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What is true?


I’m getting sick again so I’ve been more tired than normal the last few days.  I don’t think it will be as bad as last time but everyone here is sniffling and sneezing.  My youngest son is the most miserable.  He doesn’t get sick very often but when he does he is pretty pitiful.  We just had this long discussion about how your immune system works and why he feels like the longer he goes without getting sick the worse he feels when he is sick.  He always gets to over-analyzing these things and then comes to me for expert medical advice LMAO   Anyway, I ended up sleeping till almost 2pm and then just sat around in a daze and tryed to help my sick son.  His eyes were pouring rivers and he was really confused by that.  He wanted to know what that was happening and what to take to make it stop.  Good thing there was no school today. I’m not sure if he will be able to go tomorrow or not.  He can’t stand lights of any kind right now and closed every curtain in the house.

Well I hadn’t really thought about something to write today so I decided to go with a prompt from NaBloPoMo.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012
Tell us something that you believe with all your heart is true.

I believe in God and I know that he is real.  I know, without a doubt that he hears my prayers.  I know in the past I wasn’t so sure, especially since some of the people I grew up with, who also believed in God or even preached about God, did some things that were in direct contrast to what they were saying.  When I met my husband I had decided it was all just a big lie that people used to make kids do what they wanted.  I think in some cases that is actually true.  Sadly, many people do use religion to control people.  My mom was one of those submissive wives but I learned that not only does the bible say that wives should be submissive to their husband’s but it also goes the other way.  Husband’s are to honor their wives but many [men] decide to forget about that part of the verse.  How convenient.

Well, one day I was laying out on the grass in my front yard looking at the clouds and this butterfly flew over me and just hovered over my face for a few minutes.  I watched it for what seemed like a long time and then watched as it fluttered around my yard and then flew off into the trees.  As I looked up, following its path with my eyes, I saw the hills in the distance and how beautiful everything was.  I just realized that this whole world and everything in it is amazing.  Butterflies and bees are amazing to me.  They help pollinate flowers and keep our ecosystem going.  Our bodies are amazing too.  Everything is made to work so perfectly.  I think that is when I realized that God is real and just me not believing doesn’t mean he isn’t there.  He always was.

I believe that God is present to different people in different ways and so even though I might share my beliefs with others I don’t expect them to change their own.  I enjoy listening to other people talk about their beliefs, especially when they are so sure in them.  Faith is a beautiful thing.  Of course I don’t believe that God would tell someone to kill people…and themselves…. I think that is something different altogether.  I don’t believe that people who don’t attend church, or who smoke, drink or swear are automatically bound for hell.  I know that God is a loving God and wants people to love him but many people decide their way is right and are quick to condemn other’s who aren’t following all of their rules.  The bible does say “judge not, that ye be not judged” (Matt 7:1)…. but people tend to forget that bit too.

I know that God loves me even when I don’t feel well.  I know that God doesn’t cause pain but is there to help us through it.  Sometimes bad things happen to people and it is easy for them to blame God but life isn’t always going to be easy for us and we grow through adversity.  People will always die, because we are human, and accidents will always happen but God is always there for us in life and in death.

That is what I believe to be TRUE.

What do you believe to be true above anything else?  If you don’t agree with me, that’s okay.  I’d still like to know what you think.