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Sick but colorful


I have been so sick.  I think I have the black plague.  It just wont go away!  I have been sick since about the 2nd week of January.  I’ll have a day or so where I think, “hey, I think I’m getting better” and then usually that night I’ll get really insanely sick again and cough all night.  I’m not even sure I have any lungs now.  I’ve been coughing so hard my throat is raw and I sound like…..a frog…a really scary, craggy, next to dead frog.  I haven’t been able to do anything creative and I’ve been barely able to read or focus on anything for long.  I don’t want to try to make a card either because I don’t want to contaminate all my craft stuff and I really don’t think anyone would like a cute card laced with Black Plague cootie glitter.  But, I always seem to find a way to do something art/craft related.

I introduce you to Colourlovers.com

I found this a while back actually and didn’t realize it.  I have a twitter account that I still am not sure what to do with or why I have it at all…. but I was messing around with the design of my profile and they have this thing called Themeleon.  I clicked on that and was taken to this website which is part of the above mentioned “colourlovers” website.  They have some really cool designs to use as backgrounds and really nice color palettes.  That must have been in the fall because I had this neat fall leaves design going on.  I decided it was time to change that to something more springy but at the moment it seems to be broken. I hope they will fix it soon. Anyway, I ended up clicking the header that says “Colour Lovers” and went to the main website and there I stayed….. playing with digital paint for a very long time.

So there are these 5 blocks of gray.  I can play with the rainbow thing until I find a color I like and click to set it and move to the next square.  After I have five colors chosen for my palette I name it.  It is then available to use to color designs by me or anyone else that is a member.  People can “love” your palettes and your designs and leave you nice comments.  Also, if you happen to use a color that no one has named yet, you get to name it and it goes in a list of “your colors”  I have a ton of colors.

I really enjoy creating palettes and designs using inspiration around me like music or a pretty fabric bag.  I get creative with the names also.

I usually watch the Voice and American Idol but this whole week I have missed all shows because I’ve been so sick.  I was able to listen to the American Idol performances on Youtube and I was inspired by Jessica Meuse’s performance of Call Me by Blondie.

I really love her because of her COLOR.  The pink she has in her hair is a color I love.  Then she added some blue as a sign of her support for Autism Awareness and that is another color I love.  National Autism Awareness Month this year began on Tuesday, April 1 and ends on Wednesday, April 30.  Show your support by sporting some blue.

I don’t know how she pulls off those colors in her hair but she does.  I know if I tried it I would just look like a clown.

I designed this palette inspired by Jessica Meuse.

Color by COLOURlovers

And here is where I applied those colors to a striped pattern

Vector Patterns by COLOURlovers
I can create my own designs using shapes and lines they have available or I can color designs other people have made. I am so glad I found this creative outlet for times like this.

Oh, and I did enjoy her singing.  I have listened to that video about a hundred times.  Nearly all the performances from Wednesday night were very good and I keep playing them all.  I really think they should just quit right now and just make them all Idols.  I really hate the eliminations.  It always makes me cry.

Rag Rug


I’m still not feeling well.  I’ve been my usual achy self because of the cold temperatures but I also caught a cold that I just can’t seem to shake.  I’m trying though.  I did make a rag rug though.  I had my boys rip up the fabric info 1.5 inch sections and then I knit them on large size 19 needles.  The pattern is free from cocoknits.com.  I wanted to make this for my bathroom but it was just too big.  I will have to try this again on a smaller scale for just the right bathroom sized rug.

Rag rug

This took about 7 yards of fabric.  The idea is to recycle an old sheet but I didn’t have one to rip up.

Hopefully I will feel better soon.

What is true?


I’m getting sick again so I’ve been more tired than normal the last few days.  I don’t think it will be as bad as last time but everyone here is sniffling and sneezing.  My youngest son is the most miserable.  He doesn’t get sick very often but when he does he is pretty pitiful.  We just had this long discussion about how your immune system works and why he feels like the longer he goes without getting sick the worse he feels when he is sick.  He always gets to over-analyzing these things and then comes to me for expert medical advice LMAO   Anyway, I ended up sleeping till almost 2pm and then just sat around in a daze and tryed to help my sick son.  His eyes were pouring rivers and he was really confused by that.  He wanted to know what that was happening and what to take to make it stop.  Good thing there was no school today. I’m not sure if he will be able to go tomorrow or not.  He can’t stand lights of any kind right now and closed every curtain in the house.

Well I hadn’t really thought about something to write today so I decided to go with a prompt from NaBloPoMo.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012
Tell us something that you believe with all your heart is true.

I believe in God and I know that he is real.  I know, without a doubt that he hears my prayers.  I know in the past I wasn’t so sure, especially since some of the people I grew up with, who also believed in God or even preached about God, did some things that were in direct contrast to what they were saying.  When I met my husband I had decided it was all just a big lie that people used to make kids do what they wanted.  I think in some cases that is actually true.  Sadly, many people do use religion to control people.  My mom was one of those submissive wives but I learned that not only does the bible say that wives should be submissive to their husband’s but it also goes the other way.  Husband’s are to honor their wives but many [men] decide to forget about that part of the verse.  How convenient.

Well, one day I was laying out on the grass in my front yard looking at the clouds and this butterfly flew over me and just hovered over my face for a few minutes.  I watched it for what seemed like a long time and then watched as it fluttered around my yard and then flew off into the trees.  As I looked up, following its path with my eyes, I saw the hills in the distance and how beautiful everything was.  I just realized that this whole world and everything in it is amazing.  Butterflies and bees are amazing to me.  They help pollinate flowers and keep our ecosystem going.  Our bodies are amazing too.  Everything is made to work so perfectly.  I think that is when I realized that God is real and just me not believing doesn’t mean he isn’t there.  He always was.

I believe that God is present to different people in different ways and so even though I might share my beliefs with others I don’t expect them to change their own.  I enjoy listening to other people talk about their beliefs, especially when they are so sure in them.  Faith is a beautiful thing.  Of course I don’t believe that God would tell someone to kill people…and themselves…. I think that is something different altogether.  I don’t believe that people who don’t attend church, or who smoke, drink or swear are automatically bound for hell.  I know that God is a loving God and wants people to love him but many people decide their way is right and are quick to condemn other’s who aren’t following all of their rules.  The bible does say “judge not, that ye be not judged” (Matt 7:1)…. but people tend to forget that bit too.

I know that God loves me even when I don’t feel well.  I know that God doesn’t cause pain but is there to help us through it.  Sometimes bad things happen to people and it is easy for them to blame God but life isn’t always going to be easy for us and we grow through adversity.  People will always die, because we are human, and accidents will always happen but God is always there for us in life and in death.

That is what I believe to be TRUE.

What do you believe to be true above anything else?  If you don’t agree with me, that’s okay.  I’d still like to know what you think.


Sicker than a dog


I was in bed all day with a fever. I didn’t do anything productive at all. I am so miserable. I was wondering though… why do people say, “sicker than a dog”? My dog is never sick, unless you count the times she ate poop. That is pretty sick but by a different definition. I used to have a book that explained common sayings like that but it didn’t include this one. I’ll have to look it up.

So much for the love notes. I’ll do better next year. Hopefully I won’t be sick next February. I did make a card but I decided it would be perfect for Valentines Day. So I’m going to hang on to that one. For now I’m just going to rest and try to get better.

Love sick… or just plain sick


Yeah, I’m just plain sick.  It turns out that I actually have the flu.  UGH!  Why do I get flu shots again?  Apparently it is just so they can poke me with needles.  I’ve had a fever over 100 degrees for the past few days.  I take medicine and it goes down and then I wake up shivering/sweater with a fever again.  My husband just left to pick up some more medicine.

The last love note I made with the sticky note has been our favorite so far.  I say “our” because we both keep passing it back and forth.  That’s the one that said, “I’m glad I picked you out” and it has been moving back and forth between his and my side of the bathroom.  Last time I went in there and didn’t see it I found it on the inside of the cabinet on a bottle of lotion.

Since I’ve been so sick the last few notes have been really simple since I haven’t been feeling very crafty.  I just used some cute sayings I found on Pinterest.  Yesterday’s note I wrote on a small card I had that is about 2″ square.   It just has a butterfly on the front and has a small blue envelope.  Inside I wrote what is on the pin below…


When I got up I didn’t see it so I wondered what he did with it. Then I opened my side of the medicine cabinet and it was slid into my little plastic rectangular basket thing that I think is for pencils. It was opened and facing out so the words could be seen. I think that is his way of saying, “back at’cha”.

For today’s note I used a square note card with a grey-blue border around it. It doesn’t open up. It’s just a simple card. I wrote on it another phrase I got from pinterest… see below.

Source: etsy.com via Donna on Pinterest