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Journaling and another “love note”


I made another love note during the night and left it for my husband to find.  He really liked the first one and actually thanked me twice!  Little does he know he’ll be getting 12 more!  LOL

This time I was reflecting how he has stuck by my side though some really rough times for me.  I know it isn’t easy for him.  I’ve read stories or seen things on TV about how someone gets sick with cancer or other major illness and their loved ones leave them because it is too much to handle.  I was thinking about how lucky I am to have someone who is committed like he is.  He is amazing.  I decided to make another scroll with a quote from a book I know he loves – Lord of the Rings.

“The world is indeed full of peril and in it there are many dark places.
But still there is much that is fair. And though in all lands, love is now
mingled with grief, it still grows, perhaps, the greater.”

― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings

To see more details on how I made this check out my blog post The Making of a Love Note.  This time I used a cream/tan colored parchment heavy cardstock.  I wrote the quote in brown and used the brown stamp pad to distress the edges and then I also added some gold to the edges using a stamp pad.  If you put the cardstock face down on the stamp pad and press in a few random areas with your fingers (making sure to keep the edges of the stamp pad from touching because it will leave a line) it leaves neat looking blotches that make the paper look older.  Use two different colored stamp pads to give it extra character – like two shades of brown – as long as it’s not too dark to still use the paper to write on. . I did the back too since that is what shows when it is rolled up.    I used a small stamping up tag punch to make a tag with his name so there is not doubt who it’s for.  I did that for the last one too.  It occurred to me that he might just assume it was something of mine and not even look at it.  I’m glad I thought of that in time.  I actually put some gold on the wooden handles too so it looks a little more like a royal scroll.  He actually just called me to tell me thanks :O)

On another note: I think the medication change is helping some.  I feel somewhat better pain-wise but I also feel a little out of it.  It’s only been two days though so maybe things will even out.   I sure hope so.  I don’t want to be a space cadet all the time.

I’ve been working on my journal for 2012 that I’m combining with the SOAR journal class at Just Be Yourself.  I’m doing loose pages and using loose binder rings to join them.  It looks a little funny right now because there are so few pages and the rings are so big.  I haven’t made the cover yet.  I’m also planning to add some printed art from the SOAR class but I can’t print right now since my printer is out of ink.  I’ve left some blank areas to add some of those things though.  I found an old journal that has lined paper with a pretty lime green edge on the outside edge.  I didn’t use it much for a journal since the cover isn’t something I want to be seen with LOL  It has this big frog with long eyelashes that have rhinestones on the tips and big pink kissy lips!  My teen-aged sons can’t even stand to be in the same room with it.  They always turned it face down LOL  The paper is perforated though and just slightly shorter than one of my journal pages so I’m going to use that paper for the actual writing.

Since January is over now I just scanned my blog entries for the whole month and then summarized the more important things.  I was surprised that I wrote as much as I did!  I had to glue two pages together because the pen I used bled through but that will make them sturdier too.  Now I’m going to start writing a journal entry for lesson 1 of the SOAR class.  I want to go through the first 4 classes quickly and get caught up with everyone else.  I don’t have to though since I know anyone can join at any time.

My oldest son, Jared, who is a senior this year said he missed the bus again.  I’m starting to think he is just planning some extra days off from school since he already did that once.  Both times he said he was watching for the bus and they didn’t come.  The last time I called the bus company and they radioed the bus driver.  He said he was at that stop right on time and gave the exact minute he was there.  This time I told my son BS!  I called him a cab.  They are going to call me when he gets there and my husband and I are going to have a pow-wow with him when he gets home from school.

My younger son, Riley, is actually doing better in school now.  My husband made sure to brag to me that some of his grades are close to A’s now.  He wants to make sure Riley doesn’t just hear negative stuff.  He actually had a pretty good talk with Riley about how he is always beating himself up about not being as good at things as his brother.  Jared is really smart – book smart – reads at an advanced level and remembers everything so he never has to study.  He’s always been in gifted and talented classes gets to do more fun things that Riley can’t because he didn’t test high enough.  Riley has to work harder to get good grades but his dad told him that he could actually do better in school than his brother because it doesn’t matter how smart you are if you don’t put in the time and effort.  Riley grades have continued to go up since then and he told his grandmother he was going to catch up with his brother in school.  Although I don’t really like them being pitted against each other I think this is a good thing for Riley’s ego.  Riley is much more motivated now.  He has gone from failing to almost honor roll!



According to Wikipedia, “Upcycling is the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or a higher environmental value.”

I love trying to think of ways to use what would otherwise be waste for something useful.  I’ve seen a lot of uses on pinterest.com for toilet paper rolls lately and I think that’s great. There are some beautiful things made with them like this…..

See? I love that!

So anyway, I was trying to get ride of some clutter and I was thinking… What can you make with old CD’s?  I also had a stack of old magazines that I hated to just waste.

Here’s what I did.  I found a page in a magazine with some pretty flowers and traced around the CD with a fine tip marker.

Cut out the circle staying on the inside of the line you traced.

Then look through the magazine for words or letters that you can add to the picture.  There are so many things you can do.  You can also cut rectangles out of colored sections to “frame” the text you want to use.

I used a glue stick to position them on my background piece.

After I had that finished I used a flat paint brush and applied a thin layer of Mod Podge to the CD.  I carefully positioned the circle of paper to the cd trying to push out wrinkles and air bubbles.  You need to try to avoid the center area where there is a hole in the CD.  You don’t want to push through the paper that is softened by the mod podge.  After that has dried brush a layer of Mod Podge over the top and if you want you can touch a bit to the back where the hole is to strengthen it.  Once that is dry you can embellish with some paint or markers, stickers, etc and then add another layer of mod podge to seal it.  No need to worry about newspaper to cover the table.  Just use the magazine.  I also found that glossy magazine pages are great for mixing paint on.  Use Super glue or hot glue to add a magnet to the back of your CD.  There are so many things you can do!  Paint the CD with chalk board paint or glue a paper pocket for holding  coupons or other things you want to remember.  You could even take a large paperclip and bend the top out at slight angel in the middle.  Use hot glue to add it to the back for a wall hanger.

Add a quote you like or a motto to help you through a challenge like weight loss.  The refrigerator is a great place for a reminder if you are trying to eat healthier.

I found another useful idea too.   I made this so my kids will know when the dishwasher needs to be emptied and when they can put their dirty dishes in the dishwasher instead of filling up the sink.

I blotted orange and gold acrylic paint around the edges to give it a boarder.  After that dried I added another coat of modge podge to seal it.  I also used a nail file on the edge once it was dry to get rid of any overlapping paper.

The word “Clean” was right on the cover of a Real Simple magazine so that was easy.  At first I was really frustrated trying to find the word “dirty” or letters that looked good together.  I really wanted the font to be the same.  I thought I was going to have to print something and then I found the phase “dinner party” in the same magazine.  All I had to do was snip the parts I wanted and paste them together.

What have you upcycled?

Another day to live


Sometimes I’m a big whiner…  my health problems cause me to get  down, especially when I’m a dork and forget when to renew my prescriptions.  But this is still a day to live and not to just waste…..  I’m happy that I’m still alive and able to do what I can.

 “When I stand before thee at the day’s end, thou shalt see my scars and know that I had my wounds and also my healing.”
~Rabindranath Tagore

For my 365 Project, this is Riley playing with his new birthday present.

Happy Birthday Riley on 365 Project
Today was my youngest son’s birthday.  He turned 15!  I just can’t believe that the baby I carried is practically a man.  I should have gotten him razors for his birthday because he has a bit of a mustache.  He’s kinda lucky because whatever he didn’t get for Christmas he ends up getting for his birthday right after Christmas.  He got video games of course.. but they may end up locked up if he doesn’t keep his grades up.  He had a pretty good time and enjoyed his pizza and ice-cream cake.  They put a lot of blue coloring in the whipped cream frosting so now we all have blue tongues.

My older son will be 18 in 3 months and he is FINALLY doing what he is supposed to be doing….or so it seems.  I talked to his counselor and found out exactly what he needed to do to graduate.  He is short credits because he was sick so much one year.  He doesn’t want to do anything but play video games and he’s already signed up for extra web-based AP classes through BYU.  He should have finished them already since he signed up this summer but he has a year to finish them but I reminded him that he didn’t really had a whole year if he wants to graduate with his class.  If he doesn’t finish those on time he will get F’s and be 1.5 credits short.  He has a great opportunity to get college classes for some of his classes but he has to do them on his own time.  I did mention how lucky he was because he can get college credits now for much cheaper than he will be able to in college.  I told him he should go online and check out the difference and he did.  He was shocked!  I also told him to look into how much it cost to live on campus or rent a cheap apartment….. how much is electricity, and fuel and internet to play video games all the time.  How much money would he need to feed himself?  Because he is going to have to start support himself soon.  That gave him something to think about.  Well I told him yesterday that he would have to ditch the AP classes and just sign up for some easy electives to make up for those missing credits because I didn’t think he could pass these extra AP classes in such a short time.  I was trying a little reverse psychology like my dad did on me.  My dad would tell me I couldn’t do something because I was a girl and wasn’t strong enough.  It made me so mad and so I would try until I could do it.  It wasn’t until much later that I realize that was his plan all along.  Well, it seems it might have worked on my son.  He came home telling me he needed to finish the classes he was working on and get the finals ordered.  He had a paper for me to sign for him to take another class but it was still an AP class.  It ‘s English Composition or Freshmen Composition or something like that and at the end he can take the AP final for college credit.  The last few times I stepped into his room he was working on his classes.  I’m so glad to see him finally trying.

Anyway, I’ve been working on my Wool-eater blanket some more.  I added another strip of the same bright blue I used before and then I have half a strip of a very green teal color.  It didn’t have a label so I have no idea what the color actually is but if you take a bright Christmas green and add some blue it would be close.  I tried to take a picture but it just doesn’t pick that color up right……  it just looks blue.  It really picks out the green in the bright variegated.  I tried taking a lot of different pictures in different light but just couldn’t get a better shot with my iphone.  In this picture it is laying on my sage green counter and you can see the counter doesn’t look sage green.

If you want to learn how to make this there is a video now by Teresa (Crochet Geek).  She makes great instructional videos!  She is teaching the square version.  It’s called Crochet Wheel Stitch Square with Post Stitch.  I think I’ll make it with this video next.  Here are the written instructions http://crochet-mania.blogspot.com/2009/06/crochet-wheel-stitch-square-catherines.html

I also found a few places where this pattern is called “Catherines Wheel”.  Here is a link to a really nice pattern on Favcrafts 

I really enjoy this pattern.  Now that I know the pattern I can do it without thinking much and it is actually very relaxing.  I think everyone should crochet or knit…….. than this world would be a much better place.   There would be no road rage because everyone would be making sweaters.

Okay, so the NaBloPoMo prompt for today is

If you miss the first few minutes of a movie, do you still want to watch the rest of it?  No.  I’ll start it over or watch it later.  I especially hate it if there are words at the beginning and I don’t get a chance to read them.

So, what else have I been doing with my day?  I’ve been taking a trip back in time and watching 80’s music videos and church lady skits on youtube!  I have been laughing so much it hurt worse that before but oh it was soooooooooo funny!  one thing I didn’t realize was how cheezy those 80’s music video’s really were.  If you watch Tiffany’s “all this time”…..  you can see what I mean.  There are a few spots where all you can see is here hair floating around…….odd.


My flag on 365 Project

"My Flag" on 365 Project

 “The web of our life is of a mingled yarn, good and ill together.” ~William Shakespeare

I’ve been feeling a little better today.  Not great, still kinda punky but definitely better.  So I have been crocheting on my wool-eater blanket today and listening to music.  I’m still working on cleaning up my itunes music.  Anyway, I added a row of this bright variegated yarn that had some purple like the previous row.  Each row is getting bigger so it took me a while.  I never like to stop before I finish a row and that is going to get harder and harder as I go.  So, whenever I finish a row I always like to hide the ends before starting a new row so I decided to get that done right away.  I make sure and do a really good job since these blankets for Project Linus will get washed a lot and I don’t want it to fall apart.   I always make sure the hidden tails don’t show.  When I was finished I laid it out to take a picture and noticed it was ruffling at this one spot.  Then I realized why.

See on the top? Quasimodo happened...

I had added an extra shell where there was supposed to be a slip stitch (Valley).  I also noticed another spot where I messed up.  UGH!  I really wish I hadn’t hidden those ends so well!  I had to sit and find them and dig them out.   Thank goodness the errors were all on the last stretch that I had just done.  So I unraveled that side and fixed it.  I think it looks good even though the center is pink and the color in the bright variegated yarn is more of a red but it isn’t easy to tell and it doesn’t obviously clash.  I don’t think anyway…….. Anyone else???

I need another row of solid next I think.  I wonder if I have enough blue?


Okay, so the NaBloPoMo Prompt for today is

Tell us about your first teacher who was important to you.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm………  thinking………. thinking……………. (picture pooh with his hand to his forehead)

Nope, can’t think of any.  They were all evil.

Sleep…. and gravy


I’ve been in bed all day.  I should be a super model by now.

I’ve been reading a lot when I’m awake.  Hopefully I’ll be finished with this book soon.  I’m still reading The Chase by Clive Cussler.

The NaBloPoMo Prompt for today is an odd one.

Tell us about the beginning of your life.

My life began when I met my husband.  I heard a laugh that was very distinctive…kinda sounds like a hyena.  He lights up the room and seemed to be the life of the party when he was in the bar next door to the restaurant.  Sometimes I would stand in the little room that was a small kitchen area that was open to the bar and the restaurant and listen to him laugh and watch him sitting at the bar.   He had a mullet, sky blue eyes and looked like Kurt Russell…seriously.  We both worked at the same hotel.  I worked in the restaurant and he was a courtesy driver.   One day I saw him helping an elderly lady in a door and he was talking with her.  He was so nice to her and obviously not just doing that because it was expected.  Next I saw him talking with an elderly old man and being so patient and listening to him even though he was hard to understand.  I thought, wow, he’s a really nice guy.  Then he came over and talked to me and my heart turned to jello.  He asked if I wanted to go to his softball game.  I said no LOL  I knew my dad would never allow it.  Then this other guy asked me if I wanted to go to a game and I didn’t realize he meant the same game.  This other guy was the brother of a girl I was going to school with (at a private Baptist school).  That meant his family was Christian and suitable.  I asked my dad and he said I could go.  Then I see Chris there and he saw me with this other guy that he didn’t much like and wasn’t happy.   I found out pretty quickly that this guy wasn’t such a gentleman.  Later on I saw Chris driving up into the parking lot while I was on break and we got to talking.  I explained about my dad and that if you didn’t go to church you didn’t pass muster.  He laughed and said he would never pass then.  He was also 6 years older than me.  Well to make a long story short…… we’ve been married now for 20 years.  It has been the best part of my life and every thing else is just gravy.

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success”    -Henry Ford