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Global Green USA Green School Makeover Competition Presented by Pureology


Thank God men cannot fly, and lay waste the sky as well as the earth.  ~Henry David Thoreau

How Green is the school your children go to?  Are they being as resourceful as possible so your children have the best environment to learn in and so future children will too?  With the right changes a school can save money on energy costs and be able to funnel that money back into important educational materials and programs.

Pureology is presenting the Global Green USA Green School Makeover Competition to help one lucky school make those changes by awarding $75,000 in funding and providing technical assistance to get the job done properly.  If you visit the link provided you can also see what was done for the winning school in 2012, Texas School for the Deaf (TSD) in Austin, TX, and how those changes helped their school.

When important programs like P.E. and music are always at risk, schools could save the money needed to fund them by making changes to make their building more energy and cost efficient.  I think we owe it to our children to do the best we can – for this generation and future generations.

English: Lathrop High School in Fairbanks, Ala...

English: Lathrop High School in Fairbanks, Alaska, the main high school in the community. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am going to enter my son’s school which I know is a very old building in need of vital upgrades.  Lathrop High School is the largest school in Fairbanks, Alaska and serves a lot of central Alaska and military families.  It was built in 1955.  I am going to do my best to present their best face in my application for them because I know operating a school in this cold climate isn’t easy.  The staff work very hard and I know they would appreciate the chance to make the environmental footprint of their school smaller to ensure it will be there for future generations.

Visit the link above and enter your child’s school.  Every school deserves the help but we have to start somewhere.

Don’t blow it – good planets are hard to find.  ~Quoted in Time

Quotes from Quote Garden

Special thanks to Influenster to sharing this information with me and to WordPress Writing Challenge: Map It Out for showing me how to add a map to my blog post.

Change of season, change of pace


As the leaves start to turn and the air gets cooler I am feeling a change in myself as well.  I find myself wanting to stay indoors snuggled up in a warm blanket with a good book or drawing, painting, crocheting, knitting, sewing or tatting.  I wish the yard would clean itself up.  I’ve been so tired lately.

I have already read a few books and I even organized my bookshelf somewhat.  It still needs some work but I went through and found some duplicates and purged some books so they at least all fit on the shelves.  I had stacks of books and patterns on the floor and I didn’t want them to get wet once people started tracking in snow.  I actually added all of my books to goodreads.com (well, not counting the books in the garage) so I could be sure of what I had and what I was looking for.   Now I have decided to read some of my precious books instead of just hording them.  There are certain books I know I really wanted to read because I had multiple copies of them.  Right now though, I really want to re-read the Blossom Street series by Debbie Macomber.  I read several of the books a few years ago and then I realized I had them out of order and that there were a few side stories that tie in with the series that I’d missed.  So I stopped reading and went looking for the rest of the books.  I really hate to read books out of order.  I have re-read the first 3 or 4 and I’m now reading a Christmas story that tied in with the series.  So far I’m not loving it but we will see…. could be that it just isn’t Christmas yet.  I also read the first book in the Fablehaven series and it was REALLY good.  It’s written for kids aged 9-12 but I loved it.  My husband read it too.  Now I can’t wait to read the next one.

Today is Riley’s 1st day of high school.  I know he’s excited because he’s taking Japanese.  He’s been waiting all summer.  I can’t wait until he gets home and tells me how his day went.

Yesterday was the first day of a diet I’m doing.  When I was going through my books I found one for a 10 week weight loss plan.  It’s called Kathy Smith’s Fitness Makeover.  It has pages for writing in what you eat and for noting the exercises you do.  Each week focuses on something specific and this week is fat and abs.  So now my fat on my abs is sore.  I am very weak so hopefully this will help me build up some strength.  The information in the book does not seem outdated at all.  The toning pages tell you what exercises to do and in the back it explains how with a picture.  This book was published in 1997.  I’m pretty sure I haven’t had it that long but I think it’s funny that it is coming in really handy for me now.

Okay, I’m going to take a short nap before I have to wake Riley up for school.

Music in my heart


I’m addicted to music.  I listen to music all day long.  Lately I’ve been listening to older music and loving it.  I just love the Beatles.  A friend just told me about a website called Upchucky.com. The name of the website does not make me think of music but I won’t say what it does make me think of.  Anyway, it is a music site where you can pick a time and listen to the music from then.  It was great.  I clicked on the 60’s and the first song was “Hey Jude”.  I listened to that for a long time today and then took some cold medicine and took a huge nap.  I’ve getting sicker now.  My son passed it on to me and I’ve been coughing my brains out all day.  I couldn’t miss American Idol though.  That is the only thing I watch on TV.   I loved today’s show.  I love it when they get to the big stage and they can sing what they want to sing.  I like almost all of the singers and it is hard to select only one as a favorite.  I was glad to see they brought Jermaine Jones back but I still like Heejun Han the best.  I just love his personality and of course, his voice.  I’m curious to see what happens tomorrow.

My son Jared is in the newspaper today.  There is a large picture at the top of his team (in blue shirts) studying at the Academic Decathlon.  Jared is up  at the top – the skinny one with glasses next to the blond girl that is facing the camera.  Of course they misspelled his name but he doesn’t seem too upset about it.  I still can’t believe my BABY is that big.   He was always crazy smart but when he was little it was much more noticeable.  What is frustrating is his grades are not very good.  He just coasts along and does the least he can get by with.  He told us one day that he only had to do 70% to pass so why work harder?  I just wanted to choke him.  I was always the type that got upset if I didn’t get a perfect score and where I went to school  79% was a failing grade.  His scores at this competition prove he is capable of so much more!  He brought home 5 1st and 2nd place metals in various subjects, in addition to the one for the team, and there were a lot of kids there from all over the state!  I am hoping this thing will help him see how much farther you can get by doing your best.  He got a $1000 scholarship and since he is a numbers man and is already crunching the numbers on how much college is going to cost him, I think he might start trying to do better.  Next stop is New Mexico and I think he’s hoping to snatch up a little more money for college.

Silly mom…


I was actually worried about my son going on this trip to Anchorage.  Sure, I know he’s a big boy…. sure I know he’s almost 18 and all.  Sure, he was enrolled in school and in gifted & talented classes since he as 3 years old (on doctor’s orders).  He was a little OCD too and they helped with that.  He is the same kid that told his grandma that she was “dilapidated” just after his 2nd birthday.  Yes, he did know what it meant then.  He told his grandma that it meant she was “old and fallin’ apart”.  I really don’t know why I worry.  He knows his way around and learns very quickly but I guess its just natural for a mom to worry.  This boy is not normal either.  He actually gets excited about tests.  He passed the SAT when he was 12.  Now he wants to take it again just because he knows he would get a better score.  So, I shouldn’t have been surprised when they asked him the join the Academic Decathlon team.  Its just that it was a week and a half before the event when they asked him.  One of the team members couldn’t make it at the last minute and the team wouldn’t have had enough players.  They won last year at State so they didn’t want to give up.  They barely had enough time to get Jared signed up which is why I was worried.  All of the other kids had been studying the material all year.  Jared stayed after school a few days and all day Saturday and Monday (when there was no school).

Jared is not the kind of kid who studies.  He does his homework on the bus or in class.  He puts in very little effort and some how always does okay.  He is so laid back when I would have been freaking out.  That is so frustrating!

Jared never called me the whole time he was gone.  He just texted me a few times to answer mine.  I didn’t want to call because I knew the group would be going out to eat or studying.  I expected him to call me when he was free…. but no.

So I worried more.

Well, they won.  Jared came home with 6 medals and a scholarship.  Now they go to New Mexico for the next competition.


Journaling and another “love note”


I made another love note during the night and left it for my husband to find.  He really liked the first one and actually thanked me twice!  Little does he know he’ll be getting 12 more!  LOL

This time I was reflecting how he has stuck by my side though some really rough times for me.  I know it isn’t easy for him.  I’ve read stories or seen things on TV about how someone gets sick with cancer or other major illness and their loved ones leave them because it is too much to handle.  I was thinking about how lucky I am to have someone who is committed like he is.  He is amazing.  I decided to make another scroll with a quote from a book I know he loves – Lord of the Rings.

“The world is indeed full of peril and in it there are many dark places.
But still there is much that is fair. And though in all lands, love is now
mingled with grief, it still grows, perhaps, the greater.”

― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings

To see more details on how I made this check out my blog post The Making of a Love Note.  This time I used a cream/tan colored parchment heavy cardstock.  I wrote the quote in brown and used the brown stamp pad to distress the edges and then I also added some gold to the edges using a stamp pad.  If you put the cardstock face down on the stamp pad and press in a few random areas with your fingers (making sure to keep the edges of the stamp pad from touching because it will leave a line) it leaves neat looking blotches that make the paper look older.  Use two different colored stamp pads to give it extra character – like two shades of brown – as long as it’s not too dark to still use the paper to write on. . I did the back too since that is what shows when it is rolled up.    I used a small stamping up tag punch to make a tag with his name so there is not doubt who it’s for.  I did that for the last one too.  It occurred to me that he might just assume it was something of mine and not even look at it.  I’m glad I thought of that in time.  I actually put some gold on the wooden handles too so it looks a little more like a royal scroll.  He actually just called me to tell me thanks :O)

On another note: I think the medication change is helping some.  I feel somewhat better pain-wise but I also feel a little out of it.  It’s only been two days though so maybe things will even out.   I sure hope so.  I don’t want to be a space cadet all the time.

I’ve been working on my journal for 2012 that I’m combining with the SOAR journal class at Just Be Yourself.  I’m doing loose pages and using loose binder rings to join them.  It looks a little funny right now because there are so few pages and the rings are so big.  I haven’t made the cover yet.  I’m also planning to add some printed art from the SOAR class but I can’t print right now since my printer is out of ink.  I’ve left some blank areas to add some of those things though.  I found an old journal that has lined paper with a pretty lime green edge on the outside edge.  I didn’t use it much for a journal since the cover isn’t something I want to be seen with LOL  It has this big frog with long eyelashes that have rhinestones on the tips and big pink kissy lips!  My teen-aged sons can’t even stand to be in the same room with it.  They always turned it face down LOL  The paper is perforated though and just slightly shorter than one of my journal pages so I’m going to use that paper for the actual writing.

Since January is over now I just scanned my blog entries for the whole month and then summarized the more important things.  I was surprised that I wrote as much as I did!  I had to glue two pages together because the pen I used bled through but that will make them sturdier too.  Now I’m going to start writing a journal entry for lesson 1 of the SOAR class.  I want to go through the first 4 classes quickly and get caught up with everyone else.  I don’t have to though since I know anyone can join at any time.

My oldest son, Jared, who is a senior this year said he missed the bus again.  I’m starting to think he is just planning some extra days off from school since he already did that once.  Both times he said he was watching for the bus and they didn’t come.  The last time I called the bus company and they radioed the bus driver.  He said he was at that stop right on time and gave the exact minute he was there.  This time I told my son BS!  I called him a cab.  They are going to call me when he gets there and my husband and I are going to have a pow-wow with him when he gets home from school.

My younger son, Riley, is actually doing better in school now.  My husband made sure to brag to me that some of his grades are close to A’s now.  He wants to make sure Riley doesn’t just hear negative stuff.  He actually had a pretty good talk with Riley about how he is always beating himself up about not being as good at things as his brother.  Jared is really smart – book smart – reads at an advanced level and remembers everything so he never has to study.  He’s always been in gifted and talented classes gets to do more fun things that Riley can’t because he didn’t test high enough.  Riley has to work harder to get good grades but his dad told him that he could actually do better in school than his brother because it doesn’t matter how smart you are if you don’t put in the time and effort.  Riley grades have continued to go up since then and he told his grandmother he was going to catch up with his brother in school.  Although I don’t really like them being pitted against each other I think this is a good thing for Riley’s ego.  Riley is much more motivated now.  He has gone from failing to almost honor roll!