  I never go bowling because I can’t bring myself to put myself in those gross shoes.  So when I go to a thrift store or garage sale I never even look at shoes………..or underwear *shivers*.  Anyway, this morning I was wishing I had a pair of cute slip on shoes for summer that are black.  I have my favorite pair that are a light brown but today I was wearing black and turquoise.  I don’t have much money to spend so I can’t just go buy a pair.  I just happened to be going past the shoes and saw this cute pair and they were my size.  So I bought them.  It does help that they look new – no dirty toe impressions.  I’m going to scrub the inside and hopefully I’ll be able to actually put my feet in them.  We shall see.

I also found a really cute skirt that I fell in love with.  It has a lot of those permanent folds and it is a nice summer print in light colors.  I got a cute tote bag with beading on the front.  It looks like denim but it isn’t.  It is beaded tapestry.  I really like it.  I found another cute purse that looks new.  It has an old fashioned feel to it with a clasp at the top like a change purse but when you open it there is this white and brown lining with hearts.  I love it.

I did a lot of walking around in that store and then went home to let Blue (my beagle) out for a while.  I walked across the street to the park but I didn’t have much energy left so I had to drop the leash and let her go on her own.  She listens really well so she wasn’t running wild.  Whenever a car comes I call her to me and grab the leash and she sits until the car passes.  I have never had such a well behaved dog before.


I started feeling really achy last night and ended up taking something and crashing early.  This morning I am really sore and just want to stay in bed.  I need to clean up some though so I’m going to try to do as much as I can.  I might take a nap so I’m not too tired in the evening.  I’m planning on trying a new recipe for Spaghetti pizza tonight.

Sleeping Beauty


Today was a little bit shaky. I wasn’t feeling so hot and I slept until 4pm! What the hay??? I had stuff planned. I was planning to go to a watercolor painting lesson at 3pm but I guess I needed my beauty sleep. I did go to the gardening class. Today was the first class and I am so excited to learn more about gardening and starting plants from seeds. I had a hard time sitting on a hard chair for 2 hours but I wanted to learn as much as possible. I was fiercely taking notes and trying to soak up as much knowledge as possible because I want to put it into action very soon. I had my first vegetable garden 2 years ago with store bought plants and they turned out great for the most part. I was working at that time so I didn’t have enough time to spend in the garden so I know it could have been better. I really wanted to start my own plants from seeds but when I tried that last year I didn’t have much success. So now I hope to learn how to start my own seeds and grow myself a salad bar! I also want to donate some food to the Rescue Mission (homeless shelter). My first thought was to help the food bank but they only take non-perishables. That is okay though because this group was so excited to get my call that they said they would even unload everything for me.

Anyway, after I got out of that class I went to Michael’s to buy so new goodies. I was really after some more pens to doodle with since that has become my new obsession. I usually like to have things in sets but there are so many kinds of pens available. I’ve found I like to buy them individually. It was a great day to go though because they had this rack of 12×12 scrapbook paper on clearance. It wasn’t all ugly stuff either. I love it! I snatched up a nice little stack of it. It even rang up way cheaper than what it was said it was. Most of them were only 14 cents each and well worth it.

After I got home I watched American Idol since I had that taping and voted for HeeJun Han! I also downloaded the song he sang. I love it that they have them all on itunes!  There are so many talented people on this show.  I wish more than one could win.  It is so hard to pick a favorite out of this group.  Shannon didn’t do as well as I’d hoped but I love her anyway.  I know she has an amazing voice and I would love to have an album by her AND HeeJun of course.

Okay, Today’s blog prompt is

Would you rather have more blog readers or more blog comments?

Well, is that a tricky question or what?  I would love to have more blog readers and I know I have some awesome readers who don’t always comment but I do like getting those comments.  Many people just click the “like” button and that is good too.  I guess I would say more readers because I’m going to write what I write no matter what anyone thinks.  I don’t really write for anyone but myself anyway and I had this blog for years when probably no one read it.  Feedback is great but not really necessary.  I know if people are reading they must not mind my writing.  I don’t usually look at the stats page but now they have that little thing at the top of the page all the time so it catches my eye.  So by that I know when people are reading but like I said, even if no one were reading I would still post.  Writing is very therapeutic.

A little surprise


Chris and I were working in the backyard today on a special little corner of the yard for me.  We put down some of the black weed-control fabric around some small trees that I planted in a circular area.  Eventually we will put some bricks or flat rocks in the inner circular area to make a small patio area where a small table and a few chairs can go.  I plan to add some peonies and other nice flowers next year if not this fall.  I have a May Day tree, a Pin Cherry, and 4 lilacs that should be different varieties and they are just blooming this year finally.  Well, Chris was bringing up some granite rocks that some friends gave us last year.  The rocks are going to line the area containing the trees and then we will fill in some mulch.  When he picked up one of the rocks he uncovered a little bird nest with some teennnnny tiny birds.  I snapped a few pictures with my cell phone before we hurriedly put the rock back.  We stepped back to watch and see if the mother came back to the babies.  We were so worried she would quit caring for the little birds because we had disturbed the area.  She came back though and it looks as if all is well for the tiny little creatures under my last rock.  I will post the pictures later after I figure out how with this new blog.