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Bare your sole with Solesociety


They are so comfortable!

In my holiday Voxbox full of complimentary treats from influenster I received a coupon code to save $25 off of my first purchase at solesociety. I used it to buy these ultra comfortable and classy shoes. You can save too by using this code INFLUENSTER25 which is good through Jan 31, 2013.  They have a a ton of amazing shoes and are constantly adding new styles!  Go to SoleSociety to find out which your favorites are.  Click the heart next to the shoes your like to add them to your virtual closet and get recommendations based on your taste.  Add friends and see what they like as well!

Check out my board on pinterest featuring some of my favorites and Julianne Hough.

Feeling better


This is a post from yesterday (Tuesday) that didn’t get published since my computer is having issues.


I woke up this morning and was afraid to get up.  It has been rainy and cold so my fibromyalgia and arthritis flair up when it is cold out.  Usually I know if I’m going to have a bad day as soon as my feet hit the floor because it hurts when I walk.  Yesterday my shoulders were hurting during the early part of the day when it was raining but the sun eventually came out and even thought it never really got nice out I did start to feel better.  This morning I was feeling pretty good.  I had to take Riley to a doctor appointment.  Riley is 15 and growing a lot and it looks like he might have some Osgood-Schlatters.  Kazoontite!  I had never heard of that before so I had to look it up online.  Turns out his dad had that too and so did his grandpa on that side of the family.  I never had any growing pains…..I only had falling pains…..like when I wrecked my bike after jumping it over some crazy ramp I’d made.  I was a dare-devil.  I would get my bike going fast and then stand up on the banana seat and put one foot on the steering wheel to steer and put both my arms out straight.  I wish I was still physically able to do stuff like that.  Now I’m lucky to make it through a shopping strip without too much pain from the walking.  The doctor wants me to try to forge through the pain though and get a little more active so I was going to go for a walk today.  It also snowed today.  It was a light snow but it is the 1st of MAY.  I expect rain in the spring not snow.  So after I got Riley to school I went to Value Village and walked around the store holding on to a cart.  I mainly was looking for a nice bowl to use for Blue’s Water.  I decided to get rid of the ugly thing that holds her two dishes.  It’s kind of cream color and triangular to fit in a corner but there isn’t a corner it can go into.  It always looks dirty and someone is always tripping over it, especially since it is light and moves when she’s eating.  I have a little corner shelf by the kitchen door and I wanted to find a bowl that wouldn’t look bad in my kitchen that I could just sit on the bottom shelf for her water.  I found something that will work…… and a few more things LOL

I actually bought a pair of shoes.  I was so proud of myself because I have this issue with wearing shoes someone else has worn.  I never go bowling because I can’t bring myself to put myself in those gross shoes.  So when I go to a thrift store or garage sale I never even look at shoes………..or underwear *shivers*.  Anyway, this morning I was wishing I had a pair of cute slip on shoes for summer that are black.  I have my favorite pair that are a light brown but today I was wearing black and turquoise.  I don’t have much money to spend so I can’t just go buy a pair.  I just happened to be going past the shoes and saw this cute pair and they were my size.  So I bought them.  It does help that they look new – no dirty toe impressions.  I’m going to scrub the inside and hopefully I’ll be able to actually put my feet in them.  We shall see.

I also found a really cute skirt that I fell in love with.  It has a lot of those permanent folds and it is a nice summer print in light colors.  I got a cute tote bag with beading on the front.  It looks like denim but it isn’t.  It is beaded tapestry.  I really like it.  I found another cute purse that looks new.  It has an old fashioned feel to it with a clasp at the top like a change purse but when you open it there is this white and brown lining with hearts.  I love it.

I did a lot of walking around in that store and then went home to let Blue (my beagle) out for a while.  I walked across the street to the park but I didn’t have much energy left so I had to drop the leash and let her go on her own.  She listens really well so she wasn’t running wild.  Whenever a car comes I call her to me and grab the leash and she sits until the car passes.  I have never had such a well behaved dog before.


I started feeling really achy last night and ended up taking something and crashing early.  This morning I am really sore and just want to stay in bed.  I need to clean up some though so I’m going to try to do as much as I can.  I might take a nap so I’m not too tired in the evening.  I’m planning on trying a new recipe for Spaghetti pizza tonight.



My kids are so big now it’s like I don’t have kids at all.  In some ways, with me being sick all the time, they seem like they have reversed roles on me.  Sometimes when I haven’t gotten out of bed all day, one of my boys will bring me something to eat because they are worried about me.  My younger son, Riley, especially worries about me not drinking enough water.  I always have a bottle of water with me and one in the frig… but if my fibro acts up and I’m sleeping a really long time, Riley comes in with a nice cold bottle of water for me and reminds me that I need to drink it.  He’s so thoughtful.  He’s also a lot like his dad.  He’s really grown up a lot in the past year.  He’ll be 15 in January.  He knows that we are tight on money now that I’m not working and he was trying to tell me he didn’t need new shoes because he was sure he had another pair somewhere.  One of his shoes had a huge blow out……. There was a 5 inch long gaping hole where it separated from the sole.  He looked at the prices and decided he didn’t really need new shoes.  “There are lots of shoes in the garage,” he said….. but they are not likely to have grown like his feet have.  We ended up getting size 11.5 which is 1 whole size bigger than what I bought him just this summer.  There were no sales on shoes anywhere in town but there are just some things you have to have.   I explained to him that he did need new shoes……. what we don’t need is chips, soda, gum, candy…. stuff like that.  So, he used his own money to buy some candy and didn’t ask for anything at the grocery store. 

Earlier in the evening we had gone to a Poetry Slam at Riley’s school.  Anyone who participates in the poetry slam gets extra credit. 

Riley at the poetry slam

Riley had asked me yesterday if I knew of a good poem and I read him several of my favorites.  Riley then asks if I had a good one that I wrote.  I searched my blog and read him a few that I wrote.  He decided to read my poem called “Thank you” which drips with sarcasim. He did a great job reading it.  I had explained how a lot of people get nervous and talk really fast so you can’t understand them.  I also read the poem to him with expression so he had an idea how to do it.  I was so proud of him because he read it so well and so clear!  He also told everyone that his mom wrote the poem and pointed me out.  Oh, I should add that we change the “D” word to “darn”.



Thank you

Thank you,
For not believing in me,
For not giving me the chance
To show what I can be.

Thank you,
For giving me false hope
And for giving me a vision
With such a narrow scope.

Thank you,
For always letting me down.
Time after time you gave
Counsel to a clown.

Thank you,
For now I know,
There is so much more to life
Beyond this damn plateau.

Thank you,
For now I think I’ll do
All the things I would have missed
If I didn’t bid to you…


Copyright 2009 Donna Capps

Jared, and his tea hang up

Now, I can’t leave out my other son who is a senior in high school this year.  He’s so tall!  He’s like a basketball player – only he doesn’t play basketball.  He is a computer geek/math wizard/book inhaler.  This kid is my tech support and even can help his grandma with her computer over a long distance telephone call.  He’s SCARY SMART!  He likes music that I listened to when I was in high school and so every day when he gets home from school he turns on pandora and he both sing along with some good 80’s music LOL  (sometimes older music too)  He also likes to drink tea in the evenings with his mom and talks with me a little while.  He can be pretty funny sometimes.  Last night he somehow got the tea bag hung on his glasses! 


Okay, I better go to bed… I’m exhausted.  I don’t really know how since I was in bed all day until about 6pm.  Well, maybe tomorrow will be a good day.