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Headliner News: The Sky is Falling! The Sky is Falling!


Here in Fairbanks Alaska it is warm, which is very strange.  Even though it is January and usually very cold, it is above freezing.  My youngest son was born in January in 1997 and it was 40 below zero.  His 16th birthday is this Saturday and it is so warm it is raining!!!!!!  I went to Walmart yesterday and the entry way is a wet mess with water raining down from the roof onto the sidewalks.  The tons of snow on the roof is melting.  When I was stopped at a red light I had to keep my wind-shield wipers going because the snow on the light signals was melting and raining on my car.  As the water falls and hits the cold roads it turns to ice and makes driving oh so fun.  Later in the day yesterday it started to rain (mixed with snow) and then it started to poor.  It rained like it was fair time or something.  They canceled school since the roads are such a mess.  People could ice skate to work!  They should make it official – “Ice skate to work day.”

Fairbanks schools to be closed Tuesday

Well while the snow outside was melting yesterday I crocheted some for inside.  I made this snowflake washcloth for my bathroom and it is so pretty!  I found the pattern on Ravelry.com and it is free.  The yarn I used is Lily Sugar’n Cream Tie dye Stripes.  I added an extra round to mine and changed the edging a bit.  I think it turned out really pretty!   At least I know my snowflake wont melt.

Made by DJCstitches

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I’m Baaaa-aaaak!


I know I haven’t been around a lot this summer.  I guess I tend to spend more time outside in the summer here in Alaska.  Now that’s it is getting colder I will probably post more.  I have also been keeping myself more involved in work because it’s easier for me to not dwell on memories and missing my mom.  Outside of work everything tends to remind me of her.  I planned to do a lot with my garden this year but everytimeI went out there it reminded me so it finally became overrun withweeds.  Maybe I’ll do better with it next year. 

Well, I am really enjoying my job for the most part.  I am not so happy when I have to clean the scopes but I love working with the doctors during a procedure.  Soon I will be able to start training to be a surgical tech and I’m really excited about that!  I can’t wait.  Right now though we have been so short staffed it really hasn’t been possible.  They are working on hiring someone now so I can get off the night shift.  They bought a book for me so study in the meantime.  I sure wish I could tell my mom all about it. 

Next Saturday night my husband and I will be going on a trip to phoenix, AZ!  Chris has a training he has to go to for three of the days but I’m planning on soaking up the sun at the pool while he’s gone.  The hotel is also really close to shopping and a lot of restaurants.  We are also celebrating our anniversary on a rain-check.  Our 17Th anniversary was Sept 1st and we both had a 3 day weekend….. BUT I was really sick and couldn’t get out of bed the entire time.  It really sucked!  So we’ll celebrate in AZ!

I also started to take belly dancing lessons!  A friend of mine from work talked me into it.  I actually had wanted to learn before but I saw some people dancing at the heart walk one year and they looked disgusting!!!  It really isn’t so bad.  I’ve only gone to two classes now and I’m starting to pick it up.  I am horribly coordinated so it is a huge challenge for me.  I bought some zills (finger cymbols) and a black hip scarf today.  I can’t wait until next week to try again.