Daily Archives: November 13, 2011

Exquisite Taste


My prince has been gone on his business trip for 3 sleeps now.  I haven’t been sleeping well without him so I toss and turn and wake up turned the wrong way on the bed.  Today I woke up and I was still tired.  I just wanted to stay in bed and mope.  I made myself get up though and puttered around the house.  He called me this evening, like he has every night, to tell me how his day went.  It just makes me miss him more.

I was thinking about when we first got married.  Things were so different then and we’ve changed so much but we still loved each other then as much as now.  We were renting a house in town several blocks from where we worked so we walked everywhere.  There was a grocery store half way in between the house and work so we really didn’t need a car, although sometimes we wished we had one when it was cold.  This one time it was my birthday and he came in breathless.  He gave me some flowers and candy he had bought at the store along with a card.  When I opened the card to read it I was surprised that it rambled on.  He is usually really brief when writing.  The card explained how he had walked from work to the store, which is about 4 blocks, and when he got home, which is about the same distance, he realized the card wasn’t in the bag.  So he walked back, in the snow, to the store to get the card.  While there he decided to get something else and they asked him if he wanted the card to be put in the bag.  He thought that was a good idea because it was snowing but when he got back home the card was again not in the bag.  So he went back again and got the card and walked back home.  He was really cold by the time he got there.  So all of this was written out on the card and when he ran out of room he turned the card and continued up the side.  It was so funny but then I realized he was really nervous.  He was worried I wouldn’t be happy with my gifts.  The flowers were a little cold and did end up dying but how could anyone now love a gift that took walking back and forth through snow to get.  How could anyone not love someone like that?

There was another time that I remember when he wanted to get me flowers for valentine’s day but didn’t have the money.  He knew I loved daisies so he drove around trying to find some growing wild.  He found some growing in the ditch beside a highway and stopped to pick them for me.  He brought them to me in a vase with breakfast in bed.  These are the little things that matter to me.  That is something money can’t buy.

We haven’t been apart much over the past 20 years.  We’ve gone on a few trips together and he loves to show me new and interesting things.  He is so thoughtful.  When I went with him on another business trip to Phoenix he found this cute little hotel near a shopping center.  So while he was off att he training seminar I was reading by the pool, getting my nails done at the mall or taking pictures of a humming bird, wild rabbits and quail!  It was my first time seeing a humming bird and quail.  He rented a convertible Sebring and drove to Sedona.  He knew I had never been to a zoo before so he took me to the Arizona wildlife world zoo where I fed giraffes!  Even when we were in Anchorage, AK to see a specialist to find out what was wrong with me he turned it into a fun time.  He makes everything fun.  We went to this huge mall and he pointed to a hair salon and said “Donna Jean, you should see if they can fit you in” and he waited on a bench just outside the door until they were done.  I love it when he calls me “Donna Jean”.  He doesn’t say it like my mom did LOL  When my mom said that I knew I was in trouble but when he says it, its full of sweetness.

My Chris makes me think of that quote by Robert Browning

Grow old along with me!
The best is yet to be,
The last of life, for which the first was made.

So I finally took a picture of Aunt Nin’s teapot that I mentioned in another post.

Aunt Nin's Teapot

And here is another box that Chris bought for me.  I love this one!

On a slightly funny note, my son Jared was just peeling an orange and he said he thought it was bad.  I smelled it and it was a grapefruit.  I’ll have to eat that later with a little sea salt although it will be interesting since it is peeled.

On a not-so-funny note, I think I have an absess tooth.  This bump popped out on my gums at the side of a tooth that already had a root canal done on it years ago.  So I’m worried they are going to have to pull it.  The later it gets the more it hurts and I can’t wait until tomorrow morning when I can call the dentist.