I just finished reading Twenty Wishes by Debbie Macomber and it was such a good book.  It is my favorite so far in the Blossom Street series.  Here is my review…

Twenty WishesTwenty Wishes by Debbie Macomber

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book just pushed Suzannah’s Garden to 2nd place on my favorite Debbie Macomber books list. I love all the blossom street series books but this one is such a sweet story in so many ways. It will make you cry but sometimes tears are good for the soul. I also started my own list of Twenty Wishes and I love the idea.

This is about a group of widows (not all older women) who met through a book club. They all got together on Valentine’s Day to cheer each other up on a day that is so difficult for them. They decided to make a list of Twenty Wishes which started them all thinking about their future instead of dwelling on the past. So much happens because of this list and everyone that heard about it decided to make their own list too.

This is a book I will end up getting a permanent copy of for my library.

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My Twenty Wishes

  1. Go on a hot air balloon ride with my Chris.  We had a chance to go once but we both chickened out.
  2. Go to Italy with my Chris.
  3. Learn line dancing.  I never learned how to dance because it was considered sinful where I went to school.  I’ve always thought line-dancing looked so fun.
  4. Sell some of my artwork
  5. Make a close friend.
  6. Volunteer and help others
  7. Forgive and forget.
  8. Find my waist
  9. Own a RED Kitchenaid
  10. Start my own Etsy Craft store.    Creative Aspirations by DJC Stitches
  11. Grow vegetables for the Rescue Mission
  12. Become a master gardener
  13. Go visit my family in the lowew 48
  14. Plant a perennial plant or shrub in memory of my mom and Kerry
  15. Paint my bedroom purple
  16. Make an “ongoing Christmas card list” and start sending cards and goodies to my family.  Keep in touch!
  17. Learn to play the guitar
  18. Learn how to swim
  19. Go to Build-a-bear Workshop and make a Curly Teddy
  20. Teach someone else how to crochet/knit/tat


I was surprised when Riley asked if I would get him a book.  He is the only person in our family who doesn’t devour books.  I read to him when he was little but then he lost interest.  He never liked to read on his own.  I think it must be the school getting him to read for book reports but he suddenly started getting books at the library.  He is reading the Artemis Fowl Series which is probably a little on the young side for him.  He is 15.  But then again, maybe I’m just used to his brother wanting to read books say too advanced.   It doesn’t matter though, I’m just glad to see him reading.  He read all the books in the series that the library had and then asked if I could get him the next one.  I just took him to Barns & Noble and they didn’t have a copy.  I ordered it for him and he also got Hunger Games and some magnetic bookmarks with Japanese Characters.  When he is finished he said he is going to give his books to the library since they don’t have those books.  I think that is a great idea.

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