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To See or Not to See


I’m not a spring chicken anymore and more and more I’ve been noticing that I am blind as a bat.  I was trying to find the correct crochet hooks for a project and the larger hooks I have are these clear colored plastic hooks with the size etched into the end of the handle.  I’m sure you know the ones.  They are Susan Bates Crystalites.  Susan bates also has the hooks that are all white which have the same issue.  When I was looking for the larger sizes like L (8 mm) and N (10 mm) these were all I could find here locally.  With no contrast it is very difficult to read the size.  I finally got a bright idea and I dabbed some white acrylic paint over the size on the handle and tapped the paint around with my fingers to fill in the etched in area.  Then I wiped off the excess with a paper towel and now I can see it perfectly!  If you have the white ones you could use any bright color or black.  The same thing applies to the knitting needles of course.

Fixing Crochet Hooks so they are Readable


Love sick… or just plain sick


Yeah, I’m just plain sick.  It turns out that I actually have the flu.  UGH!  Why do I get flu shots again?  Apparently it is just so they can poke me with needles.  I’ve had a fever over 100 degrees for the past few days.  I take medicine and it goes down and then I wake up shivering/sweater with a fever again.  My husband just left to pick up some more medicine.

The last love note I made with the sticky note has been our favorite so far.  I say “our” because we both keep passing it back and forth.  That’s the one that said, “I’m glad I picked you out” and it has been moving back and forth between his and my side of the bathroom.  Last time I went in there and didn’t see it I found it on the inside of the cabinet on a bottle of lotion.

Since I’ve been so sick the last few notes have been really simple since I haven’t been feeling very crafty.  I just used some cute sayings I found on Pinterest.  Yesterday’s note I wrote on a small card I had that is about 2″ square.   It just has a butterfly on the front and has a small blue envelope.  Inside I wrote what is on the pin below…


When I got up I didn’t see it so I wondered what he did with it. Then I opened my side of the medicine cabinet and it was slid into my little plastic rectangular basket thing that I think is for pencils. It was opened and facing out so the words could be seen. I think that is his way of saying, “back at’cha”.

For today’s note I used a square note card with a grey-blue border around it. It doesn’t open up. It’s just a simple card. I wrote on it another phrase I got from pinterest… see below.

Source: etsy.com via Donna on Pinterest

A Day to Smile


My husband got off work early today since he had to work on Sunday.  He left at noon to come pick me up and take me to pick up my prescription.  I was right about that too.  They now require all narcotic prescriptions to be picked up in person and you have to show ID.  She said some prescriptions are not as easy as mine.  Mine is a patch but for some drugs she said the nurse has to come out and give it to you and you might have to do a random UA.  GREAT.  I guess too many people are just selling the drugs so they have to make sure it’s in your system.  My doctor said at my next visit I have to have labs drawn so that is probably how they’ll check me.  I really detest needles.  As soon as I see the needle I squint my eyes and get all tense and the nurse usually barks “relax”…like yelling at me is going to help.  Yeah, give me a big knife or a GUN and I’ll relax.  That way I can retaliate when they hurt me.  Especially with IV’s.  Some of the nurses are REALLY bad and stick me multiple times.  Anyway, I got a patch on as soon as I could and I’m STILL waiting for it to take effect.  I have been without it for 5 days!  At least it wasn’t that cold out but I still feel achy from the cold.

We had a great lunch at the Thai House.  We both order the same thing every time.  I don’t go as often anymore but my husband goes pretty often with people from work.  They don’t even ask him what he wants anymore.  They took my order and then said “spicy or no spicy?” and then to my husband, “Heineken, or you work?  I thought that was cute.  Those ladies have been there for a long time.  They are the same ladies that worked there when I worked at the bank nearby.

Thai Food on 365 Project

When I got home I was really aching so I couldn’t concentrate enough to read.  I decided to make another ladybug card since the stuff was still stacked on the counter.  That is the nice thing about painting……  you can just play and that doesn’t take much concentration. I have been looking at various styles of art lately and I saw some pointillism and I saw a watercolor painting where they sprayed it with water to blur the colors and make it look like it was raining.  I really liked that last one because it did look like it was raining AND it actually blurred parts of the picture which, if you think about it, is actually how it is.  You can’t see as well when clouded over and pouring rain.  So I made my “Rainy Day Ladybug” by using a little of both techniques.  It was fun to relax and just play.  I used my inktense pencils and the rate I’m going I’m going to use them up pretty fast.  I really love the rich colors.

So now I have three ladybug cards and the swap was for two.  Then my husband told me I had some mail.  I figured it was just junk mail but there was actually some goodies!  I got a newsletter from Debbie Macomber.  Even if I don’t read all of her books I just love seeing her cheerful face and reading what she’s up to.  I also got a new catalog/newsletter from Handy Hands which is where I buy my tatting threads.  The newsletter comes with a free pattern.  And then I saw this bright pink envelope.  It was the ATC cards from my swap partner!  I opened it up and there was this cute card and 3 ATC cards!  So that means I can send her three too!  Now I’m really anxious to get mine in the mail to her.  These are really cute!  The last one has a little patch of fabric sewn on and the ladybug is painted on the fabric.

Well the NaBloPoMo Prompt for today is

What have you recently started that you know you’ll finish?

That would be my crocheted Wool-eater blanket.  I’ve added a few more rows and I’m trying to get it finished by the end of the month so I can have it ready to be donated to a child in the Pediatric Department of the hospital.   It’s a Project Linus blanket.  I haven’t worked on it much today but I’ll be feeling better tomorrow.  Hopefully I’ll get a lot done in the next few days.