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Yarn Give away


On All Free Crochet you can enter to win three skeins of Magenta(ish) Stitch.Rock.Love Sheep(ish) Vickie Howell Yarn for Caron!  Click this Link to learn more about it and enter and bookmark the site so you can go back to enter every day until June 6th.  I love to crochet and don’t have much money to spend since I”m not working so I would love to win.

It has been rainy here which is good for washing away pollen but bad for gardening.  I really want to get my seedlings planted.  I am glad that I didn’t put them out already though because the rain would have ruined them.  We had a nice week of sun just before the rain so I thought about it.  My husband and my boys have been helping to clean up in the yard and get the grass raked and the gardens cleaned up.  It looks a lot better than before.  I have started some miniature morning glories, sweet peas and another vining flower that I hadn’t seen before and they are growing great and trying to tangle together.  I can’t wait to get them planted where I want them so they can vine away.

I used toilet paper rolls to plant my seeds in this year and it works great!  You just flatten them and then open and flatten again so they have 4 creases – making a square.  Then you snip with scissors on the creases only about 1/2 inch.  I used a pair of fiskars deckled scissors so that the edges are bumpy and hold better.  Then you fold the flaps just like you do to close the top of a box – folding one side and then the next going around until you get to the last one and tuck in the corner so it stays closed.  If it slicks up some like a pyramid just push down gently and it inverts so that the pyramid is inside – that is actually better and keeps it from coming open.  I used a milk carton turned on it’s side with the top side cut off to put the toilet paper rolls in.  That keeps them standing up and you can keep water in the bottom of the milk carton to keep the rolls wet.   When you are ready to plant just plant the rolls and all and they disintegrate.  They work better than the little pots you buy at the store to do the same thing.  It just takes a little bit of time to get the toilet paper rolls ready but it cost me nothing.

When I get a chance I’ll take a picture.

My eyeballs are still burning.  I can’t decide if it’s getting better or I’m just getting used to it.  I can’t wait until my new glasses come in.  Starting next month I will really need them because I’ll be taxi mom again.  The dark glasses will really help when I drive.  I have actually been told not to drive until I get them so I’m listening.  I don’t want to cause an accident.



Since I’m not working I’ve become the Queen of Green and I enjoy it.  I’ve always been a bargain shopper and loved shopping sales and clearance racks.  My favorite place to shop is Value Village because you can find something unique there that everyone in town doesn’t already own.  This is a small town with very limited shopping so the chances of seeing someone in the same outfit you have is very very high.  I am not a person that likes expensive purses like Coach or dooney and bourke.   I really don’t get why anyone would want a purse that costs hundreds or thousands of dollars.  I do like purses but I especially love small, unique purses and I find them at Value Village.  In the last few months I’ve found two really nice purses in new condition that I love for a total of $12 for both of them.  I’ll have to post a picture when I get a chance.

This year I didn’t plant nearly as many seeds.  I don’t have as much energy as I did last year.  I just planted some herbs and flowers so far.  The veggies I’m planting can be started directly outside in the garden.  This year I didn’t buy anything but a bag of seedling mix and the seeds.  I started the seeds in toilet paper rolls and I will be able to plant them in the ground because the TP rolls will break down.  I’ll write more about this later and include pictures but I haven’t been able to see very well because of allergies.  My eyes have been like waterfalls the past few days.  The pollen count is very high.

My newest venture is making my own laundry soap.  I’ve seen a lot of websites on making laundry soap and I like this one.  http://www.thefamilyhomestead.com/laundrysoap.htm  I just  bought the ingredients and I’m going to make it soon….when I can see to do it.  I am just going to reuse my old tide bottle when it is empty.  I also read that a half cup (I think it was) of distilled vinegar in a downy ball helps to soften clothes.  I am going to test this out and see how it works.  My main reason is, of course, to save money but I also have a lot of allergies to soaps.  I’ve always used Tide (unscented) since I know it is safe but it costs me around $19 here in Alaska!  I always buy it whenever it goes on sale but now I am just going to make my own and then I’ll know what is in it.

I am also going to knit my own washcloths for the main bathroom.  I bought some cotton yarn in matching shades of blue.  Now I just need to find the right pattern.  I actually may just make my own.  When I get the time I will actually make that shower curtain that I was going to make a year ago.  I bought the material and tatting thread to tat an edging.  I just couldn’t decide on the perfect edging and how I’m going to sew the curtain.  I’m not using a pattern so I have to get it right in my head before I start.  The theme for that bathroom is supposed to be old ships so my husband and I painted the bathroom in a warm medium toned blue and ragged it with a stormy blue-grey glaze.  It looks great.  The fabric I bought is a white crushed voile so it will be sort of like a sail.  I actually sent off a paint sample to Handy Hands so I could get tatting thread that matched as closely as possible.  The thread is matched to the lighter shade of blue.  Eventually I plan to paint a picture of a ship for that bathroom.  I love old ships.  Each room in my house is supposed to be decorated to a different country but until I figure out which type of ship I want to paint I wont know which country that room will be.

Now, someone please stop me if I start knitting TP out of belly button lint.

A new day


The sun is starting to shine here and the snow is melted.  I think this is the first year of my life I didn’t go out and crunch the frozen puddles in the early mornings of spring.  I love to do that.   This year it seemed like spring would never come and then suddenly I realized it had come and went.  I have a lot of bad days but I try not to dwell on that so I’m not going to talk about that here.

This time of year I usually have my kitchen covered with seedlings but I just have a little strawberry container that I planted some dill in.  It is only a couple inches tall right now.  I can’t close the top anymore and they are reaching for he light.  There is just something magical to me in planting a seed and watching a small plant emerge.  I like to plant lettuce, mixed greens, radish, and peas when it’s warm enough outside and when they are ready I can go out and pick myself a salad.  I planted asparagus last year but I don’t know if it made it through the winter.  I can’t wait to find out.  All of the flowers in my front yard are perennials so I don’t have to do much for them.

I started working on my family tree again.  I started several years back and couldn’t get anymore information.  I started thinking about it again and realized I better get going on it before it is lost forever.  So many people in my family are old and some people in my family have cancer.  I lost one of my uncles in March.  I think that is what got me started on this.  Well, I found out that my son Riley was born on his great, great, great grandfathers birthday.  They were born 130 years apart.  I think that is pretty neat.  Plus, when I got on ancestry.com I found someone else that has my same great grandfather.  His Grandmother is my grandfather’s sister.  He had a picture of my grandfather when he was younger and even had a picture of my great grandfather.  I’ve never seen a picture of my great grandfather and the only pictures I’d seen of my grandfather were from when he was really old.  My grandfather died before I was even born.  Another person had a picture of my great grandparents from the other side of the family.  I was able to verify with my aunts that it is really them.   I feel like I found buried treasures.

Well I will try to post more often than never for a while.


Sleeping Beauty


Today was a little bit shaky. I wasn’t feeling so hot and I slept until 4pm! What the hay??? I had stuff planned. I was planning to go to a watercolor painting lesson at 3pm but I guess I needed my beauty sleep. I did go to the gardening class. Today was the first class and I am so excited to learn more about gardening and starting plants from seeds. I had a hard time sitting on a hard chair for 2 hours but I wanted to learn as much as possible. I was fiercely taking notes and trying to soak up as much knowledge as possible because I want to put it into action very soon. I had my first vegetable garden 2 years ago with store bought plants and they turned out great for the most part. I was working at that time so I didn’t have enough time to spend in the garden so I know it could have been better. I really wanted to start my own plants from seeds but when I tried that last year I didn’t have much success. So now I hope to learn how to start my own seeds and grow myself a salad bar! I also want to donate some food to the Rescue Mission (homeless shelter). My first thought was to help the food bank but they only take non-perishables. That is okay though because this group was so excited to get my call that they said they would even unload everything for me.

Anyway, after I got out of that class I went to Michael’s to buy so new goodies. I was really after some more pens to doodle with since that has become my new obsession. I usually like to have things in sets but there are so many kinds of pens available. I’ve found I like to buy them individually. It was a great day to go though because they had this rack of 12×12 scrapbook paper on clearance. It wasn’t all ugly stuff either. I love it! I snatched up a nice little stack of it. It even rang up way cheaper than what it was said it was. Most of them were only 14 cents each and well worth it.

After I got home I watched American Idol since I had that taping and voted for HeeJun Han! I also downloaded the song he sang. I love it that they have them all on itunes!  There are so many talented people on this show.  I wish more than one could win.  It is so hard to pick a favorite out of this group.  Shannon didn’t do as well as I’d hoped but I love her anyway.  I know she has an amazing voice and I would love to have an album by her AND HeeJun of course.

Okay, Today’s blog prompt is

Would you rather have more blog readers or more blog comments?

Well, is that a tricky question or what?  I would love to have more blog readers and I know I have some awesome readers who don’t always comment but I do like getting those comments.  Many people just click the “like” button and that is good too.  I guess I would say more readers because I’m going to write what I write no matter what anyone thinks.  I don’t really write for anyone but myself anyway and I had this blog for years when probably no one read it.  Feedback is great but not really necessary.  I know if people are reading they must not mind my writing.  I don’t usually look at the stats page but now they have that little thing at the top of the page all the time so it catches my eye.  So by that I know when people are reading but like I said, even if no one were reading I would still post.  Writing is very therapeutic.