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Quaker Real Medleys Oatmeal


I got the Peach Almond in my Holiday VoxBox from Influenster and decided to try it this morning.

I really don’t like oatmeal because my mom used to cook the heck out of it.  When she was done with it you could turn the pot upside down and make a pot shaped jello mold of gray matter.  It didn’t matter what it tasted like because it was so slimy it resembled a science experiment that got left in the frig until it grew eyeballs.  I have not eaten oatmeal since I’ve been an adult and free to make my own choice on what NOT to eat.

This, however, smelled really good even through the packaging.  I love peaches and almonds!  So I decided to add less water so it would be more firm.  It is impossible to describe how good this is.  It tasted like heaven.  The peaches were real chunks of peaches… not just artificially flavored pieces of who knows what.  The pieces of almonds were small but added great flavor.  I cannot wait to try some of the other flavors.  There’s also Apple Walnut, Summer Berry & Cherry Pistachio.



I love apple anything but unfortunately I’m allergic to walnuts so I wont be able to try that one.  The others sound really good though especially the Cherry Pistachio!  I am definitely going to get more of these.

My house still smells like peaches and I’m loving it.  I see that is available on Amazon.com but I’m hoping I can find it locally and on sale.  The card in my package says these are about $1.79 each.  I think that is not bad for a good healthy breakfast that tastes great and is easy to prepare but I am always looking to save money any way possible.

I’m also going to recycle the plastic container for planting this spring.  It is the perfect size to move seedlings into to allow them more room to grow before moving to the garden.   Too bad the container isn’t biodegradable material but then maybe it wouldn’t be suitable for making oatmeal in.  The lid will help to catch water on the bottom.  I added a small piece of tape to cover the steam holes in the lid but it wont last long since it is cardboard.  Only the ring is plastic.

Recycled Quaker Real Medleys oatmeal container for starting plants

Recycled Quaker Real Medleys oatmeal container for starting plants

Garlic and Orange Blossoms


Spring must be right around the corner or something because I’m getting that itch to plant.  Out of the blue I got this urge to plant garlic.  I didn’t know if I could even grow garlic here in Fairbanks, Alaska where the temps dropped to around 50 below F a few times this winter.  I did some searching and finally found this article that actually pertained to Fairbanks.  Yes, I can grow garlic here!   I just have to get “stiff neck garlic” and need to plant it in the fall…… hmmmm.  Fall is too far away.  How about spring?  I think I’ll call the Cooperative Extension at the University on Monday to see what they say.  If I plant it in the spring and don’t get a good crop I should be able to leave them for next year.  I would think anyway…  I guess I will find out.

I also found out something else.  There are a few trees in my neighborhood that look similar to the choke cherry trees but they don’t bloom at the same time.  They bloom late summer/fall by my memory and they have these clusters of beautiful white blooms.  The blooms are larger than choke cherry trees and I have wanted one for several years now but no one knew what they were.  Actually, everyone thinks they know what they are but I always get a different answer.  Well in my garlic search I found an article about growing garlic in Anchorage.  It is quite a bit warmer in Anchorage so I knew the information might not be quite the same for us here, but, in this article they mentioned those trees and said they are called “Philadelphus coronaries” or “sweet mock orange”.  Now I have to find one!  I love white flowers!  I have a Pin cherry tree which is just like a choke cherry tree except the bark is a copper-red and they grow  taller.  It gets blooms just like a choke cherry in the spring.  I also have a may day tree which also has white flowers and a few different types of lilac.  I would love to have one of those beautiful sweet mock orange trees to put something pretty between me and my neighbor with the gazillion gorilla dogs.  Maybe then I can have company over for a backyard bbq and not worry about the smell of dog pooh from the neighbors yard.  This summer they better clean up better than last summer.

Anyway, I finally talked my husband into buying a new printer/scanner.  I really want to be able to scan my artwork to keep a copy for myself.  We actually got one for $66 at Walmart!  I couldn’t believe it.  It was on a great sale.  It’s wireless too so no more printer sitting on the floor!  That has been so annoying!  A few years back my husband bought a new big screen TV and since I also have a 55 gallon fish tank we had to do some major rearranging.  The corner computer desk got   moved to my son’s room and the TV stand amazingly still worked for the huge TV and it could also go in the corner.  The TV and the desk top computer merged into one and it has a media center so it works like Tivo.  So, that means my beautiful fish tank gets center stage in the living room but the printer had no where to go and nothing could fit in that small space.  Too bad we don’t have an inside wall to mount the TV on.  The living room and kitchen area is all open with vaulted ceilings which makes it feel bigger than it is.   Anyway, another bonus to having this new scanner/printer is that I now finally have color ink again…. after it is set up that is.  I also got a new wireless mouse for my laptop AND I installed it myself LOL  No computer geek needed!  You just plug the little do-hicky into a USB slot and it installs itself.  And yes, “do-hicky” is a word.

I did manage to swing by Michael’s on the way home and bought some new papers for my journal.  I was so tired of measuring and cutting 11 x 11 inch scrapbook paper.  This journal was supposed to be easy – one sheet of 8.5 x 11 inch paper cut in half makes two pages.  Well I was surprised when I looked at the individual sheets of scrapbook paper that they don’t carry much of that size anymore.  Most of it was clearance and UGLY with a capital UG!  I ended out lucking out and finding a huge pad of assorted pages in the right size and it was 50% off.  Yes!  This thing is about 2 inches thick, at least.  I also bought a few new Le Pens and gel pens.  I’m a happy girl.