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Cold and Fibro don’t mix


“There are wounds that never show on the body that are deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds.”
― Laurell K. HamiltonMistral’s Kiss


I had to go out today to get more tulle to finish the tutu I was making.  I only had enough to do about half of it.  The girl at the fabric counter at Joann’s was really nice and helped me make sure I got the same tulle as last time.  There are so many next to each other that are close to the same color and I couldn’t find the bar code/tag info on them.  I didn’t think to take a sample of it with me but I had my receipt.  She used that to find what I bought the last time.

It was so cold outside (-43 below zero F) and windy so I was really bundled up and went from my car to inside really fast.  Normally I wouldn’t even leave my house in this cold but I just hate being stuck in the middle of a project.  I left the car running and the heat turned up so it would be nice and warm when it was time to leave.  After looking around for a while I had gotten hot and took off my coat. It’s a good thing I didn’t need much because all that gear takes up most of the cart.  Well when I went to leave I put all my stuff back on except my gloves and I didn’t zip my coat.  Big mistake.  My car was only about 15 feet from the door.  I dropped the keys though and I got so cold in that short amount of time because of the wind.  I hurried and got in the car which was really warm but because I have fibromyalgia getting cold had already started to cause my pain to flair up.  My hands hurt so bad.  After I got home I started feeling really tired and I couldn’t get warm!  I piled blankets on and turned the heat up but nothing seemed to help.  My restless legs also flared up too and that usually doesn’t happen during the day.  After taking all of the different medicines I needed and huddling under the blankets again I finally started to relax and got some rest.

So now I’m awake but still achy and shivering.  I really want to work on the tutu or my crochet project but my hands hurt too bad.  I think I’m going to try running a really hot bath with epsom salt and take a long soak.  Hopefully that will chase away the cold.

I need an Eboost!


Another thing I found in the Holiday Voxbox I received complimentary from Influenster was Eboost.  I decided to have it hot like tea and it was delicious!  I had been so cold and tired and it was great hot like that.  I especially loved the fact that it makes 12 oz so it isn’t just a small shot.  It is something I can sip on for a while in my huge red cup.  It would also be good in cold water with a little ice!   It isn’t too sweet like a lot of drink mixes like this are. They use Stevia to sweeten it which is what I normally use.  I didn’t feel a huge or sudden surge of energy but I had been feeling really tired and rundown all day so it was great to feel normal for a while so I could get some things done.  I think this product would be a great thing for me especially because of my health problems.  I have fibromyalgia and a weakened immune system which causes me to get sick easily.  This has a lot of vitamins so that is a “boost” I could really use and I don’t have to worry about crashing later.  It is a natural boost which would probably be even more effective with continual use.


I’m going to use it to help me with my weight loss.  After being down for so long with chronic pain I have weak muscles where most people don’t even realize they even have muscles.  Exercising hurts and really drains me.  I’m going to use Eboost to help with my energy level and start off slow 10 minutes a day and work up from there.  I made a fitness board on Pinterest featuring Eboost along with some other things I’m going to try this year.  

Of course I couldn’t have gotten a better flavor.  I got Acai/Pomegranate and I love Pomegranate!  All the flavors sound good though.  There’s also Orange, Pink lemonade & Super Berry.  I really want to try the Super Berry since I love berries.  Click here to read supplement facts for the different flavors.  While I was at their website ( www.eboost.com ) I was able to enter my email in a box that popped up to receive a coupon for a future purchase and they said if you follow them on facebook you can get a free sample the next time they have a giveaway.  

I found Eboost on Amazon.com with free supersaver shipping but I’m hoping I’ll see it in the local stores here.  You can also order it from their website and they have free shipping right now in the continental US.  You can read reviews here on influenster’s website.  They sent these boxes out to several people around the US as a complimentary gift for testing purposes.  That is what I did.  After we test a product we go write a review and tell them whether we liked it or not so much.  So check it out and see what other people thought of Eboost.  

Kiss Nail Dress


When I got my Holiday VoxBox from Influenster full of complimentary gifts to try out I was so excited but I didn’t want to try the Kiss Nail Dress yet  because my nails were so short.  The set they sent me is a very classy black and gold design.  I was dying to try them out but didn’t want to waste them on my short nails.  I would rather wear them when I was going someplace nice too.  I decided to buy another set to use until my nails are longer.

The set that came in my VoxBox is on the right.  I bought the other set.

The set that came in my VoxBox is on the right in black and gold. I bought the other set.

Check out their website to see all the designs they have.  There are tons!  Each package comes with 28 strips with several different sizes including a sheet just for your large toe nails.  Each strip has a rounded end for fingernails and a squared end for toenails.  They have several sizes but if you can’t find a perfect match you can grab one a little larger and trim the edges a little.  You can also use the extra strips to cut designs from to use as accents over polished nails.

Kiss Nail Dress on toe nails

I had such a fun time doing my nails with these!  I can’t believe how easy it is.  It is just a sticker that fits your nails.  It seems like vinyl or something but it is fairly thin and it doesn’t look any different to me than polish would.   I mean, it isn’t obvious that they are stickers and you don’t have to worry about applying a clear top coat.  I didn’t have any problems applying them at all but my nails are short right now.  I’m not sure how it is using them on long nails.  If I didn’t like how it was positioned I just peeled it off and re-positioned without any trouble.

Kiss Nail Dress on short nails

The last time I got a manicure the girl really roughed up the surface of my nail, way more than necessary!   My nails are thin so as they grew out the roughed up area snagged, tore and broke easy.  So I just cut them down.  I’ve been taking vitamins to help them grow but I’m still having to trim off the damaged areas as it grows out.

I’m really loving these little babies because they look fantastic and I don’t feel so self-conscious about my nails looking so torn up.  They go right over and protect the surface.  The best part is you don’t have to use nail polish remover to get them off.  They just peel off.  That means my nails and cuticles wont get dried out by the harsh chemicals in the remover. I’m loving that.  They look great and I think I’ll just skip the manicures from now on and just do my own nails at home with Kiss Nail Dress.  That way my nails will be stronger and healthier and protected against damage.  Imagine the money it will save me!

Wisdom-less teeth


A man begins cutting his wisdom teeth the first time he bites off more than he can chew.  -Herb Caen

What’s the point in having teeth that don’t have enough room to grow?

My 18 year old son has been in a lot of pain from his wisdom teeth trying to come in.  I remember how bad it hurts.  I went to the wrong dentist when I was having pain with mine way back when and he said they were fine and I just needed to wait.  I suffered through and then my wisdom teeth started cracking and falling apart.  It turned out they were impacted and jammed together too close so they were also damaging the teeth beside them.  So I had to have them removed then and I really wish I hadn’t waited like I was advised.

I was going to make sure my son didn’t have to suffer like that.  I called the dentist office and they gave me the number for an oral surgeon that would be more likely to get him in sooner than later.  The only problem is they are not open on Monday’s so that means longer for him to suffer.  His gums were all swollen and bleeding and the sides of his face was swollen.  They finally called on Tuesday morning (thank goodness) and I took him in to get x-rays.  The doctor said there wasn’t enough room so they all needed to be extracted.  They would have done it that day if he hadn’t eaten anything but he ate some bread.  So then the soonest they could get scheduled was the 16th.  I was really hoping he could get it done sooner but that will give him some time to take the antibiotics.

See, he is hairy and unkempt but he is almost smiling even in pain!

See, he is hairy and unkempt but he is almost smiling even in pain!  This was taken a few days ago though.  He is looking a little puffier now.  

They didn’t give him any pain medicine and I was surprised.  They said the amoxicillin would help that.  I’ve been giving him 600 mg of ibuprofen and that seems to help some.  He is such a tough kid and I just can’t stand to see him hurting.  Even as a baby when he had to have a shot he never cried.  He glared at the nurses and made one cry because he looked at her like she was evil LOL  Poor girl.  As a little boy he never cried when he got hurt and as an adult he never shows emotion when he gets hurt.  He’s no pussy, that’s for sure.  That is why it is killing me to see him in pain because I know it is bad if I can tell.   It may as well be my pain because it is hurting me to see him hurting!

So, yesterday I was out with him all day…. at the oral surgeon’s office, the grocery store, the pharmacy…. finally when I got back home and got him dosed up and settled in I decided to take a nap.  Well, it turned out to be an extended nap because I didn’t wake up until 2 am!  So I didn’t post yesterday so sorry NaBloPoMo.  My boy comes first.

Hard as Nails


Well not my nails.  I have nails as hard as paper and it has really been bothering me lately.  I want strong nails that will look decent polished clear or whatever color I choose but they always chip, peel, bend and break.  I don’t want to go get fake nails every couple weeks because I think they really damage nail beds and it is also expensive.  I heard that gel polish was really good for growing out nails so I tried it.  It was of course nice to have nails that felt strong and polish that lasted longer but then after the polish was removed I was disappointed in the scuffing of the nail surface they did before applying it.  My nails are thin enough!

So I have decided to do some experiments at home.  My nails had grown while I had the gel polish on but the tips were so thin and bent like paper.  When I was typing I could feel them bend around the tips of my fingers.  I trimmed them down and went to the store to look for something that might help make them stronger.  I don’t want to just paint my nails with something stronger; I want to grow them stronger.  Of course I know I came by my weak nails honestly.  My grandmother said she also had weak nails.  She apologized for that and for my lack of boobage which she says I got from her too.  I told her it was an honor to get anything from her.  She was a strong lady that I am proud to be related to.  Now she is one of my angels and who could ask for any better?

Anyway, back to my pathetic nails – hard as a feather pillow.  I bought some Sally Hansen VitaSurge Growth Gel.  It says, “grow longer nails in 5 days!”  so lets see if that works for my nails of velum.  It looks pretty cool.  It is a light translucent kiwi green gel with little blue balls floating in it.  The applicator is like a covered orange stick and is used to apply and massage in the gel.  The gel then dries clear.  On the back of the package it says “How it works: Multi-active bead infused formula instantly releases a surge of vitamins A, C & E to nourish & treat nails for healthy growth.  Instantly hydrates & conditions brittle, hard-to-grow nails.” I also take vitamins so hopefully they will start to get stronger.

Now I did buy something to help reinforce my nails.  I apply it over the gel after it has dried.  It is Sally Hansen Maximum Strength.  This one says “Cellulose fibers form a micro-mesh barrier that supports and protects nails, making them stronger and more resistant to damage.”  You apply this every other day.

Today makes the 3rd day that I’ve been applying these products.  I really hope I will start to see an improvement in my nails.

Now I am also looking online for information on growing healthy nails and this page has some good information on vitamins that help.  I am going to read more and then go visit my local health food store.

“You are only as invincible as your smallest weakness, and those are tiny indeed – the length of a sleeping baby’s eyelash, the span of a child’s hand. Life turns on a dime, and – it turns out – so does one’s conscience.”
― Jodi PicoultPerfect Match