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Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 in Pictures


My 2012 in pictures.  This is another wordpress photo challenge.  I love participating in them anytime I can.   This one was actually easy because there pictures were already there from my blog posts and saved in my media gallery.  After looking through them I realized that my year was full of crafting.  I did a lot of crocheting, knitting, painting, tatting…  and journaling.  I also did a lot of reading.  I have to say, it was a good year and I enjoyed it.

Breaking out


Today I got out of the house finally!  That might not seem like a big deal but to me it is.  I am constantly dealing with pain during the winter time and getting cold always makes it worse.  It warmed up some though and I really had a bad case of cabin fever.  I told my husband I wanted to go somewhere but I didn’t care where.  I just needed to get out!  We went to McDonald’s first and that was great.  I mainly only like the french fries but I had these new chicken… well it’s like popcorn chicken.  I also had a mocha and it was the best mocha I’ve had in a really long time.  Yeah, it was the only one I’ve had in a really long time too.

Incoming! on 365 Project


After that we went to Value Village where I looked all over the whole store but didn’t buy anything but books!  A friend turned me on to Clive Cussler and now I’m addicted.  I had already bought a bunch of his books.  I have a notebook of all the books I want and check them off when I get them.  That keeps me from buying it multiple times which I have done several times before.  Ol’ Clive has several different series so I listed them all down by series and in order.  I was really hoping to find the last two books in the Issac Bell series.  There are only 4 and I’m on the second one.  Well I found a bunch of other books I didn’t have but not the two I was looking for.  Some of them were really old so I got them pretty cheap.  After that we went to two more book stores but still didn’t find the books I was after.  Then we went shopping and I ended up buying the next book new.  I hate buying books new since I don’t keep them after I read them.  So I ended up getting 10 books for $29.  Not too bad for the money…… it is however, bad for my resolution I made to not buy any more books.  I’m supposed to be reading the books I have and getting rid of them.  I guess I can’t help it.  HELLO, MY NAME IS DONNA AND I AM A BOOKAHOLIC

While we were out we saw a RAINBOW.  I couldn’t believe it.  It is 10 below F and just as we were making a turn we could see behind this smoke billowing up the end of a rainbow.  We never did see the other end and of course I didn’t get a chance to take a picture.  Bummer.  It was really pretty out and not too cold although I still would like it to be warmer by about 90 degrees.

My youngest son Riley, the 15 year old, and his dad didn’t fair well today.  My husband stepped into his room before we left to ask him what size shoes he needed.  Riley smarted off to him I guess and was very disrespectful.  He was cocky because he just had a birthday and he was playing his games and wearing his new clothes his grandma sent him.  He didn’t think his dad could LEGALLY take away things that he was given for birthday’s and Christmas’s.  He actually threatened to call the police.  My husband told him he knew some of them and played cards with them.  Riley didn’t think that was funny.  He ended up swearing at his dad.  He said some things that made ME want to duck.  I have to say, my husband is a heck of a man to not have beat him to death.  He didn’t even touch him because he was afraid he was too angry.  He did take away everything even remotely fun that was in his room.  Every video game and the systems that run them.  He took the shopping bags from out groceries and loaded them up.  Riley is still moping in his room.  He went outside for a while which he expected to get us upset.  He’s done that before but when it was much colder.  This time I didn’t bite.  I could tell he was right outside by Blue’s perked up ears.  She does that when she can hear people walking in the yard.  I would bet, if I had any money, that after a few days he will start cleaning up everything and being extra nice in the hopes that he can get his stuff back early.  That won’t work though after what he said to his dad.

Anyway, I almost forgot to post my ATC cards that are for the ladybug swap.  The first one is the one I just did with colored pencils and watercolor Inktense pencils and the second one I did last September with colored pencils.




It’s only -26 F outside right now…  brrr.  I actually went outside for a minute because I really wanted to take a good picture for my picture project.  I bundled up in my huge puppy parka and probably looked like a freak outside in my furry hooded parka, pink pajama pants and fuzzy black house slippers.  I took several pictures but the sky is really kinda grey and clouded over.  I ended up using this one…  I really like the wood grain.  It’s not a bad picture considering I used my iphone.

Fence post  on 365 Project

The first thing on my new years list that I’ve been really focusing on  is sorting through my music.  I’m going through my itunes list.  My husband has the whole house networked and moved everyone’s music into one place.  My last computer suddenly fried so when he set up my itunes on this one he dumped ALLLLLLLL of the music into it.  Many of the files are duplicated….sometimes 3 or 4 times.  Now I know that means that there are probably duplicate FILES that are taking up space but I’m not taking that on right now.  I’m just trying to put some order to my music, get rid of all the crappy music I didn’t download and change all the genre’s to what I like them to be.  I don’t need 500 different genres.  It’s actually been fun listing to music the past several days…..except for when I’ve spaced out and not really been listening for the last  hour or so and have to go back.   I’ve deleted a lot already and I’ve found some damaged files.  I have learned that I really detest R&B but that I just can’t delete Alicia Keys.   I just wonder who downloaded that if I didn’t hmmmmm?   I’ve also been going through paper stuff still.  I ended up taking a huge siesta yesterday and not finishing.  I need to get my table back.

I did start reading a book.  One of the things on my list is to read one book that I already have every month and to then part with said book.  I’m reading The Chase by Clive Cussler.  A friend of mine was reading some of his books and commented in goodreads.com how great they were.  I checked them out and they look really good….all of them.  I have this crazy hang up that I can’t read a book out of order even if the books don’t have to be read in order like these.  I also want to have every book in a series before I start.  In the case of Clive Cussler he has several different series that all look good so I have been hording his books trying to complete the entire collection before I start reading.  So I have this copy paper box full of his books and I still don’t have them all because I’m broke and buying them all second hand.  The first book I grabbed was actually “The Wrecker”.  It has a really interesting cover and I thought it was the first in that series.  I grabbed it and a cup of tea and ran a hot bath.  I got cozy and opened the book and read the quick synopsis on the first page.  Then, right below that was this reviewer saying the previous book was really good.  UGH, I got the wrong book.  I tried to talk myself into reading it anyway since everyone has told me they can be read in any order but no….  I had to get up, grab my robe and find the right book.  So far The Chase is looking really good.

My journal isn’t finished yet because I need my table.  I have pieces and parts and really want to work on it.  I’ve got a lot to do.  It’s a good thing I have a whole year.

Jan 1


Well this day did not go as planned.  It’s the first day of the year and I was going to do all kinds of things like go to church, finish a project I’m crocheting, paint, draw, organize……. but I couldn’t even get out of bed until around 6 pm.  I am sure it was the cold from yesterday.  Riley wanted to go watch the fireworks at UAF.  It is really cold here right now but we went.  When it is this cold you can’t keep the car warm inside.  The cold air just creeps in.  If you turn off the air circulation in the car it will get warmer but the windows fog up and that makes driving difficult… plus, people would think we were making out with a kid in the car.  Awkward.

This was New Years Eve at about 8pm

My oldest didn’t want to go so we just left him at home.  There was a LOT of traffic!  At first we got a really sweet spot parked right across the road from where they were shooting off the fireworks.  My car has a moon roof so Riley was in the back seat watching the fireworks through that window.  Then we noticed that the fuel light was on.  We knew we had a half a tank of gas but the car was sitting at an angel at the side of the road.  It was way too cold to risk having the car die so we pulled out of that spot which I’m sure was quickly taken.  There were cars lining both sides of the roads and even along the exits and anywhere you could see the fireworks from. As soon as we got flat again the fuel light went off and the needle moved up to show we actually had gas.  *phew*  We ended up driving away from that area (since we thought we were going to have to go get gas) and then we turned and drove up the hill and around the back of the university.  We ended up finding this even better spot where we could see the fireworks up close.  Up on top of the hill they looked even bigger and we didn’t have to crane our necks to look up.  The only bad thing was there were lights all over the place that made taking pictures hard.  I wasn’t able to get many good pictures anyway since all I had was my iphone.  Riley usually wants the camera to take pictures but right away he realized it was impossible to get a good shot.  He really enjoyed the show though.

After the fireworks ended we went to eat at Brewsters.  Everyone was cold and wanted something warm in their belly’s.  Usually we would go to Denny’s but they were closed!  Brewsters has great hamburgers!   After that we stopped by Safeway and were surprised that they closed too.  These are places that are always open… even on Christmas.  So we just filled up the gas tank and went home.

One of the things I plan on doing this year is cleaning up my garage.  It is full of stuff that I need to go through.  Some of it is boxes from when we moved in 2004!  That last couple days I had been bringing out a box or two to sort through and I found this old planner from 2004.  I used to use these specific planners all the time since they were small and easily fit in my purse.  By the end of the year they would be bulging with sticky notes, receipts, and other odd pieces of paper.  I actually tapped an index card to one of the flaps to act as a pocket for things.  The white label says “Donna’s Brain book” since without it I couldn’t remember a thing!  Now of course I have my iphone but I miss having these little planners to write in.  It is always interesting to look back at the end of the year and see all the things I’d already forgotten about.  Just seeing an appointment for a dentist appointment for one of my boys would take me back to that time and I remembered the tears and talking them through it.  So many years have passed since then and now there are no more tears.  My boys are so big.  I never would have thought I’d miss those frustrating moments but those were moments when they needed me.  They don’t really need me anymore.    It makes me think of that song by Trace Adkins….



This song always makes me cry because it makes me think of all the times I had to spend with my mom before she died. All the time when I had too many other things to do. And I do…. miss that.

Fill in the ____ Friday!


I love this idea and I’ve been wanting to do it for a whole week LOL  I saw this on another blog I read and thought it would be fun to try… only I realized it was not Friday anymore so I’ve been waiting all week :O)  I better hurry up or this Friday will run out too!  I just woke up from another marathon sleep session and it is late already.

Happy last day of 2011 - make it a productive one!

1.   New Years is  a great time to reflect, remember loved ones you can’t hug anymore and hug the ones you can.  It’s a great time to plan for the days ahead and challenge yourself to be more, do more, and try more.    

2.   One of my New Year’s resolutions will be  to stop using the “F- word” and no it isn’t the 4 letter word.  Read this to understand what I’m referring to because I’m getting started early.  
3.  A New Year’s resolution I’ve made in the past was to   lose weight (pick up your chin!  I know it isn’t that surprising.)  This year, since I have health challenges that make that harder, I am just going to work towards “healthier”.  I have to be realistic…. my days as a supermodel are over *sigh*
4. The most time consuming resolution I ever made was  to lose weight (it took so much time and I never made my goal)
5.  This year I will be spending New Year’s Eve  planning for 2012.  I’ll be making my list and then making it cute.  I’m going to make a 2012 journal.
6.  If I could wish one thing for my new year it would be  to feel better.  To stay awake longer so I can accomplish more.  To get to the point where I can open my home daycare without worrying about my health problems getting in the way.
7.  2012 is going to be  full of challenge, pondering and change.