Daily Archives: November 7, 2011

Tummy not feel so good


*pout* I am really sick to my stomach and I am starting to think it’s not the flu now…   It feels like it did before when I had an ulcer…. although, that time I waited too long to see the doctor.  This time I still have meds from the time before and remember the drill.  No more tomato soup or my favorite ruby red grapefruit with sea salt.  Rice, mashed potatoes, cornflakes and bananas…..oh my!  I took Protonix this morning AND Claritin and now I am REALLY  “Sick and tired” like George Carlin. 

So yesterday, since I was in bed most of the day, the only creative thing I did was knit and today I think I’ll continue knitting.  It will take me a long time to finish the front of my sweater.  I’ll post a picture of how far I got later tonight.  My hands are not hurting yet so I think I’ll do pretty good.  A picture of the back of the sweater is in yesterday’s post.

I did take this picture of myself with my black hair that is not straight like my moms.  I feel a bit like Rapunsel. 

Me with black hair